Chapter 2 Dragon Blood Plus Body

The owner of the small hotel, a man with a big belly, seemed to take care of this kind of thing.

He gave Long Fei the key to his room, went to the drawer and took out a cover, and told Long Fei, “Brother, drunk women are prone to accidents, you can relax!”

Long Fei couldn’t laugh or cry and didn’t explain to him.

He didn’t take the thing, and carried the woman to the room on the second floor.

The boss shook his head and sighed, “Now that the waste pickers got lucky, he can soak up such a superb woman. Someday I will also check the waste!”

In the room, Long Fei put the woman on the bed.

He closed the door, took off his T-shirt, and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

The wound on the head was scabs, but the jade pendant on the neck was broken.

According to his grandfather, this jade pendant was what his parents held when they died.

That day, his parents went fishing.

Encountered a storm, both died.

His grandfather has found someone to appraise it, and the jade pendant is not a good material, just an ordinary stone.

Blue crystal stone with a little red heart in the middle.

Long Fei looked at the jade pendant carefully, and the red heart in the middle was gone, just like other places, all transparent.

He frowned, held his chest out, and took a look in the mirror.

Previously, he was clearly hit by a knife, and now except for the blood around him, no wounds can be seen.

When he touched it with his hand, the wound was smooth.

“Weird, what is going on?”

Long Fei was at a loss. He hadn’t thought of a reason yet, and suddenly there was a pop outside.

He put away the jade pendant, and when he went out to see, the woman rolled off the bed, scratching her body with her hands back and forth, crying out in pain, “It’s so hot, help me!”

“What happened to you?”

Seeing her like this, Long Fei didn’t know what was going on, stepped forward and carried her to the bed.

The woman didn’t speak, she put her arms around his neck and put her red lips on his mouth.

Long Fei wanted to break away, but the woman’s hands were tight.

Her body is soft and scented.

Long Fei’s long legs are entangled, just like a wild horse.

Long Fei, a young man in his early twenties, how could he stand this.

The two pushed each other and rolled together in a muddle.

One night, Long Fei felt dizzy and let the woman toss.

When he woke up, the woman had already left.

The perfume smell on her body remained on the bed, and a scarlet rose bloomed on it, brightening Long Fei’s dog’s eyes.

He whispered in his heart, “No, it’s still in place?”

There was a stack of money on the cabinet, and a note was pressed underneath, “Thank you for saving me, now we will never meet each other!”

Long Fei rubbed his eyebrows, stunned.

He counted the money on the table.

Good girl, there are more than two thousand yuan.

“What’s this!”

He was confused and felt as if he had been prostituted.

“You can sleep with me, but you can’t insult my self-esteem!”

Long Fei whispered angrily, took the money, and went out with his plastic bag on his back.

Now is the time when he is short of money, don’t do it for nothing.

In the waste station on the edge of the city, an old man poured Long Fei’s plastic bottle on the ground.

After counting, there are more than three hundred.

There are more than a dozen glass bottles, all of which are broken and cannot be counted as money.

He counted thirty yuan and handed it to Long Fei.

Long Fei shook his head and smiled, “Uncle Mu, I don’t need this money anymore, I think it is a gift for you!”

He only knew the old man’s last name, Mu, and didn’t know anything else.

“what happened?”

Uncle Mu frowned.

Long Fei said, “I plan to change my way of life!”

People go up high,

The water flows down.

Long Fei didn’t want to live by picking up bottles all his life. He was always dirty every day, and even a girl didn’t dare to tease him.

Uncle Mu showed his admiring eyes, patted his shoulder and said, “Aspiration is a good thing. Picking up rubbish is really not a good job. Work hard, I am optimistic about you!”

“Thank you!”

Long Fei turned and left, feeling particularly good.

After twenty years, I finally got rid of the identity of a virgin last night.

Although he didn’t even know the name of that beauty, he felt enough.

These days, he has learned the skills of survival.

In Binhai City, there is a Binhai University.

Surrounding the university city is the village in the city, which is also the cheapest place to rent a house in Binhai City.

When he was eating a roadside stall, he asked several people, all of whom were renting there.

After leaving the garbage station, Long Fei got on the bus, planning to rent a house there first, and then find a job with peace of mind.

He has strength and can endure hardship.

The people in the city, not what he thought, are all sitting in the office, playing computer work.

Some dirty work is exhausting but still capable.

There were a lot of people on the bus. After Long Fei got up, he didn’t worry about where there was no stop.

These city people think he is dirty.

Seeing him, they all hid away, with expressions of disgust on their faces.

Long Fei didn’t care, he was already taken care of when he picked up the bottle.

He went to the back door and found a place to stand. There was a girl in a high school uniform standing beside him, raising her head to smile at him.

She didn’t dislike Long Fei, but it was beyond Long Fei’s accident.

The girl is young, with very white skin, melon seeds, big eyes, and long eyelashes, she is very pure.

Long Fei avoided her gaze, afraid that he would be regarded as a hooligan, so he didn’t dare to look more.

At the next stop, a young man came up.

He was livid, dyed yellow hair, pierced earrings, tattooed on his arms, and his clothes were tight.

He went to stand behind, saw the girl, his eyes flashed suddenly, and stood behind the girl while whistling.

There are a lot of places to stand beside her. He doesn’t stand, but is close to the girl.

The girl blushed and moved aside.

That guy, he moved aside.

After the bus moved, his body rubbed against the girl from time to time as the bus swayed.

The girl bit her lip, she almost cried when she looked, she looked left and right, and wanted someone to help him.

When the people nearby saw it, they didn’t want to be nosy, so they avoided her eyes.

Huang Mao has become more courageous, with his right hand up, and put it on the girl’s shoulder.

The girl looked at Long Fei and tried to ask him for help.

Knowing what she was thinking, Long Fei moved behind her and slammed Huang Mao away.

Huang Mao almost fell, his face pulled, and he raised his head and cursed at him, “Fucking asshole, who did you hit?”

Long Fei glared at him and said coldly, “Did your mother not teach you how to be a human?”

Huang Mao is only 1.7 meters tall, a head lower than him.

He was pressed by Long Fei’s momentum, pointed at Long Fei, and snorted coldly, “Okay, wait, don’t let Father see you again!”

When the bus arrived at the next stop, Huang Mao stared at Long Fei and got off the bus.

Just as one foot was about to step out of the bus door, Long Fei kicked behind him.

Huang Mao’s small physique was directly kicked out, lying heavily on the ground, throwing out his nosebleeds.

Before he got up, the bus drove away.

The people in the bus all smiled and cast their approving eyes at Long Fei.

The girl stood in front of Long Fei, and she snorted, and she thanked him, “Thank you, big brother!”

“You are welcome!”

Long Fei smiled, and stood with the girl.

When there were seats next to them, both of them stood stupidly, and no one went to sit.

The bus said, “Next stop, Binhai No. 8 Middle School, please go to the back door for those comrades who are going to get off the bus.”

After the girl heard it, she raised her eyebrows and quickly took out the pen and paper from her backpack.

After the car stopped by the stop sign, she tore a page from her notebook, stuffed it with Long Fei, blushing and hurried out of the car.

He reads on the paper, “My name is Su Yiyi and I am in the third year of the eighth middle school. This is my WeChat ID, remember to add me!”

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