Chapter 7 Company Report

He Tiantian was eating rice, not knowing what she was thinking,

She suddenly said, “Mom, let uncle be your boyfriend! He is so strong, he can definitely protect you!”

He Yan and Long Fei had just eaten a mouthful of food, and they almost burst out in embarrassment.

He Yan taught her a lesson, “He Tiantian, how old your uncle and mother are, you are not allowed to say such things in the future!”

He Tiantian stuck out his tongue, smirked at Long Fei, lowered his head and ate the rice obediently.

Long Fei and He Yan looked at each other awkwardly, ate and drank dullly, and unknowingly drank a bottle of Erguotou to the bottom.

Long Fei drank half a bottle, and He Yan also drank a lot.

She picked up the daughter who had fallen asleep and sent it back to the bedroom.

After coming out, Long Fei stood up and said embarrassedly, “May I help you clean up these dishes?”

“It’s okay, I can just clean up. You go back to sleep, you have to go to work tomorrow!”

He Yan waved her hand and shook her body to send him out.

Without taking two steps, a staggering suddenly came forward.

Long Fei’s eyes were quick, and he hugged her waist. She fell forward because of inertia, pressing her body against the wall.

The two of them took a breath at the same time, looking at each other, their chests rising and falling.

He Yan’s body is soft, with some fleshy around her waist, her arms are smooth and smooth, and her hand feels quite good.

A scent of a woman rushed to his face, causing Long Fei’s breathing to be a little short.

At this time, his mobile phone rang suddenly in his pocket.

The two were taken aback at the same time, He Yan pushed Long Fei abruptly, stroking her hair and saying, “It’s getting late, go upstairs!”

“I’m leaving!”

Long Fei put on his shoes, took his own clothes, and quickly slipped out of the house.

After getting outside, the cool breeze blew, so that the restlessness on his body gradually calmed down.

Just now, I almost made a mistake.

He Yan closed the door and watched Long Fei go upstairs from the window. She leaned against the wall and bumped her head. It took him a long time to pick up the dishes.

After returning to his room, Long Fei went to bed.

He picked up the phone and looked at it. It turned out that the WeChat account application just added today passed.

When buying a mobile phone, He Yan helped him open WeChat and added He Yan’s number on it.

When Long Fei had a haircut, Su Yiyi was added.

He has no friends in this city. He finally met one on the bus and got her WeChat account.

He tried to add it, but he didn’t expect Su Yiyi to pass it.

“Are you the big brother who helped me?”

Su Yiyi asked him.

Long Fei made a silly smile and replied, “Yes, I just bought a mobile phone today, so I added you a bit late!”

Su Yiyi replied with a smirk and replied, “I don’t believe it, you can take a selfie and show me!”

Long Fei smiled, turned on the selfie on the phone, found a well-lit place and pressed it.

He sent it and replied, “I just cut my hair, it’s a bit dirty, don’t laugh at me!”

Su Yiyi returned with a laughing face, and after confirming that it was him, she started chatting.

She is a third-year student in the eighth middle school, because the entrance examination is due next year, and only a few days in summer vacation.

Long Fei told her about his situation honestly.

She didn’t underestimate Long Fei, and she encouraged Long Fei to do well. In the future, she will try to be a security captain, raise her salary, and marry a beautiful girl.

Long Fei was amused by her and talked till midnight.

She sent a good night expression before Long Fei put down the phone.

When picking up trash, no one chatted with him.

Now that he has a cell phone, Sister Yan, and Su Yiyi, he feels that life has become more colorful.

The next day, the alarm rang.

Long Fei got up early,

Go to the corridor outside and drank a basin of cold water, and scrubbed with his upper body naked.

Last night, he had a nightmare again.

It’s good. I dreamed that I was covered with green forest, like a strange snake, and I got goose bumps thinking about it.

He put on his clothes, sat on the bed and smoked a cigarette.

The seven-dollar box of Hongta Mountain is very choking and refreshing.

Downstairs, the door rang.

Sister Yan brought sweet and prepared to send her to school.

Standing on the window, Long Fei secretly looked outside at her.

She wears a short black dress, her thighs are stretched with stockings, and her hair is rolled up in a big curl. She is still so sexy.

Long Fei peeped at her, she seemed to have a feeling in her heart, and looked back at Long Fei’s room.

Long Fei quickly dodged back and slammed on the basin behind.

The stainless steel basin was flattened by his foot.

He picked it up and looked at it distressedly. He thought that this thing was too weak, and he lost thirty yuan.

After He Yan left, Long Fei followed like a thief.

He locked the door, stepped on his bicycle, and had breakfast at the bun shop in the alley.

At around eight o’clock in the morning, he estimated that the interviewer should go to work.

He took out his cell phone and dialed the phone number the interviewer gave yesterday.

The phone was connected, and the other side gave a greeting, and said kindly, “Hello, who are you?”

Long Fei quickly said, “Hello, I am Long Fei who applied for a security guard at Binhai University yesterday. I want to ask, how long will I be able to go to work?”

The other side smiled, “It’s you. When I came back yesterday, I have already registered your information in the Human Resources Department. You will be able to come over later, and I will post the address on your number!”

“Okay, thank you uncle!”

Long Fei was moved and wanted to cry. This was his first job, and he was very grateful to the interviewer.

The other side heard his crying and encouraged him, “Young man, come on! The uncle is also from the countryside, and I know that it is not easy for rural children. I work in the personnel department, and you can come to me if you encounter any problems in the company!”

“Thank you, uncle!”

Long Fei thanked him seriously. After hanging up his phone, he was excited to find someone to hug him.

When the bell rang, the interviewer sent the address.

Long Fei opened it and took a look: XXXX

After entering the door, ask the front desk.

In general companies, there should be several floors and several floors behind.

But the Lin Group rented the entire building.

Long Fei specifically checked yesterday that this group is involved in real estate, finance, cosmetics, clothing, overseas trade, and multiple industries.

Such a wealthy company cannot complain about hiring a security guard, which can attract so many college students to apply.

After Long Fei had breakfast, he pedaled his bicycle home and took a bus.

The place where he lives is some distance from the city center.

On the first day, he didn’t know where to park. He wanted to wait until he got familiar with the environment.

Binhai City is the capital of East China Province, and its economy is still one of the best in the country.

The tall buildings in the city are very prosperous.

The closer to the city center, the more so.

Sitting on the bus, Long Fei stared at the tall buildings outside. He secretly determined that he would work hard, buy a house here, marry the woman who slept with him, and take the grandfather from the village to enjoy the blessing.

The bus swayed around the city for more than an hour before reaching the place.

Compared to the subway, it is indeed much slower, but there is no need to change stations, and there is no need to worry about getting on it.

After Long Fei got off the bus, the office building of Wealthy Mansion was in front of him.

This office building is surrounded by a bustling business district, and there is a small square in front of which there is a fountain.

The view is wide and the environment is excellent.

A special area is opened in front of the door for employees to park bicycles and electric vehicles.

There is an underground garage next to it, which should be a place to park cars.

Long Fei got acquainted with the environment and pushed the revolving door into it.

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