Chapter 4 Application for Security

He Yan held her daughter and asked the little guy to return to the house first.

She ran out of the door, stretched out her hand to block in the middle, and yelled at Long Fei anxiously, “Little brother, you go up first, don’t care about business here!”

Long Fei said sternly, “Sister Yan, don’t be afraid, I’ll take care of this. With me, no one can bully you!”

He Yan glanced at him unexpectedly, and suddenly felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

It seemed to be a cold day, and after a sip of hot water, my whole body was warm.

The man’s jealous jar was overturned and pointed at He Yan and cursed, “Okay, by this time you are still protecting this savage man, I will kill you!”

He waved his left hand and knocked He Yan to the ground with a slap.

At the same time, he picked up the brick with his right hand, stepped over He Yan, and slammed into Long Fei.

Long Fei didn’t expect that he would beat a woman, so he became angry and rushed up against the brick with a fist.

He knew it would hurt, but he didn’t care so much.

With a bang, the fist collided with the brick.

To Long Fei’s surprise, the brick was made of tofu, and was directly smashed to pieces by his fist.

The man shivered and was taken aback by him.

He flew a kick and kicked the man’s chest.

Like a kite, the man flew three or four meters upside down and rolled in the yard.

Long Fei smashed his tongue, and he was taken aback by himself. He didn’t expect his strength to become so great now.

He didn’t exert too much effort with this kick.

Kicking a man weighing more than 150 kilograms is like kicking a child.

The man rolled on the ground and howled, “Kill, the wild man killed!”

He Yan blushed and walked over and yelled at him anxiously, “Enough, Du Jun. Can you stop being ashamed, don’t you just want money, I’ll give it to you, you get up!”

“It won’t be over already!”

The man clutched his chest, and stood up.

Long Fei’s kick just now made him hurt.

If it weren’t for going over to play cards in a hurry, he would have to lie on the ground and misunderstand him.

He Yan took a thousand yuan from the bag and handed it to him, swearing coldly at him, “You remember, this is the last time I will give you money. If you come to fool around again, I will really call the police!”

“Got it, really long-winded!”

The man took the money and put it in his pocket.

He pointed to Long Fei and cursed, “Okay, brat, you wait for Father. When Father wins the money tonight, I have to ask someone to interrupt your dog legs!”

“You are paralyzed, I will kill you now!”

With a depressed fist, Long Fei frightened him and ran out of the door, and almost tripped outside.

He Yan grabbed Long Fei, and when she saw the man walking away, she suddenly sat in the courtyard and cried aggrieved.

Long Fei took out a facial tissue from his pocket and handed it to her, embarrassed, “Sister Yan, sorry, I caused you trouble just now. I gave you the money you gave him!”

He Yan wiped her tears and shook her head, “I said, don’t care about your business. His name is Du Jun, my ex-husband. I am used to coming back to haunt me when he have no money!”


Long Fei tightened his eyebrows, unexpectedly they still had this relationship.

Fortunately, I didn’t make a ruthless move just now, otherwise Du Jun would be broken, and I really couldn’t handle it.

He was still fresh in his memory the last time he was taught by the police to manage nosy.

He went upstairs in embarrassment, He Yan cried in the courtyard for a while, got up and went back to the house.

The night wind blew into the house, causing Long Fei to gradually calm down.

He looked at his fist, wondering how his strength suddenly became so big, and his fist seemed to be harder.

There was a stool with a dropped leg in the room. Long Fei moved it over and removed a stool leg from it.

He raised the stool leg, tried to raise his fist, and slammed it on it.

Stool legs ten centimeters thick,

The solid wood, patter broke in two, and he smashed it in half with a punch.

Long Fei was stunned, patted his face, thinking he was dreaming!

He fell on the bed, covered his head with a quilt, and awake as soon as he wanted to sleep.

The next day, the sun shone into the house.

Long Fei turned over and sat up, staring at the broken stool leg on the ground and rubbing his eyes.

Fuck, did not dream, everything last night was real.

He muttered in his heart, “Could it be that I was possessed by a monster?”

Downstairs, He Yan suddenly shouted, “Brother Dragon, are you up yet?”

Long Fei patted his face, went out, stood in front of the railing and shouted, “What’s wrong?”

He Yan waved the key in her hand and said, “I will send Tiantian to the remedial class. This is the door key. Remember to lock the door when you go out!”

“Got it!”

Long Fei nodded, ran down and took the key.

He Tiantian stared at him with big eyes, and smiled at him, “Big brother, you were so amazing last night, you knocked my father away!”

Long Fei smiled and patted her head, picked her up and put her on the children’s chair of the electric car.

He Yan saw him bye, the smile on her face was much brighter than yesterday.

Long Fei smirked as she looked at her, and she really felt a bit looking at her sister.

He went back to the second floor, washed with a basin of water, put on his clothes, and was about to look for work on the street.

Recruitment notices are posted everywhere on telephone poles and overpasses.

He didn’t believe it. With his strength, he couldn’t find a place to eat.

Long Fei locked the door and left the village in the city. At the entrance of the university, he happened to see a group of people holding a job fair.

This will be the day when the freshman year is about to start and the day when the seniors graduate.

There are many senior students who have not found a suitable job yet, or live in the school dormitory, or live in the village in the city.

Every day, there will be various factories, hotels, and companies setting up recruitment booths here.

Of course, those who can come to the door actively are bad jobs.

If it is a good company, students can’t get in if they break their brains.

Long Fei doesn’t care, no matter what the job is, as long as someone wants him.

He turned around before the recruitment announcement, and one house was full of people.

He went over and read, The bulletin board says it is for the recruitment of security.

Five social insurance and one housing fund, four days off each month, monthly salary of 3,000 yuan.

A group of college students lined up for a security post.

He smashed his tongue and asked a buddy in front of him, “Dude, are you students of Binhai University?”

The tall man with handsome brows, chewing gum, nodded and said, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Long Fei was puzzled, “I looked at it. This company hires security guards. How come so many college students want to be security guards?”

The buddy smiled and patted Long Fei on the shoulder and said, “Little brother, don’t you understand? You just saw the position of the security guard, didn’t you see the company above?”

Long Fei looked at his eyes and frowned, “You mean the Lin Group?”

The buddy nodded and said, “Yes, the Lin Group is a Fortune 500 company in the world. Not to mention the security guards, even those sweeping the floor will be rushed to go.

Also, in the office building of the Lin Group, the female white-collar workers are more beautiful than the other! Half of the beauties in the city were gathered in by them.”

“thank you!”

Long Fei smiled dryly and followed a group of college students in line, trying to try his luck in the past.

Everyone was holding documents, but he didn’t bring anything.

When it was his turn, the interviewer glanced at him and asked him, “Where is your information?”

Long Fei hurriedly said, “I am in a hurry, there is no printing!”

The man asked him, “Are you a graduate of this year?”

Long Fei shook his head, “I’m from a suburban county. I just graduated from high school this year!”

When the surrounding college students heard it, they laughed out loud.

They showed mocking expressions, thinking that a high school student would dare to compete with them for a position.

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