Chapter 8 Despise People

In the hall, there are two security guards holding batons.

Seeing Long Fei coming in, they immediately stopped him and looked up and down at him, “What’s the matter?”

Long Fei explained, “I’m here to apply for a security guard. The Personnel Department asked me to report today!”

The two security guards laughed, “Oh, it turns out to be a companion!”

“Go to the front desk over there to register!”

A security guard pointed to the front desk in the middle. There were two girls sitting inside, looking more beautiful than the other.

Long Fei finally understood what the university buddy said when applying for the job. If you work here, you don’t want money, you just have a blessing.

After he went up, he talked about himself.

A girl was secretly licking melon seeds, her face was cold, and she didn’t want to pay attention to him.

One was very enthusiastic, took out a booklet for Long Fei to register, made a phone call, and said to Long Fei, “You go to the recruitment team of the Human Resources Department on the second floor, and they will handle the entry procedures for you!”

Long Fei thanked her, staring at her breastplate and swept his eyes.

Her name is Wang Xiaoya, with a nice name.

This will be at work time.

There are not many people, he is about to go to the second floor.

A girl ran over and gasped at him, “Forget it, I’ll take you up!”

This girl is Wang Xiaoya.

She has a ponytail tied to her head and a black professional short skirt. She is about 1.65 meters tall. She has a small face, chest and butt. She is a delicate beauty.

“What’s your name?”

She turned around and suddenly asked.

Long Fei quickly straightened his body and said quickly, “Report to the leader, my name is Long Fei!”

Wang Xiaoya covered her mouth and smiled, “Don’t be nervous, my name is Wang Xiaoya, I am the front desk of the company, not a leader!”

Long Fei touched his head and smirked.

Wang Xiaoya told him, “This company is very big. The 21st floor is divided into various departments and there are many leaders. If you meet those people who are wearing suits and have fat belly, call the leaders. Otherwise, if you make a wrong call, people will laugh at you!”


Long Fei nodded.

After the elevator came down, Wang Xiaoya took him to the second floor.

She walks beautifully, like a model is walking on the runway.

Long Fei followed her, grateful.

The personnel department on the second floor is divided into several groups.

Each group has its own area.

Had it not been for Wang Xiaoya’s lead, he would have been around all morning and couldn’t find a place.

When he reached a glass door, Wang Xiaoya smiled and told him, “Okay, here is the recruitment and training team. A few security guards have already come here. If you don’t understand anything, just don’t ask them!”

“thank you so much!”

Long Fei looked at her, not knowing what to say.

Wang Xiaoya shook her head generously, “You are welcome, we will be colleagues in the future!”

When she left, she blinked and smiled at Long Fei.

The ponytail flicked, leaving a faint fragrance, causing Long Fei to breathe tightly.

He sorted his clothes, opened the glass door and went inside.

In the lobby, there are rows of seats, just like in a bank.

Several people were chatting in twos and threes with information sheets in their hands.

One of them waved at Long Fei excitedly.

Long Fei frowned. It turned out that it was the senior in front of him yesterday.

He walked over, put his arm around Long Fei’s neck, and asked him quietly, “Dude, did they really admit you?”

Long Fei smiled and asked him, “Where do I go through the formalities?”

This buddy pointed his finger at the opposite glass door and said to him, “There are people in a line, you just need to go in and follow them to go through the formalities. We’re done, let’s have a drink to celebrate!”

Long Fei nodded,

Go inside.

Inside is the clerk’s office, where five or six girls are sitting, tapping on the computer.

When it was Long Fei’s turn, the clerk registered his information on the computer. When asked about his education, Long Fei reported to his third year of high school.

The clerk frowned and stared at Long Fei with a smile, “That’s not right, the employees in our company must have a college degree at least, have you gone through the back door?”

“No, I applied for the job based on my strength!”

Long Fei blushed and corrected the clerk.

The clerk curled his lips and smiled, “Just kidding, relax!”

She took a temporary badge, handed it to Long Fei, and told him to go out and wait in the hall outside.

After Long Fei went out, a group of people in the room burst out laughing.

A group of women ridiculed, “A broken security guard, what is it for strength, this kid is really interesting!”

“People have five big and three rough, strong, and definitely have the strength!”

“How do you know that he is strong? Could it be that you were hugged by him?”

“Go away, what nonsense! How can my man be a security guard, he must be at least a gold collar!”

Long Fei was depressed when he heard it outside, and he really wanted to go back and shout at them.

A group of old ladies, don’t even have quality like Wang Xiaoya.

The senior man saw him come out and quickly pulled him to sit down in the hall.

He patted Long Fei and comforted him, “What’s wrong, are you angry in it?”

Long Fei nodded.

The buddy said with a hippie smile, “If you want to open it, it’s the same when we go in. People are white-collar workers in the office. It’s normal to look down on our security guards.”

Long Fei asked him, “Do you mind at all?”

He smiled, “Mind what, I’m here to see beautiful women, not to see their faces. You have to be really angry, when it gets dark, let’s wait for them on the road. While they are not prepared, touch their ass, Eat their tofu!”

“forget it!”

Long Fei shook his head, without his guts.

The two chatted for a while and introduced each other.

This buddy is called Chu Feng. He does not say that his ancestor is Chu Liuxiang, and he is inspired to learn from his ancestors and make all the girls in the world.

Long Fei admired him very much, at least he was a pure person with a clear goal.

After a while, the hall was full of people, fifty young people.

Long Fei smashed his tongue. I don’t know why this company needs so many security guards!

In the entire building, he met two at the door.

A gentleman came over, brought an eye, and greeted a group of boys, “Hello everyone, I am Fang Ming, the leader of the training group. From today, I will be responsible for your training.

Our company has a special training base. We will gather at the door of the company at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning, and there will be a car to take you there.

You must not only learn the basic skills of security, but also the company’s corporate culture. After the exam, the qualified personnel will be officially employed by the company!”

Someone who had the same doubts as Long Fei raised his hand and asked, “Report team leader, how many people will be eliminated in the end?”

Fang Ming said, “Maybe no one will be eliminated, maybe all will be eliminated. So you need to study hard this week, I hope you all can pass!”

Someone asked, “Does our company need so much security?”

Fang Ming smiled, “You don’t have to worry about it, as long as the company pays you salary. As for the use of it, that is the company’s business.”

Everyone smiled.

After the meeting, they got up and left.

“Let’s go, have a drink together!”

Chu Feng shook his hair and took Long Fei downstairs with him.

When passing by the front desk, he waved to Wang Xiaoya.

Wang Xiaoya smiled sweetly, the one next to him still had a cold face, without looking at them.

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