Chapter 9 The Merry Wind

To be honest, Chu Feng’s appearance was delicate, his skin was white, his eyebrows were thick, and he looked more handsome than Long Fei.

Walking on the street, he is definitely a man with a high rate of returning.

But here, even a small front desk won’t throw him away.

He didn’t mean to be upset at all. He put on Long Fei’s shoulders, and smiled and asked him, “Do you know the names of these two girls?”

Long Fei only knew Wang Xiaoya, the other didn’t.

Chu Feng told him, “The cold one is called Zhang Li, and she looks like a woman who worships gold. My buddies are going to attack her!”

Long Fei frowned, “Do you like to worship greedy girl?”

Chu Feng smiled and said, “This is not like like, this is called challenge.

That Wang Xiaoya looked like a good girl, and I have a principled life, and will not provoke these good women.

That Zhang Li, don’t look at her bully. In two days, my buddy must let her kneel and beg me to be together!”

“Can we not brag?”

Long Fei didn’t believe it.

Chu Feng bet with him, “Dare you gamble with me once?”

“What to bet on?”

Long Fei frowned and said honestly, “I have no money!”

Chu Feng laughed, “Who is gambled with you! I mean, if I slap Zhang Li, you will hit Wang Xiaoya!”

Long Fei vomited blood, “Didn’t you say not to harm others?”

Chu Feng said, “I don’t harm myself, so I let you harm her. To be honest, Wang Xiaoya is really good. Our brothers are blessed to share, I want one, you want one.”

Long Fei remembered the smile on Wang Xiaoya’s face when she turned her head, and he nodded and agreed to him.

The main reason is that Long Fei doesn’t believe he can handle Zhang Li.

That Zhang Li looked above the top.

How could she fall in love with a security guard, and a new security guard.

Coincidentally, Chu Feng also lives in a village in the city, and started renting a house outside when he was in college.

His house is only one street away from Long Fei.

The two went to a shabu-shabu restaurant and sat down. The boss obviously knew Chu Feng, and when he saw him coming in, he quickly shouted, “Boy, when do you remember the bill?”

Chu Feng took out a cigarette from his pocket and gave him a cigarette, chuckled lightly, “Bang brother, isn’t it worth a thousand or eight hundred yuan? Can your brother still fall into trouble? Don’t worry, your brother just got a job next month. I will pay you back!”

“You kid, there is no truth in your mouth!”

The boss smoked and let him go for a while.

Seeing this situation, Long Fei took the initiative to say to the boss, “I will treat this time and I won’t keep accounts!”

The boss smiled, “It’s rare that among this kid’s friends, there is finally a serious one!”

He greeted the two of them to sit down at the table by the window, took the menu, and asked them to choose the bottom of the pot and the dish.

Chu Feng ordered a dozen Tsingtao beer, and used to turn down the air conditioner to the lowest level.

The boss gave him a distressed look, and there were only two people in the shop who could not earn his electricity bill for a meal.

In the summer, Long Fei and Chu Feng came back by car, both in stinky sweats.

As soon as the air conditioner blows, it feels much cooler.

After the waiter brought the beer, Chu Feng opened the bottle and filled it with Long Fei.

He picked it up and said to Long Fei, “Come on, Brother Long, I wish us a victory and a smooth journey!”

Long Fei picked it up and touched him.

This guy had an indifferent attitude towards everything, and his free and easy manner made Long Fei admire very much.

He asked, “Brother Feng, I still can’t figure out one thing. The office building of the Lin Group is so big. Why do they recruit so many security guards at once?”

Chu Feng said casually, “This is not easy. The Lin Group is preparing to open up the African market, and naturally it needs to send security guards.

The requirements of our group of people are all college degrees, know a little foreign language, and then I will fool you all over!”

“how do you know?”

Long Fei frowned as he watched him.

Chu Feng picked up the wine glass and concealed it, “I also listened to others, drinking, drinking, don’t think so much!”

Long Fei picked up the wine glass and had a drink with him, feeling that this guy was more and more unusual.

If it is a normal college student, where is the capital to live a smart life.

After the shabu-shabu was served, the two ate them.

After a while, a table of meaty and vegetarian all bottomed out, and a dozen beer was also drunk.

When leaving, Long Fei wants to check out.

It took a total of more than three hundred, and he can still afford it.

Chu Feng forced him out of the door, and had to let the boss put it on his account.

The boss wanted to beat him so depressed, he didn’t care, and left with a big smile around Long Fei.

On the way, he took a cigarette, smoked a root with Long Fei, and walked unsteadily, “This boss is nicknamed Xu Bangzi, a native of Shuchuan. Back then, he started his house by selling spicy soup. Look at it. Everyone has a shabu-shabu restaurant now!”

Long Fei smiled, it’s not easy for people in Xindao, you are still cheating others, and you won’t pay for it on credit.

He has a good drinker, he has six bottles of beer, and he doesn’t feel much.

Chu Feng was dizzy, and Long Fei asked him to point to his home.

He raised his hand and pointed randomly.

No way, Long Fei could only take him back to his home.

At this time, He Yan has returned from get off work.

She was dressed in satin pajamas with suspenders, and she was very hot.

After Long Fei entered, she stared at the two curiously and asked Long Fei, “Is this your friend?”

Long Fei said embarrassedly, “He is drunk and is going to live in my house tonight!”

He Yan smiled and said, “It’s okay, whoever lives is your business, as long as you don’t make trouble!”

Long Fei nodded and helped Chu Feng upstairs.

After He Yan washed the clothes in her hands and went back to the house, there was a table of food on the coffee table.

He Tiantian watched the cartoon and said to her dissatisfied, “Mom, when is the meal?”

He Yan put on clothes and said disappointedly, “Eat, eat now!”

He Tiantian picked up the chopsticks happily, and asked her with big eyes flashing, “Mom, are you waiting for Uncle Long Fei?”

He Yan knocked her head and said with a red face, “Eat, who said I will wait for him!”

In the room, Long Fei supported Chu Feng up and lay down.

A small bed is loose for one person, but a bit crowded for two people.

He took the sheets, spread them on the floor, turned on the electric fan, and prepared to make do for the night.

It’s summer, and it’s still cool on the ground.

The meal I just ate, I don’t know what’s going on, it seems to turn into anger and turn around in my stomach.

Sitting down, Long Fei took a deep breath and sank into his belly.

Otherwise, the gas will rush upwards, and there will always be a feeling of vomiting.

It took a long time before his stomach calmed down.

Chu Feng lay on the bed, opened his eyes, and suddenly asked, “Where is this?”

“my home!”

Long Fei turned his head, took out the cigarette and handed him one.

After they lit, they took a sip.

Chu Feng looked around and said in surprise, “You live in such a place?”

Long Fei said, “Yes, this house is cheap, and it costs thousands of dollars if it is bigger!”

Chu Feng said, “You can’t come to my house. I rented a three-bedroom and one-living house over there. It can take a bath and has a separate bathroom, which is much better than yours!”

Long Fei shook his head, “Forget it, I live well here!”

He didn’t want to be left under the fence, he still lived comfortably by himself.

Chu Feng smirked, “Are you reluctant to bear that beautiful landlord?”

“Aren’t you drunk just now?”

Long Fei blushed.

Chu Feng smiled, “I have a supernatural power, no matter how drunk I am, as long as there are beautiful women, I can never forget it!”

“Screw you!”

Long Fei smiled, twisted out the cigarette butt, lay down and stopped breathing.

In the past two days, he got along well with He Yan, but he had no ideas in that regard.

After all, he is also a woman.

Although, that woman did not know where.

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