Chapter 3 Landlord Sister

Long Fei put away the note, looked at the string of numbers on it, and couldn’t help but smile.

He doesn’t have a cell phone now, let alone WeChat.

A smart phone is worth thousands of yuan, which Long Fei can’t afford now.

He got off the bus at Binhai University Station. It was before the summer vacation. The students did not start school and looked very deserted.

Long Fei glanced at the gate of the university, feeling mixed.

If your family conditions are better, you should prepare your luggage and come here to go to school.

He bypassed the university and went to the back door.

This is the largest urban village in Binhai City, filled with family hotels, restaurants, and Internet cafes.

The people in a village depend on this university for their support.

With 20,000 students per year, the consumption power can be imagined.

There are still a lot of houses in this club. Long Fei walked away for a while. On the walls of the two or three-storey small courtyards, there were things for rent everywhere.

Long Fei stood at the door of his family and looked around, planning to rent one at random.

He is a bachelor, it doesn’t matter where he rents.

At this time, a woman in her thirties was riding an electric bike and brought a little girl from him.

She didn’t walk far, then stopped and asked Long Fei, “Are you renting a house?”

Long Fei nodded.

The woman greeted with a smile, “Come to my house, my house is still empty. If you rent now, I will give you a discount!”


Long Fei smiled and saw that the woman was kind and good-looking, and followed her two steps into the alley and into the courtyard of the third house.

She parked the electric car and let her daughter get out of the car.

After she took off the outer windshield, she revealed a black tunic skirt.

The upper body is plump and round, the thighs are slender, and a large wavy curl is ironed, with light makeup, red lips and full of femininity.

She turned her head and saw Long Fei standing silly, and greeted him, “Don’t be stunned, there are houses on the second and third floors. Choose one by yourself.

The third floor is bigger, one thousand yuan. Smaller on the second floor, five hundred yuan.

Electricity costs one yuan once, and water costs ten yuan a month. The toilet on the second floor is shared, and remember to flush after using the toilet! “


Long Fei went up to the second floor, opened the room on the sun side and took a look. The rent here is indeed not expensive.

He moved waste bottles and cartons in a high-end apartment.

The people living there are white-collar workers, and the rent for a month is at least three thousand yuan.

Although the room here is a bit small, he lives in a bachelor, which is enough.

High heels clattered on the stairs.

The landlady came up and stood at the door and asked him, “How is it, is the house still good?”

Long Fei nodded, “This is it!”

Inside the room, a bed, a desk, and a vanity mirror hung on the wall.

In addition, there is no set of bedding.

The landlady asked curiously, “What do you do? Do you go to school here?”

Long Fei shook his head, “I’m not going to school, I just came to the city and haven’t found a job yet!”

The landlady said, “Then you have to find a job quickly, I don’t like arrears of rent here!”

Long Fei looked at her seriously, “Don’t worry, I won’t owe you money!”

The landlady covered her mouth and smiled, “Just kidding, don’t be so serious! My name is He Yan, and you can call me sister Yan from now on.”

“My name is Long Fei!”

Long Fei chuckled, feeling that the landlord was quite enthusiastic.

He took out five hundred from the bag and handed it to her, “This is the rent!”

He Yan took the money and said to him, “Come down, and I will give you a receipt. I have some bedding that others don’t want, I have washed them. Do you mind, use it!”

“Thank you sister Yan!”

Long Fei was worried about buying the quilt, and he just had a bedding, so he wouldn’t dislike others using it.

It’s better to sleep on the street these past two days.

He Yan lives on the first floor, a house with three bedrooms and one living room.

The inside was very clean, with the smell of woman’s perfume.

After Long Fei entered, He Yan’s daughter ran up and poured him a cup of tea sensibly.

Long Fei took a sip, touched her head and said thank you.

The little girl laughed very sweetly, and introduced herself, “Uncle, my name is Tiantian, He Tiantian!”

Long Fei frowned, wondering if this little girl took her mother’s last name?

He Yan gave him a receipt, saw his doubts, and said openly, “Don’t frown, her dad and I divorced last year, she followed my last name!”


Long Fei touched his head, a little embarrassed.

He Yan went to the back room, took him out with a set of bedding, handed him a chuckle, “Relax, don’t keep your face sullen! From now on, I will be your sister. If you need help, please sue me. I will help!”

Long Fei nodded and went out holding the bedding.

He took a breath, facing such a beautiful young woman, he couldn’t bear it.

After having a silly relationship with that strange woman last night, it seemed to have tasted a bite of the cake, and always wanted to take another bite.

With the house, Long Fei laid the bedding, mopped the floor, wiped the table, and bought some toiletries on the street.

After a short while it was getting dark, he lay in bed and rested, preparing to start looking for a job tomorrow.

Before, he was sleepy after a day of running.

Today is weird, his body is full of strength, there is no feeling of sleepiness.

After falling asleep, Long Fei was in a dream and saw a five-clawed dragon, breaking out of his body.

The dragon stepped on the void and rose into the sky. It was a hundred meters long and was bound by nine black mysterious iron chains. It was as weird as it was weird.

It shuttled among the clouds, flashing electric lights all around.

The whole body’s green scales flashed with a frightening cold light, as if desperately trying to break free of the chains on his body, and constantly rolled in the clouds.

With a torch, as if to see through the void.

Open his mouth and roar, as if the world is about to collapse.

With a wave of the claw, it seemed to tear the space apart.

Finally, there was a loud noise.

The iron chain on its body was snapped with a bang.

Long Fei’s body trembled, and he turned over and sat up in shock, sweating all over.

“Fuck, how come you have a nightmare?”

He picked up the mineral water on the table and drank half a bottle, opened the window and breathed a cool breeze.

This summer, there is no electric fan in the house, which is really difficult.

Downstairs, there was a scolding curse at this moment, “Asshole, this is my house. If you don’t leave, I will call the police!”

Long Fei listened curiously for a while, and faintly cried sweetly.

He frowned, thinking that it was a gangster who came and made trouble, and immediately ran down the stairs to help.

Downstairs, a man stood.

He was drunk, dressed in a flowered shirt and big pants, and he was airy.

Long Fei came, and he pointed at Long Fei and yelled, “Okay, He Yan. I’ll just say why you are so anxious to ask me to leave, so you have a wild man at home!”

He Yan shouted angrily, “Fuck off, don’t talk nonsense, he is the tenant here!”

“A fool believes you!”

The man cursed, pointing at Long Fei and shouting, “Cao Nima, you dare to seduce Father’s wife here, do you know who Father is?”

Long Fei frowned and snorted coldly at him, “Keep your mouth clean, Sister Yan and I just met!”

“Yeah, you are pretty handsome!”

The man looked around with his legs and feet unsteadily, found a brick from the corner, pointed at Long Fei and cursed, “Fuck, can you give me a cross if there is a kind?”

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