Chapter 18 Martial Arts Talent

Fat San stayed with the other five people to accompany them, and Long Fei asked them to eat first.

They didn’t listen, they stood up like soldiers.

It is a great honor for them to endure hardship with brothers.

For half an hour, the cafeteria was sparsely populated, and the crowd dispersed.

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at the time and took the brothers into the canteen together.

This time, the chefs in the canteen were more attentive.

Knowing that they were coming, he put a big pot on the table for them in advance.

Eight people, a pot of hot vegetables, a pot of cold dishes, and a pot of rice.

Today, I burned black rice porridge, and there was half a bucket left, and the masters brought them over.

The group of Long Fei and Chu Feng laughed and shouted thanks to the masters.

The masters asked, “When will you finish the training?”

“Five days!”

Long Fei reached out and gestured.

The masters laughed teasingly, “That’s over, the pigs in my backyard have been hungry for five days!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng shrugged their shoulders and their mouths grew a little bigger.

It’s not a sin to eat, who wants unlimited food here!

Long Fei is worried now, how will he support himself when he returns?

It is estimated that the money earned every month is not enough to eat by myself.

A group of people ate dinner and went back to the dormitory to rest for an hour.

Zip outside, just a morning appetizer.

In the afternoon, there are also 400-meter obstacles and fighting training.

Chu Feng lay on the bed and looked in the mirror for a while, and then asked Long Fei, “Brother Long, besides security, what else do you plan to do in this life?”

Long Fei shook his head, staring at the bed board blankly.

Being a security guard is just a springboard for him to gain a foothold in this city, and it is also his first job in life.

Do something else, he hasn’t thought about it yet.

Chu Feng said, “Your physical fitness is really a waste of being a security guard!”

Long Fei turned his head and stared at him, “Isn’t it a waste of your inner kungfu foundation to be a security guard?”

Chu Feng turned his head to look at him, and smiled at him, “Don’t be too literal, you know how much, and how can there be any internal martial arts!”

Long Fei asked him, “Then you sue me, why are you a security guard?”

Chu Feng said, “Of course it is for the beauties of the Lin Group? Don’t you believe it?”

Long Fei smiled, he is not a fool, of course he doesn’t believe it.

There are so many beauties, where can’t be engaged.

Besides, if you want to do it, you don’t need to be a security guard.

Chu Feng looked at him and wanted to say something, but at last he swallowed it back and suffocated, “Go to sleep, you have to train in the afternoon!”

He closed his eyes, and Long Fei closed too.

Who has no secrets in life!

However, the more time I spent with Chu Feng, the more secrets this kid had, and it became more and more unpredictable.

In the afternoon, the people in the dormitory were sleeping soundly.

With a roar in the corridor, the big devil yelled outside, “Get up, gather now!”

Everyone turned over and sat up in the mechanical department, and the bones they had exercised in the past two days were about to fall apart.

When I lay down, my muscles ached.

After Long Fei and Chu Feng got up, Fat San and three second-story brothers rolled on the bed for a long time and couldn’t get off.

The two looked at them and hugged them directly.

Fat San Shao said that he also weighed 180 and was held by Long Fei as if he were a little girl.

He was secretly surprised, seeing Long Fei’s relaxed look, he suspected that he was a weightlifter retired.

A group of people stood outside and followed the big demon to the training ground.

The team is far from the spirit of yesterday. After these two days of hard training, it is already very good to be able to walk.

Everyone stood in line on the lawn. The Demon King looked at them and sneered, “What’s the matter, I can’t stand it?”

The crowd did not say anything.

The Great Demon continued to shout, “Can you still hold on?”


The crowd screamed.

The Great Demon said fiercely, “If you can, I can cheer up. This is just the beginning. Look at what you look like, one by one, like deserters who have been defeated!”

Everyone smiled and straightened their bodies slightly.

The big devil took off his coat, revealing his explosive muscles, and said to everyone, “I will let you rest this afternoon. Let’s combine work and rest!

In your group of miscellaneous fish, aren’t there a few who like to fight?

Let’s learn how to fight today? How to subdue your enemy in the fastest way!”

He pointed to a boy at the front of the team. The boy was about the same size as him, and he was thick.

After the boy got out of the queue, he ordered, “Come on, you come and punch me!”


The boy frowned.

The big devil shouted, “Ah what, I let you punch me, it’s best to use all your strength, just like you usually fight!”

The boy was so excited, he wanted to beat the devil for a long time.

He moved his shoulders, and he could see that there should be a lot of fights at ordinary times, all in a standard fighting posture.

He slid his left foot, suddenly stepped forward, twisted his waist, and drove his right fist to hit the big devil with a swing.

The big devil stood still, not waiting for the boy’s swing to hit his head.

His body was suddenly on one side, his right foot stepped forward, his right hand stretched out, and his shoulder slammed into the boy’s chest.

The boy’s body, like a kite, flew out with a puff, and fell back heavily on the grass.

He repeatedly complained, “I knew it was not that simple!”

Everyone was squeezed by the Demon King, the layman watched the excitement and the expert watched the doorway.

Most people don’t know how the male student fell to the ground, only Chu Feng whispered in Long Fei’s ear, “Bagua Palm!”

Long Fei frowned and glanced at him.

He whispered, “Pay attention to his pace!”

The big devil pointed at the boy in front, and this time called two people to besiege him.

Two boys, one punches and the other kicks.

He is under siege, like a spinning top.

One still leaned against the shoulder and flew one against the back.

Two people, there is no point in him.

Listening to Chu Feng, Long Fei stared at the pace of the Great Demon King.

Sure enough, it’s not just arbitrarily moving around.

He turned around, his steps seemed to be a circle.

I don’t know why, he quickly disassembled this pace in his mind, and he also gave a countermeasure, as if a hacker was cracking the code.

After the two fallen boys returned to the team, the Demon King shouted at a group of people behind his hands, “Fighting is actually very simple, that is, hitting each other in the fastest time and at the least cost.

When fighting, we must learn to adapt to changes, never follow the old ways and pay attention to what tricks.

If we are facing a powerful opponent, we must learn to win by cleverness, and we must use every skill.

What is a coincidence?

Kick the crotch, pierce the eye, bit the ear, and hit the weakest part of the enemy’s body is a coincidence.

If facing a skill-based opponent, we must learn to win with strength and push the opponent horizontally.

What is force?

The physical strength of the body, the willpower in the head, the confidence in the heart.

If all three have been tempered to a certain level, you will be like a tiger in the mountains and forests, and your momentum alone can overwhelm the enemy.


All afternoon, the big devil was explaining theoretical knowledge to everyone.

A group of people were silent, all listening carefully, for fear of missing a word.

This kind of actual combat-based theoretical knowledge is not about fisting and embroidering, but also the martial arts on the Internet.

Long Fei’s eyes widened too, and his mind benefited a lot.

Every time the Great Demon said a sentence, it seemed that a picture could evolve in his mind, causing his whole muscles to shake.

He had never discovered before that he still had the talent for martial arts.

He has become like this since he got a knife in the chest.

Long Fei secretly doubted, what happened with that knife, stabbed himself like this?

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