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Friendship System ch 24

Chapter 24: Diana

Rahul smiled and smiled at the Fula O’s water dripping face “Thank you for helping me to catch the spaceship. If you surrender now, I can consider not killing you.”

“Don’t kill me? In my opinion, your fighting skills are a mess and I have been trained in combat since I was born. I have a hundred ways to kill you and all of them too!”

Fula O stretches her neck muscles and gave a burst sound like a smashing bean. Her eyes stared coldly as if she is watching a group of dead people.

Rahul shrugged. He took out the lead box from his pocket. “I have only one way but it is enough to beat you.”

He cancels the equipped Superman card from his system and opened the box in his hand, which contain that green necklace.

At first, when she saw the necklace, Fula O gave a mocking expression. However, in the next second, she suddenly felt that her strength had been exhausted. She did not even have the strength to stand, and she fell to the ground.

“Hey… what did you do to me, my power has disappeared… What have you done?”

“As a Krypton, you die under this rock!”

Rahul put the necklace on the neck of Fula O, and the corrosion of the meteorite made her suffer. The girl who was shouting at Rahul turned over and quickly came to Rahul.

“Please tell me more about these demons.”

“I don’t know much, and you can’t help anyway!”

Rahul is not in the mood to take care of them now. Fula O was only one of Zode team members. Two people are dead on the earth. Zode will come to him personally with his Krypton army.

If Clark comes back in time, then everything will be ok, but it is not confirmed, right?

In case if Clark can’t catch up with him in this parallel universe?

if Zode will kill Clark’s parents, spoil the superhuman behaviour and established a superhuman regime.

Or, this parallel universe is that Zode will win and rebuild the Krypton civilization on earth.

There are many parallel universes in the DC universe. Rahul knows that he can’t judge the next step with his own thoughts. Fortunately, he still has a krypton rock in his hand. If he does some preparations beforehand, even if Clark fails to come in time, he can barely cope up with the situation.

“Diana, we still don’t want to mix in this matter, this gentleman will deal with it with his own way!” Amazon Queen said immediately came before, she knew that she was responsible for the entire ethnic group, so she could avoid involvement in the dispute, she will try to avoid.

However, the girl shook her head and stubbornly argued: “Look at this woman, she can easily lift hundreds of tons of things. Can you imagine what kind of power this demon woman has brought? This must be Ares, only he can provoke war and put the world in danger!”


Rahul looked at the girl in front of her eyes in an odd way. “You are Diana?”

When he said this, everyone was stunned.

Diana and the queen’s face were extraordinarily dignified.

“Stranger, how do you know the name of my daughter?” Queen Elizabeth, who was staring at Rahul doubtfully, questioned.

As an Amazonian who don’t mix in the world, it is impossible for outsiders to know their names.

Rahul’s brain was a little chaotic, he did not answer the question of Hippolyte, but looked straight into Diana. “An answer to my question, are you Princess Amazon Diana, daughter of Hippolyte?”

Diana flashed her slender eyelashes and nodded. “Yes, I am the daughter of the Queen of Amazon, Hippolyte, Diana.”

Wonder Woman?

Rahul feels that the world is wonderful. He chased a Krypton’s spaceship out of the ozone layer and then fell to the ground and came to Paradise Island.

Falling to Paradise Island is not the most popular. The most important thing is Diana, the future Wonder Woman, who also shot an arrow at Rahul’s chest.

In the mainstream story, Diana followed an air force officer named Steve Trevor out of Paradise Island and participated in the First World War.

Why is Diana in this world still on Paradise Island?

Was she coming back after a war? Or is she… not at all involved in this world war?

Rahul is more inclined to the latter, because he has not felt the trace of the awakening of the gods blood in Diana.

As the daughter of Zeus, Diana has a semi-god lineage and she is a very powerful female superhero.

“This is not reasonable!” Rahul felt that something is unclear, but after giving a thought, it was relieved.

Everything is unreasonable and can be explained by the theory of parallel universe.

Compared to the Hydra American team, the black-and-white Superman of the unjust alliance, there is nothing to entangle with the Wonder Woman who has not left Paradise Island.

When Diana saw Rahul in his daze, she reached out and swayed her hair in front of Rahul, then put her hands on her hips and said: “Now it’s your turn to tell me, how you know my name?”

Rahul rub his temple and think about how to explain it to Diana.

After all, this is a great opportunity to unlock the Diana character card.

“Because I met the gods, Diana, the world is about to face disaster, the god of war Ares confound a powerful demon, General Zode, he will come to Earth in the near future and kill all the mankind, and the key to stopping the end of the world lies in a girl named Diana, that is you. This is your fate, the fate to save the world!”

Queen Hippolyte didn’t believe but Diana, who is young and ignorant, turned extremely excited.

“What are you talking about? Is this my fate?”

Diana immediately looked at her mother and said with a serious look: “Mother, do you remember the story you told me when I was too young? You told me that although Zeus repelled Ares. One day, Ares will definitely come back to complete its mission and the whole world will be in crisis!”

“That’s just the story before you go to bed, Diana. The era of the gods is over, Ares won’t come back!” Queen Hippolyte lock her hands and began to regret the myths she told to Diana.

They have lived in Paradise Island for hundreds of years, and all the gods have disappeared since so long. The era of the gods is over.

But Diana is not willing to accept this statement. She has been waiting for this day since she was young. “But mother, you told me that the meaning of our Amazonian existence is to stop Ares. As an Amazonian, this is our responsibility!”

Queen Hippolyte sighed with a heavy breath and angered: “Diana, you can’t just listen to someone and just believe his words! We don’t know if he is telling the truth.”

“Sorry to interrupt you, but if you want to know the truth, you can interrogate her… the devil’s servant!” Rahul interrupted the mother and daughter’s quarrel, pointing to Fula O, who was fainting on the ground.

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