Chapter 6 Celebration

In the rental room, Long Fei pushed his bicycle in. It was almost dark.

He went to the street and bought a bottle of Erguotou, a catty of braised pork, ready to have a good meal.

After entering the door, He Yan had returned, wearing a suspender nightdress, and was squatting on the floor washing her daughter’s hair.

The neckline was wide open, just facing Long Fei.

The bright, white and tender piece made Long Fei breathe out involuntarily.

He quickly avoided his gaze and said hello to He Yan, “Sister Yan, you are off work!”

He Yan looked up, staring at him in a daze, with a trace of light in her eyes.

She brushed her long hair and asked him with a smile, “I bought a mobile phone and clothes again, and made a fortune?”

Long Fei hurriedly shook his head, “No, I found a job this morning. So, put new outfit so that people don’t dislike us!”

He Yan smiled and told him, “Go to my room, I’ll cook two dishes later, and celebrate for you!”

“it’s not good?”

Long Fei was a little embarrassed.

He Yan insisted, “Sorry, I didn’t sue you all last night, don’t talk to me, take me as your sister!”

“Let’s do it!”

Long Fei nodded. It’s boring to be alone anyway, and it’s good to chat with He Yan.

He entered He Yan’s room, turned his head and asked, “Sister Yan, do I want to change my shoes?”

He Yan smiled, “No, I’ll will clean the ground down later!”

Having said that, Long Fei was still afraid of stepping on his floor dirty, so he simply took off his shoes, went in with only socks on, and sat down on the sofa.

I just bought new socks today, if I didn’t take off my shoes before.

He put Erguotou and braised pork on the coffee table. There was a cartoon on the TV. He straightened up and sat and watched it boredly for a while.

On the balcony by the side of the living room, colorful underwear is covered with freshly washed underwear.

Long Fei, a young man who had never seen the world, couldn’t help but stare at it for a while.

There are lace and mesh, the outline is so big, it is really annoying to look at.

After He Yan washed her daughter’s hair, she took a hair dryer outside to blow her, and took her into the house with her.

Seeing Long Fei put the shoes and the new clothes he had just bought neatly at the door, she couldn’t help but warm up, feeling that the little boy was quite sensible.

After entering, He Tiantian happily sat next to Long Fei, staring wide-eyed and asked him, “Uncle, do you like to see Pleasant Goat?”

Long Fei didn’t like it, but he nodded and teased her like he liked it, “I like it, uncle often watches it!”

He Tiantian exclaimed happily, “It’s great, Tiantian likes to watch it too. But Zhou Tongtong in our class doesn’t like it, he always says I’m too naive!”

Long Fei was amused by her and asked her, “Then what does he like to watch?”

He Tiantian said, “He likes to watch the stars, and he brags to me that he lives on the stars and lives like us. His future goal is to live on these stars!”

Long Fei patted her on the head and was completely defeated by these children.

He Yan washed the towels and laid them on the balcony.

She came over, took the braised pork bought by Long Fei, and said to him, “I will put your meat in a cold salad. If you don’t like cartoons, change the channel. Don’t be bored with her!”

He Tiantian immediately pursed her little mouth and complained, “Who said that uncle doesn’t like it? Uncle just said he likes to watch!”

Long Fei is happy, “Yes, I like it, I will watch Tiantian!”

He Yan smiled and shook her head, and started to get busy when she entered the kitchen ding-ding-dong.

Long Fei glanced at her, thinking that a virtuous woman like He Yan didn’t know why she was divorced?

When a person pulls a daughter, he has to go to work and worry about the tenants at home.

If he has such a daughter-in-law, he must be a treasure to protect him.

After a while, the coffee table was filled with vegetables.

Fried pork with chili,

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, cold stewed pork, cold cucumbers, and a plate of peanuts.

She brought three bowls of rice and used a large bowl for Long Fei.

He Tiantian exclaimed in surprise, “Uncle eats so much?”

He Yan patted her head and smiled, “You will eat so much when you grow up!”

He Tiantian chuckled, “No, I can’t eat it, maybe Zhou Tongtong can!”

Long Fei smiled and teased her deliberately, “Do you like Zhou Tongtong, why do you always call his name?”

He Tiantian shook his head, “I don’t like him, he is not humorous, and he doesn’t like talking very much. He is only at the same table with me, so I played with him!”

Long Fei and He Yan snorted, thinking that the children nowadays are like little adults.

He Yan took two cups and ordered to Long Fei, “You open the wine? Reluctant to let people drink it?”

Long Fei frowned, “Sister Yan, this is Erguotou, with a very high degree!”

He Yan shook her head, “It’s okay. In the days after the divorce, I drank every day and drank everything!”

Long Fei hesitated to open the wine and poured a little for her.

He Yan anxiously filled the cup with her hand.

She raised the cup and said to Long Fei, “Cheers, congratulations on finding a job!”

Long Fei raised the cup and smiled dryly, “Sister Yan, mean it, don’t get to the bottom!”

He Yan smiled, “Why, underestimate me?”

She raised the cup, raised her head, and ate a cup of Erguotou.

What happened to Long Fei? Although this wine glass was not big, it only had one mouthful, but it contained a fifty-degree Erguotou.

He Yan put down the wine glass and looked at him with a chuckle, “What are you doing stupidly? Drink it!”


Long Fei raised his glass and finished it in one sip.

He Tiantian shouted from the side, “Mom, I want to drink too!”

“You are still young, mom will get you a bottle of yogurt!”

He Yan scraped her daughter’s nose, went to the refrigerator and took a bottle of yogurt to He Tiantian.

I don’t know if it’s the effect of alcohol. Long Fei was enthusiastic and asked He Yan with concern, “Sister Yan, although we spend time together, but I can see that you are a good Woman. The man last night, why didn’t he want you?”

He Yan’s face sank, she lifted up Erguotou and sighed, “That’s because he was blind. Not only did he raise his mistress outside, he also went to gambling and owed a debt.

Our two families originally had two houses here. Finally, I sold a set to pay his debts, and I left the set of my parents with him!”

She said, as if it hurt her heart, tears came out.

Long Fei handed her a tissue and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, Sister Yan, I brought up your sadness!”

He Yan shook her head and wiped her tears with a smile, “It’s okay, it’s all over. I am alone now, and I have a good time with sweetness!”

She raised the cup and touched Long Fei again.

With a sip, Long Fei was really afraid of getting her drunk.

He Yan asked him, “Xiao Fei, do you have a girlfriend now?”

Long Fei blushed, and shook his head, “No, I just came to the city, and there is nothing I have, who can see me!”

He Yan smiled and said, “What’s the matter, you don’t have anything, you look good! There are many young girls in our mobile phone store asking me about you. If you are willing, my sister will introduce one to you!”

Long Fei shook his head quickly, “No need, Sister Yan. I think it’s time to focus on my career and wait until I make money!”

“Ambitious, sister is optimistic about you, you will definitely be promising!”

He Yan raised the cup and wanted to drink with Long Fei.

Long Fei stopped her, poured half a cup from her cup to himself, and then drank one with her.

He was in a hurry and held He Yan’s hand.

The hand was bare, soft, and a bit cold in the grip.

He Yan’s body trembled visibly, she retracted her hand, stroked her hair, her cheeks flushed.

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