Chapter 10 The Battle Against Zabuza

On the snow, two people, one tall and one short, were walking north.

Now they are preparing to escape from this dark country.

These two people are Zabuza and Haku, and they are also the goal of Uchiha Shin.


Zabuza stopped, his eyes turned to the sparse woods in the distance.

Haku looked around, and found nothing unusual.

“Mr. Zabuza, are you making a mistake!”

Haku whispered to the vigilant side Zabuza.

Zabuza frowning, and after quietly stretching his hand to his waist, years of bloody battles made him extra sensitive.

Although not comparable to a specialized perception ninja, his perception is not weaker than that of an ordinary ninja.

Just now he seemed to notice a pair of eyes watching him.

“call out…”

When Haku was still wondering, Zabuza moved, and the shuriken in his hand shot towards the big tree without hesitation.

Bang Bang

A crisp collision sounded, footsteps sounded on the snowy ground, and a figure appeared in Haku’s sight.

“It’s not bad Zabuza, it’s pretty good!”

Shin Uchiha held Kunai in his hand and looked at the shuriken that had fallen from the snow beside him, his mouth slightly raised.

Zabuza looking at the mysterious person in front of him, there was no impression of him in his mind, but this did not hinder the speed of his shots.

Now he has been wanted by Hidden Mist Village, I am afraid this person is here to pursue or kill himself.

Seeing that he rushed towards him without hesitation, sword had appeared in the opponent’s hand, and he started to get serious.

The strength of Zabuza can not be underestimated, after all, in the comics, he is a good player with Kakashi.

Sharingan eyes opened, and the movement of Zabuza in Shin’s eyes began to become clear.

These eyes!

Zabuza noticed the changes in Shin’s eyes, but he didn’t stop because of it.

That big sword kept slashing towards Shin, splashing flakes of ice and snow, but it was a pity that he didn’t strike Uchiha Shin with a single sword.

Under the observation of Sharingan, Shin Uchiha easily escaped the attack of Zabuza.

No way! Can’t go on like this!

Zabuza face becomes dignified, and swinging the sword itself is very laborious. Seeing that you can’t hurt the opponent, you have to change the attack method.

“Water style: Water dragon bombing jutsu!”

A huge water wave appeared in front of Zabuza, and he started to show his ninjutsu.

“Fire Style: fireball jutsu!”

Seeing the other party launching ninjutsu, Shin Uchiha stepped back and dodged, also launching his family’s signature ninjutsu.

The fire and water collided, and suddenly a thick mist filled between the two.

Shin cast through the mist and saw Zabuza not far away, and a flash of kunai appeared behind Zabuza.

“Zabuza, You lost!”

Seeing that the Kunai resisted in front of him, Shin’s face showed a smug smile.

After all, this is how Uchiha Shin used his original power to defeat Zabuza who was 50-50 with Kakashi.

Just when Shin felt that everything was in his hands and could persuade the other party, Zabuza in front of her suddenly turned into a stream of water and disappeared instantly.

Water clone? !

Suddenly, Shin got a cold back and hurriedly prepared to leave where he was.

“Water style: Water prison Jutsu!”

Zabuza appearing behind Shin like a ghost, approaching a water prison, he trapped Shin who was about to dodge in the water prison.

As expected, ninja who can play against Kakashi is really strong!

Shin felt the air in the dungeon gradually decrease, but there was no fear in her eyes.

A fiery chakra covered Shin’s body in an instant.

At this critical moment, Shin Uchiha decisively chose to open and hang up, and activated the Chakra of Shendu in his body.


Zabuza look at the changes with a shocked look, and feel the amazing chakra radiating from the other party, and the heart cannot be calmed down again.

Soon, Zabuza found something was wrong. His water cell was constantly steaming and boiling, and his hand controlling the water cell technique was also hot and painful by the sudden high temperature.

What kind of monster is this? !

Zabuza can’t stand the high temperature in his hands, he finally let go of his hands.

The water prison gradually dissipated, and the air was filled with mist.

Uchiha Shin was accompanied by a red chakra coat, and Sharingan in his eyes looked extra scarlet.

“Not bad…”

Just when Uchiha Shin was about to step forward to subdue the opponent, an ice blade suddenly flew out in the thick fog on the side.

It’s just a pity that the ice blade melted when it touched Shin’s hot Chakra coat.

Shin looked at the thin figure outside the thick fog, her eyes seemed to be thoughtful

Is it Haku? But he is still too weak now! If you work hard for a few more years, I am afraid that I will be hurt by the other party just now!

“Mist jutsu!”

And when he looked at the distraction in front of him, he didn’t sit still, but used the ninjutsu he was best at.

The most powerful thing of Zabuza is not the frontal battle, but… assassination!

Shin turned his head back to look at the thick fog that deepened around him, and Zabuza who disappeared in the thick fog, frowning involuntarily.

In the first battle, a lot of water mist was created, plus the fog hiding technique used, the surrounding mist became thicker!

What a guy with high IQ!

Haku at this moment is no longer careless, and he little admired Zabuza for this.

Using all available conditions to defeat the opponent is the basic quality of a true master.

Admire it, but Shin will not be merciful because of this.

Triple Tomoe in Sharingan eyes kept spinning, Chakra’s coat kept fluttering, Shin’s eyes turned to watch the surrounding situation.

“I saw you!”

Cooperating with the insight of Shendu’s Chakra and Sharingan, Shin faintly discovered the figure of Zabuza.

With a fist, Shin was stunned.

The moment it was hit by Shin, it turned into a ball of water.

Water body! What a cunning guy!

Shin also looked serious, and he did not expect that the other party would use the water body to confuse himself.

“call out!”

A breaking wind sounded, Shin jumped aside vigilantly, and at the same time he could clearly see the shuriken flying by his side.

Shin just hid, and the shuriken on the other side flew again, causing Shin to jump aside in embarrassment.

After avoiding the show of shuriken several times in succession, panting tiredly, his eyes kept turning and looking around.

It can’t go on like this! If this goes on, sooner or later this guy will be yelled to death!

Shin gritted her teeth, frantically asking for Chakra from Shendu in her body, planning to fight hard.

As the chakra continues to improve, the chakra’s coat on the show is getting deeper and deeper, and the surrounding temperature is also rising.


Zabuza hidden in the thick fog, No matter how big it is, he was shocked by the huge chakra in front of him. He had never seen such a huge chakra.

What made him even more panicked was that as the opponent Chakra continued to improve, the surrounding air began to become hot.

The most terrible thing is that the thick fog that was originally created by Zabuza started to dissipate, and the surrounding environment became clear.

What kind of monster I have encountered!

No longer looking at the show not far away with dread, regrets began in his heart.

When I first used the technique of concealment of fog, I should flee here with Haku instead of continuing to fight with this guy.

In the gaze without horror, Shin’s figure suddenly disappeared from his sight.

Not waiting for no more to react, Shin’s crimson chakra coat appeared in front of Zabuza.

“Zabuza! You have already lost!”

Shin’s voice was accompanied by the clear sound of the big sword falling to the ground, and the battle between the two was considered to be a result.

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