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Friendship System ch 25

Chapter 25: Another purple card

Paradise Island, the Amazon Castle.

Diana held a Golden Lasso (Bewitched rope) and tied Fula O, and then explained it to Rahul: “This is a Golden Lasso and the people who are tied up by it will say the most real thoughts in their hearts.”

“It’s amazing, it’s a powerful weapon!”

Rahul smiled at Diana in a friendly way, although he had long known about this Golden Lasso but Rahul, who had slightly improved emotional intelligence, would not be too entangled in this issue.

Queen Hippolyte stood with the Amazon warriors standing around, she took the lead and questioned Fula O. “Who are you, what are you doing here?”

Although Fula O is not willing to answer the words of Queen Hippolyte, the power of the Golden Lasso alone can’t help but Fula O want to tell the truth, especially when She is affected by the meteorite at this time, and she was weak. There is no way to resist the power of the Golden Lasso.

“My name is Fula O, on the command of General Zode… Come here to find… Codex!”

“What is Codex?” Diana asked curiously.

Fula O found that she could not resist the power of the Golden Lasso, and fortunately gave up, “Things that can regenerate my family, it should be in my spaceship, I must send it to General Zode.”

This made the Amazon people in the room surprised, because in their view, it is not a bad thing to want to revive their own ethnic groups.

Rahul naturally understood the minds of these people. He immediately asked: “Where General Zode will revitalize his race.”

“The earth is undoubtedly the most suitable place out of the galaxies we know. Although the earth is a backward planet, its planetary conditions and various factors are very good. What is even most rare is that the earth is exposed to the yellow sun for a long time. When Kryptonian generate here, they can have extraordinary abilities.” Fula O replied.

“You are rebuilding your race on Earth, what about the Earth?” Rahul continued to ask, although he had already known the answer, he still needed to let Diana hear it.

“We will transform the earth’s environment into a Kryptonian. At that time, all the creatures on the earth will die, and our family will become stronger! At that time, General Zode will take us to open the era of great expansion again. The universe will surrender to our feet!”

Fula O’s breath has weakened to the extreme. When she said the last few words, she was finally fainted by the influence of meteorites.

Diana and others can’t digest it for a while. They Amazonians know hundreds of languages on the earth. However, they are out of touch with the times. They don’t know the earth, the universe, and the knowledge of this astronomy.

Rahul took some words to explain these things clearly.

“People on earth will die and they will launch an endless war towards the entire universe!”

Diana looked at Rahul’s face like ‘I already know everything’. She looked at her mother and said.

“It is Ares. Only he can make such a thing, caused an infinite war, hundreds of millions of creatures are tarnished, I must stop him!”

Queen Hippolyte sat back on her throne. She wiped her face with her hand. It was a bit unacceptable. “Even if she said it was true Diana, I think we need to discuss it.”

“Today’s things are finished here, Mr Rahul, the servant of the demon will be handed over to you and Diana will send you out of here.”

When the voice did not fall, Queen Hippolyte took the elders and left the hall. They spent a long period of peace and hated the war from the heart.

“Mother, we need to do something, we can’t sit back and watch!” Diana couldn’t understand why her mother could sit still. She now wants to go armoured immediately and fight with General Zode for three hundred rounds.

I have to say that Diana, your mind is still immature at this time. There is a persistent temperament and it appears on her. It’s not annoying but makes people appreciate her innocence, kindness, enthusiasm, and other good qualities.

Queen Hippolyte left the hall with the elders, leaving Diana with a lost face. “Why are they indifferent to this, is it not Amazonians devotional duty to protect this world?”

“Diana, you can’t blame your mother, she is the queen of the Amazon family and she has the responsibility to protect her people too.” Rahul came forward and comforted.

“I know, but at least she can let me go. You said this is fate, I can save the world, please let me join you, Mr Rahul!”

Diana turns to Rahul, she stood up with her towering chest and her eyes fixed on Rahul.

Rahul only felt that two white peaks were swaying in front of his eyes. He coughed and tried to look serious: “Diana, I must remind you that the road ahead will be full of thorns and dangers. Are you sure you are ready?”

“I have already made up my mind, Mr Rahul, regardless of my mother’s disagreement. I will stop Zode and Ares. I hope to be with you!”

“Okay, I represent all members of the Justice League and welcome you to join, Princess Diana!” Rahul reached out and said.

He wanted to hold a hand with Diana and formally invite her. Although Diana didn’t know the etiquette of shaking hands, she still had a kind of skill to reach out and hold Rahul’s hand in her hand.

Diana said excitedly: “Thank you very much, Mr Rahul, Justice League… It sounds so cool, is this an organization? Just like the alliance of the god of justice?”

Diana’s performance at this moment is like a little girl who receives flowers. Rahul feels that his heart beats faster when she smiles. However, what makes Rahul more surprised is the system sound in his mind.

“Hey, the friendship value is raised to be friendly, unlocking the Diana character card.”

In the next second, Rahul’s response burst into a purple light and it was a purple hero card!

Quickly sneak into the system to make sure enough, in the interface of the system, a purple card with an image of Diana appeared.

Purple Card: Diana (Amazon Princess)

Race: Amazonian, demi-god

Main card effect: superpower, super speed, flight ability (unlocked) etc.

Additional note: The experienced Amazon warrior, half-god with great potential! (The card level will increase as the individual grows.)

After all, she is the daughter of Zeus, Diana as a half-Amazon half-human mixed-race, although her ability is not as good as Superman, but it is not inferior and in some cases, Rahul can use it as the main card.

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