Chapter 20: One Move to Control the Enemy

Everyone present got up excitedly and immediately squeezed forward to register.

Only Long Fei and Chu Feng sat still.

Pu Jie was in front and gave them an unexpected look.

He is very active. From the beginning, he came for this overseas job quota.

College students who just graduated are only 22 years old.

After five years of hard work, more than 300,000 yuan a year.

At that time, everything will have capital.

Geng Zhong asked everyone to sign in. He used to sit beside Long Fei and Chu Feng and asked them, “You two, are you Long Fei and Chu Feng?”

The two said in surprise, “The manager remembers us?”

Geng Zhong smiled and said, “Of course, I recruited you!

During the training, I also heard your instructor Zhou mention you. Say that your training results are the best among these candidates.”

The two laughed humbly, but they didn’t expect the big devil to think so highly of them.

Geng Zhong continued, “Are you not planning to go to Africa?”

Long Fei honestly said, “Manager, I still have an elderly grandfather in my family who needs to take care of. I am afraid that I can’t go far away from home. If something happens to old man, I can’t forgive myself. So, I want to stay and work in our city!”

Chu Feng followed nonsense, “I’m in the same situation as Brother Long. The family has old man, and a small sister to take care, and there is no way to travel far.

Therefore, I hope the manager will arrange us into the head office. Stand guard at the head office and guard everyone’s safety!”

“Well, I will consider it carefully!”

A trace of disappointment flashed across Geng Zhong’s face.

After he got up, waited for everyone to register, and walked away with a group of people.

Fang Ming greeted everyone, “Everyone, go back and pack up, and there will be a car to take everyone back to the city.

If you are hired by the company, the company will send text messages to tell you about the entry.

Finally, I wish you all success in your future work and disband!”

In the classroom, there was thunderous applause.

Although it was only a short week, many people have forged a deep friendship.

A group of big boys hug each other and bid farewell, and Long Fei and Chu Feng do the same with the fat three in the dormitory.

Everyone’s eyes are blushing, and I don’t know when we can get together again.

The crowd gradually dispersed, and Long Fei and Chu Feng’s group were about to go back to the dormitory to pack their things.

Pu Jie led someone to block them and said to them, “This week, we have no chance to fight. Now we are leaving, let’s have a match!”

Chu Feng smiled lightly, “Pu Jie, do you know? The instructor didn’t let us fight because he was protecting you! Otherwise, you would have been killed!”

Pu Jie twitched the corners of his mouth, and said coldly, “Don’t be a hero, it doesn’t matter who is dead or who lives!”

Chu Feng was still quarreling. Long Fei stopped him, and said to Pu Jie, “See you on the training ground when you finish packing things!”


Pu Jie raised his head proudly and led a group of people to make way.

The matter of the two of them to discuss, quickly spread throughout the crowd.

Anyway, the car that picked up the people hadn’t come over yet, and we all went to the training ground to watch the excitement together with big bags.

On the training ground, Pu Jie stood on the grass with his hands folded and closed his eyes to rest up his spirits.

This account is kept up to now.

He wanted to compete with Long Fei a long time ago, not because of anything else, but because he felt that Long Fei had grown too fast.

At the time of the fight that day, Long Fei only relied on brute force in the fight, and did not know any tricks.

In just a few days, he learned the gossip from Zhou Zhenglong’s body.

In this fight, Pu Jie was worried that when he met again, he would already look up to the hillbilly from the village.

After Long Fei and Chu Feng came over, the crowd stepped aside.

He and Park Jie,

Stand three meters away.

Chu Feng reminded him in his ear, “This guy should have great legs, pay attention!”

Long Fei nodded, learning a lot of martial arts terms from Chu Feng these days.

In the distant teaching building, two people stood on the top of the building, staring at the group of people from a distance with binoculars.

One was Zhou Zhenglong, the other was older, dressed in a white Tang suit, with white beard and hair, and he felt like a fairy style.

He asked Zhou Zhenglong, “Is this the Wu Xiuzi you mentioned?”

Zhou Zhenglong said, “Yes, grandpa. This guy doesn’t know what kind of school he came from, and his internal strength seems endless. He learns things very quickly, and his understanding is quite high.”

He knew that Long Fei was going to fight Pu Jie, so today he specially brought his grandfather Zhou Yunshen over.

The old man is a direct descendant of Baguaquan, and his current cultivation is already in the late stage of the master.

Now I am at home and I am fine at my martial arts hall to teach my disciples twice.

In the past few days, he heard his grandson talk about Long Fei, curious, and came over to take a look.

Let’s not talk about anything else, Long Fei’s high-level training really makes the old man like it.

He asked Zhou Zhenglong, “Grandson, what do you think will end the battle?”

Zhou Zhenglong said, “At least ten tricks!”

The old man smiled, “I guess there are only three ways!”

Zhou Zhenglong frowned and said, “Grandpa has such a high evaluation of him?”

The old man said, “I have taught disciples all my life, this can still be seen!”

Zhou Zhenglong smiled, “Then I am going to gamble with Grandpa!”

The two stared at the court.

Long Fei stretched out his hand and made a gesture, and said lightly to Pu Jie, “Let’s get started!”

Pu Jie’s foot slammed on the ground, and the ground sank in.

He sneered at Long Fei, “You are going to beaten by the 24 kicks of our Pu family, and it’s your good fortune!”

He kicked with his right foot, A puddle of sand scattered towards Long Fei.

Chu Feng cursed angrily on the sidelines, “Pu Jie, you are deceiving!”

The Fat San group also yelled at them, and everyone around them showed a trace of contempt for Pu Jie.

Long Fei bent over and blocked the sand with his hands.

Pu Jie stepped up on the ground, and a flying kick hit Long Fei’s head.

He absorbed Zhou Zhenglong’s actual combat skills, and used “skillfulness” to deal with such a powerful opponent like Long Fei.

When he came, there was no secret trick to say.

His feet, extremely fast and aggressive, were about to hit Long Fei.

With a lift of both hands and a bow, Long Fei suddenly slammed into him like a bull.

With a bang, the arms and feet hit each other.

Pu Jie’s legs had inner strength, and the strength on his feet was enough to kick a small tree in half.

Long Fei’s body seemed to be an air bag, and his lower abdomen swelled suddenly, and a huge rebound suddenly burst out, slapped Pu Jie out like a sea wave.

Pu Jie’s right leg squatted and his knee joint bends, almost shattered.

With a puff, Pu Jie rolled to the ground.

His hip was sore, his sore teeth clenched, and he struggled for a long time without standing up.

Long Fei looked at him faintly, as if looking at a child, and managed him with such an easy trick.

The group of people around was taken aback for a moment, then applauded like thunder and hissed, “Long Fei wins!”

“Long Fei wins!”

“Long Fei wins!”

Chu Feng’s group of people passed over happily, lifted Long Fei and threw it high into the air.

On the top of the building, Zhou Zhenglong and Grandpa smiled bitterly at each other.

None of them guessed right, Long Fei was stronger than they thought.

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