Chapter 9: Go, Where You Want To Go

“Shin, give you a task!”

Uchiha Shin has just changed into a red cloud and black robe, and Nagato next to him has arranged a task for Shin.

(⊙o⊙) What?

Shin looked at Nagato seriously, he was just joined the organization, so he arranged tasks for herself?

“Your code name is Kongchen. The former Kongchen Orochimaru betrayed the organization and also took away the ring of Kongchen! Your task is to kill Orochimaru and regain the ring!”

In Shin’s surprised expression, Nagato announced the task for Shin.

Shin looked at Nagato in surprise, but he didn’t expect the other party to give herself such a task.

Kill Orochimaru!

In Shin’s heart, it was resisting, after all, Orochimaru was the treasure in Hokage, the only person who believed in science.

Moreover, Orochimaru is very strong and possesses many methods, and Hidden Sound Village, founded by Orochimaru, also has many masters.

Even in Shin’s eyes, Orochimaru is a snake, a difficult snake!

“What? Are you not willing?”

Nagato noticed Shin’s reluctance and looked at Shin with indifference.

Shin can only shook his head helplessly to deny, after all, you are the boss of Akatsuki, I am just a mess.

If I have the ability to guard against the sky in the future, I, Uchiha Shin, will also create an organization.

It’s called Shin organization!

Seeing Nagato withdraw his eyes, Shin Uchiha decided to establish his own organization.

In the dry environment, Shin quietly followed Nagato and the others, looking at the surrounding hilly landforms, Shin frowned slightly.


Along with the sound of explosions from the shaking of the ground, billowing black smoke came out from behind the hills not far away.


Following Nagato’s order, everyone quickly walked towards the black smoke.

In the dark smoky place, a young man with yellow hair was enjoying the joy of the explosion with a smug expression.

The yellow-haired boy is no one else, but Deidara, the apprentice of the three generations of Tuschikage, who is also another goal of Nagato leaving Hidden Rock Village this time.

“Sure enough, explosion is the most beautiful art!”

With a hint of cheer, Deidara was about to leave, and suddenly found several figures appearing behind him.

The comer is not good.

Deidara looked at the sudden appearance of several figures, with a little alert in his eyes, and began to secretly prepare to detonate the clay in his hands.

“You are Deidara! The organization needs…”

Before Nagato could finish speaking, Deidara threw the clay in his hands to Nagato in the distance.

“Almighty Push!”

Nagato frowned, stretched out his hand, and saw that the clay that had been thrown was instantly bounced off.


A huge explosion swept the audience, thick smoke billowing in the middle of the venue, Shin looked at the sky full of black smoke and felt a little palpitating.

Deidara looked at the explosion in front of him, feeling extremely proud.

But just when he wanted to perform his ninjutsu again, he found that he couldn’t move at all.

This is illusion! When did you use illusion?

Deidara watched the huge trees growing beside him, and the vines that appeared directly bound him alive.

“I advise you to calm down!”

Deidara wanted to concentrate on dispelling the illusion, but found that the back of his neck was cold, and a sharp kink was touching the back of his neck.

In the distance, Shin Uchiha looked at Dedara, who was motionless, and Itachi Uchiha, who was standing behind him holding kunai, couldn’t help laughing wryly.

As expected of Itachi, his accomplishments in illusion are really amazing!

Shin admitted that his current illusion is far worse than Uchiha Itachi, and it’s not even at the same level.

But because of this, Shin is even more eager to awaken Sharingan into Mangekyu.

Perhaps when he opened Mangekyu, he can catch up with Itachi in this illusion, and even surpass the opponent.

A feeling of icy cold swept through Deidara’s whole body, Deidara turned his head hard and stiffly and saw Uchiha Itachi’s fearsome Sharingan eyes.

“What are you going to do?”

Although afraid, Deidara still maintained his stubborn and strong demeanor.

Uchiha Itachi glanced at Dedara’s unconvinced expression, and slowly put away his kunai.

When Nagato saw that Deidara was honest, he slowly walked over and started the brainwashing of Deidara.

“Join you to pursue higher art?”

Deidara’s eyes were bright, looking at Nagato who had made a promise to him, he agreed to join Akatsuki without hesitation.

What a child!

Uchiha Shin saw that Deidara was crippled and limped, and she couldn’t help but sigh about Deidara’s youth.

“Shin, we’re going back! You try to solve Orochimaru as soon as possible!”

Nagato saw that the matter was almost resolved, and Shin asked a few words, and then left in Shin’s eyes.

It’s really troublesome!

Shin watched Nagato leave herself like this, raised his head helplessly, thinking about where he was going.

After thinking for a while, Shin Uchiha finally had an idea, put on her wind chime hat and embarked on her journey.

The place isolated by the deep mountains, filled with dense fog, gave the name of the hidden fog village.

After many days, Uchiha Shin finally arrived at this misty hidden village called the blood mist.

“Did you fail to assassinate 4th Mizukage?”

Uchiha Shin showed a smile in her eyes as he listened to the people around her.

Although Village Hidden by Mist is the least famous among the Five Ninja Villages, its heritage is second only to Konoha.

Hoshigaki Clan, Hōzuki Clan, Karatachi Family, Yuki Clan and a series of Kekkai Genkai Clan, coupled with the assassination of the famous Seven Ninja swordsman of the Mist, can be said that Hidden Mist Village should be very strong.

Just the same sentence:

Uchiha had the final say when the Ninja World was in chaos.

Although the unlucky four-generation Mizukage has become the perfect three-tailed Jinchuriki, before he shows himself, he is controlled by Madara Uchiha, who has Sharingan.

Mizukage of Hidden Mist under the control of Uchiha Madara and Obito made the entire mist village extremely dark and bloody.

And during this period, many rebellious families perished.

As for the seven Ninja swordsman of Hidden Mist that are well-known in the Ninja World.

And Shin came to Hidden Mist Village this time to form his own forces.

The Shin organization in his mind.

In his view, Hidden Mist Village is a treasure, and there are many potential subordinates here.

Of course, Zabuza Momochi who regards ninjas as a tool is a good candidate.

He is the owner of Kubikiribōchō sword. His strength should not be underestimated. When he graduated from Ninja School, he was able to kill the contemporaries with excellent results, and finally inherited the name of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist.


Listening to the comments of passers-by, Shin also found out that No-Zhan was fleeing to the north, and rushed to the north without hesitation.

Ice and snow kept falling, and a boy with a delicate face stood in the snow, staring blankly at the scene in front of him.

Seeing the man who had lost his vitality on the snow in front of him with a painful expression on his face, the boy didn’t have much expression, on the contrary he felt a numbness.

The father killed his mother, but he missed and killed his father.

Now he even doubts the meaning of his life?

I am alive because of what and where I am going.

“Boy, do you want to leave this terrible place with me!”

When the boy was secretly sad, a low voice suddenly sounded, and in the boy’s hollow eyes, a man with a huge machete appeared in front of him.

Seeing the snow falling in front of him, the boy trembled involuntarily.

“Do you really need me?”

The boy is not sure whether he is meaningful to the other party, after all, he wants to know whether his existence is meaningful.

The man glanced at the boy. He had already noticed everything that happened to the boy, and he knew what he was confused about.

“Come with me! I will let you understand!”

The man patted the boy on the shoulder, the desolation in his eyes.

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