Chapter 19 The Demon King Counseled

Halfway through the story, the big devil asked everyone, “What kind of opponent do you think I am?”

Without even thinking about it, everyone opened their mouths, “Strength type!”

The big devil shouted, “Wrong, strength and skill type!

In the face of such an opponent, you can only beat him if you have greater strength and more proficient skills than him.

Or, you can use weapons to make up for your shortcomings.

However, let me remind everyone. In a society ruled by law, it is best not to use knives and guns when fighting!

Won and went to jail, and lost and went to hospital. If you can bear it, you can endure it, and peace is your priority!”

A group of people laughed.

Someone asked, “Instructor, what should we do if someone else uses the knife?”

The Great Demon said earnestly, “Remember, no matter how high martial arts are, you should be afraid of kitchen knives. Don’t think that you are a magical body protector.

When you meet this kind of person, you can hide if you can. If you can’t hide, it’s better to find someone to confront the enemy. Don’t fight him with your bare hands!”

He clapped his hands, stood up, pointed at Long Fei and yelled, “Nagging for a long time, let’s move your body before the end! Long Fei, you go out and fight with me!”


Long Fei looked depressed, did not recruit him, did not provoke him, he was still eyeing him.

Chu Feng turned his head to encourage him, “The opportunity is here, hit him!”

Long Fei nodded and stepped forward after leaving the queue.

His physique is similar to that of the Great Demon King.

The skin of his body was bronze, whiter than that of the Great Demon King.

After the big devil held his hands, he shouted confidently, “Do it!”

Long Fei made a move, shook his fist according to the method of confronting the enemy evolved in his head, waited for the big devil’s footsteps to draw a circle, and quickly raised his foot to kick him.

There was a hint of surprise on the big devil’s face, and he also made a circle under his feet, making a sudden move with his hands.

Under the leadership of Chu Feng, a group of students roared, “Long Fei, come on!”

“Long Fei, come on!”

“Long Fei, come on!”

During these two days of devil training, it seems that everyone wants to see the big devil be beaten, and even Long Fei’s opponent Pu Jie yelled.

The two fist together, one gesture is a dozen moves.

The dust on the ground was splashing, the fists collided with each other, and the beating banged.

Chu Feng could see that what the Great Demon King started to use was just the usual gossip moves, nothing unusual.

But as Long Fei continued to attack, he gradually used the secret method of the Eight Diagrams Gate.

The hands turned into a row of phantoms in the end, banging at Long Fei, as if the hands of eight people were shot at the same time.

A huge force struck Long Fei by surprise.

The body shook suddenly and flew backwards.

“Come again!”

Long Fei got up from the ground and wanted to fight again.

After the big devil lost his hands, he took the initiative to say, “Okay, I will practice here today. Tomorrow, I will officially teach you martial arts!”

He found that this kid’s understanding of learning things was elevated.

Just now, I played several secret methods of gossip boxing, all of which were copied by this kid’s cottage.

If you continue to fight, the secret of your own body will not be passed on, but Long Fei will finish learning.

The students laughed and booed, “The instructor admits it, and the instructor admits it!”

The big devil was unexpectedly lifeless, shouted and disbanded, leaving Long Fei and Chu Feng as usual.

After the crowd dispersed, Chu Feng stayed still in a dormitory.

The big devil went over and shook his head at Fat Sans, letting them go first.

He walked over and stared at Long Fei and Chu Feng said, “Okay, here are the three of us. You two honestly explain, which school are you disciples?”

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at each other and looked at each other emotionally. The Great Devil regarded them as thieves stealing martial arts.

Long Fei was the first to say, “Instructor, I am not a disciple, I am here to apply for a security guard!”

Chu Feng followed,

“Yes, what kind of school? Is there any school in this society now?”

“You two don’t be poor with me!”

The big devil blackened his face and pointed at them and cursed, “I don’t care what your origins are, I will leave your words here today. If you want to enter the Lin Group to make trouble, I will not forgive you first!”


Long Fei and Chu Feng held back a smile, and let out a dry howl.

After the Great Devil left, the two grinned and laughed.

Chu Feng exclaimed, “Hey, Brother Long, you can give everyone a sigh today. Look at the aggrieved look of the Great Devil, it’s a fucking relief!”

Long Fei smiled and asked him curiously, “Brother Feng, you said that the Great Devil is an instructor, why do you care about the Lin Group so much?”

Chu Feng said, “You don’t understand this, right? The Zhou family and the Lin family are family friends, and the big devil is the Lin family’s bodyguard. I look at him, and it should be interesting to your president’s wife!”

He patted Long Fei on the shoulder and said, “Dear Brother, your competitors are very strong!”

Long Fei smiled bitterly, and Chu Feng just said it was true.

It’s dark and dawn. In the next few days, everyone will learn literature in the morning and martial arts in the afternoon.

At the greeting of the Great Devil, fifty people were selected, and in the end only twenty people were left.

Most people choose to quit. It is easy to stick to one day, but difficult to stick to a week.

Long Fei was delighted in his heart, and could use one or two tricks from the devil every day.

As long as the big devil wants to make gestures with people, he immediately stands up.

In the end, he forced the Demon King to use the untransmitted secrets of the Eight Diagrams Palm, the Eight Diagrams Footwork, and the Eight Diagrams Link Palm.

Long Fei learnt and used, and by the last day, he could already draw a tie with the big devil.

At the end of the week’s training, the chef at the restaurant finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The pig can finally eat a full meal.

In other dormitories, some people quit.

Only Long Fei’s dormitory, all eight people are there.

The next day, the whistle sounded.

The big devil did not appear, but Fang Ming came over to call everyone and sit down together in the lecture hall.

A group of people talked about it, saying that the Lin Group was going to have a showdown with everyone.

Sure enough, Fang Ming greeted a middle-aged man to come in.

This person is the interviewer who recruited Long Fei.

He stood on the podium, looked around at everyone, smiled at a group of people, and said, “Congratulations, everyone, you went to the end.

My name is Geng Zhong, and I am the deputy manager of the personnel department. For your future work, I will arrange the distribution.

I believe you already know that our company’s plan is to recruit everyone to develop in Africa.

You will serve as our company’s security personnel, accompanied by technical personnel and colleagues in the marketing department.”

He paused, and the crowd suddenly roared.

I’ve heard this a long time ago, and when I heard Geng Ming say it with my own ears, everyone’s faces were indescribably excited.

Geng Ming waited for everyone to calm down, beckoned, and continued, “I believe everyone is most concerned about salary.

In this regard, please rest assured that the salary offered by the Lin Group is definitely one of the best in the country.

Everyone starts to calculate the salary from the formal contract.

30,000 per month, five social insurance and one housing fund, and one week holiday each year, you can return to China to visit relatives.

The contract is signed for a total of five years. After five years, if you wish, you can continue to renew the contract.

Of course, at the end of the year, the company will give everyone year-end awards, outstanding employee awards, and so on.

So, I would like to ask everyone to think about it. If there is no problem, you can sign up with me now!”

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