Chapter 5 Brick Skills

The three interviewees looked at each other and shook their heads, and waved him to leave.

Long Fei insisted, “Don’t you ask something else?”

The interviewer said, “I’m sorry, the conditions of our sign are very clear. It must be a college degree or above, and the English must pass four levels.”

Long Fei said, “But you hired security guards, and I can do what security guards do!”

The interviewer smiled, “Well, what will you do if you show it?”

Long Fei looked around and found a brick from the flower mat on the side.

When the three interviewees saw them, they stood up in shock and yelled at Long Fei, “Little brother, calm down, don’t be impulsive!”

The surrounding college students also took a step back in fright, thinking that Long Fei was irritated and was about to draw people with bricks.

“This kid is crazy!”

“Absolutely, when someone recruits college students, he has to join in the fun!”

“Let’s stay far away and be careful of being smashed by him!”

The crowd roared and retreated.

Long Fei carried the bricks and explained again and again, “You have misunderstood, I am going to show you talent!”

The interviewer swallowed and asked him, “What are you going to perform?”

Long Fei put the slab on the ground, raised his fist and slammed it down.

With a pop, the brick is like tofu, and he smashed it to pieces with a punch.

He clapped his hands and smiled at the interviewer, “Uncle, do you think my fist is hard or not? If I’m a security guard, I can definitely see the gate!”

The interviewer looked at each other, laughed, and beckoned to Long Fei, “Young man, come here!”

Long Fei stepped forward.

The interviewer hammered a hammer in his chest and said, “Good guy, he’s really strong. Have you learned kung fu before?”

Long Fei touched his head and said in a flustered way, “Yeah!”

Where did he practice what kung fu, but after the jade pendant was broken that night, he became like this inexplicably.

Now when people asked, he simply said so.

The interviewer sighed, “I’ll tell you, we have been recruiting here for a week, and this is the first time we have seen such a strong young man. Now children, go to college and play games all day, and their bodies are wasteful!”

He took out a data sheet, handed it to Long Fei, and asked him to register it.

The surrounding college students all looked envious. Fuck, I did not expect that this would be valued by the interviewer.

If I knew it, they also prepared a brick and smashed it in the past.

But having said that, when the slab is placed on the ground, where is it so easy to break.

Someone felt that the brick was fake and smashed it with a fist.

He shouted in pain, and blood came out of their fists.

Long Fei filled in his name, home address, and ID card. When he called, he paused and looked at the interviewer embarrassedly, “Uncle, sorry! I just came to the city and haven’t bought a mobile phone!”

“No cell phone?”

The interviewer frowned, took out a piece of paper, and left him with a phone call, “Well, you call me tomorrow. I’ll go back to the company to make arrangements, and I will tell you about the report!”

Long Fei nodded happily, took the paper, and thanked the interviewer again and again.

He did not expect that his first job went so smoothly.

Three thousand yuan a month, is the first in his village.

With the envy of a group of college students around, he walked away proudly.

In fact, he is no less than two years younger than these seniors.

When I was young, my family was poor.

He helped his grandfather fish and went to school three years late.

He was only 18 years old after graduating from high school, and he was already 20.

Just now, these people underestimated him, and he saw it.

But it doesn’t matter, give him a chance, he must be no worse than anyone else.

Now he has two thousand five hundred yuan in his pocket.

Having settled in his work, he thought it was time to buy a mobile phone.

He was almost ashamed just filling in the phone information.

He’s such an adult, he doesn’t even have a cell phone.

He went around in the street and saw a mobile phone store was engaged in activities, buying mobile phones not only free card, but also give away bicycles.

He entered the door, and someone came up to entertain him immediately, “Sir, do you want to see a cell phone?”

Long Fei and her glanced, and he was stunned.

This waiter is He Yan.

Long Fei touched his head and smiled, “Sister Yan, are you working here?”

He Yan smiled and said, “Yes, this is close to home, I do a part-time job every day!”

“pretty good!”

Long Fei smiled and asked her, “By the way, do you really get phone bills and bicycles for buying mobile phones in your store?”

“Of course!”

He Yan took him to the back, took out a mobile phone from the counter, and showed him, “It’s this mobile phone. Although it is not a brand, it has a very sensitive response.

WeChat, Weibo, QQ, Glory of Kings, all play smoothly. As long as 998, I will also give you a mountain bike and one hundred yuan in phone bills!”

She opened it to Long Fei and demonstrated it all over. Long Fei’s head was very close.

There was a faint scent on his long hair, which made Long Fei blush with the smell, and hid slightly.

Long Fei has no pursuit of mobile phones, as long as he can make calls.

He picked it up and tried it, and ordered it immediately.

He Yan happily gave him a ticket, took him to open a mobile phone card, asked him to pick a mountain bike at the door.

Long Fei was a little surprised, not knowing what these mobile phone manufacturers make.

How did he know that the current mobile phone cost is two to three hundred yuan, and the bicycle is two to three hundred yuan.

Selling a mobile phone, people earn at least half.

He Yan still had to work, and Long Fei didn’t talk to her much.

He pushed the car away, and when he turned around, the little girl in the shop smirked at him.

After He Yan went back, they gathered around one after another, laughing even harder.

Long Fei is the second monk who has no idea. He must have never thought that He Yan was being teased by a group of colleagues inside, saying that he was the little boyfriend He Yan was looking for.

He Yan saw him just now, indeed more enthusiastic than others.

It feels exactly the same as men and women who are in love.

After Long Fei stepped on his mountain bike and left, he went to the roadside stall on the street and spent a 250 yuan to buy himself a outfit.

Two pairs of fifty dollars for jeans.

T-shirt, fifty yuan three pieces.

Sports shoes, fifty yuan.

After all, he is going to work in a big company, and Long Fei also knows to wear cleanly.

Putting on new clothes, he went back to the village in the city and found a barber shop to tidy up his hair.

In the mirror, there was a childish face with a crisp head, a black T-shirt and blue jeans.

The young man looks so handsome.

Long Fei smirked in the mirror, finally feeling a little confident.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of the woman who slept with him.

He is still a very conservative person, and he always feels in his heart that since he slept, then she is his wife.

If he sees again next time, he must watch this wife and can’t let her slip away.

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