Chapter 17 The Hero or the Bear

Fang Ming waited for a group of boys to finish, and asked everyone with a chuckle, “Is it beautiful?”

A group of people hissed loudly, “Beautiful!”

Fang Ming smiled, “Yes, our CEO is indeed very beautiful, only 23 years old this year!

She has just graduated from Harvard Business School and has served as the company’s president for less than a year, which has increased the company’s performance by 20%.

The men in the company regarded her as their goddess.

If you want to see her beautiful face, then work hard here and strive to become a full-fledged employee of the Lin Group as soon as possible!”

Everyone laughed, only Long Fei was dumb and stupid, and he never thought that the gap between him and this woman was so big.

Chu Feng seemed to see something, and asked him curiously, “Isn’t that the woman who slept with you is Lin Yingying?”

Long Fei remained silent and did not dare to consider this issue again.

He is even thinking about whether to go to Africa or not?

If you are a security guard in an office building, you will inevitably encounter Lin Yingying, and everyone will be embarrassed.

Fang Ming was talking on it, but he couldn’t hear a word in his head.

After class, everyone else left.

He sat in the same place without knowing the end of get out of class.

Chu Feng called him, stretched out his hand and shook his eyes, “What’s the matter, are you scared?”

Long Fei stood up, ashamed, “A bit!”

“Fuck, is she really?”

Chu Feng was frantic, and secretly said that in this world, there really is a pie in the sky.

Such a good thing, why didn’t it hit him!

Long Fei covered his mouth, walked out of the classroom with him, and exhorted, “You are not allowed to mention this in the future, I never said it, and you never heard it!”

Chu Feng exclaimed, “Why don’t you mention it, you’re scared, and you admit it?”

Long Fei did not speak.

Chu Feng said, “I know, your kid will admit it when it’s critical!

I sue you, don’t think too much. If you like it, chase it, if you can’t catch it, it will be hard. Don’t even dare to break the law, do you still dare to say you like her?”

Long Fei vomited blood, sullen his head and said, “She is a CEO and I am a small security guard. The gap is too big!”

“What’s the matter with this?

How bold people are and how productive they are.

I support you chasing her. She is so rich, so they definitely don’t care if you have money! So, don’t worry about this. If your kid can get her on, our brother will have nothing to worry about in the future!”

Chu Feng’s endless teaching on the sidelines was more excited than he was chasing girls.

Long Fei didn’t listen to his nonsense, and there was a mess in his head.

One is in the sky and one is underground.

In his opinion, it is simply impossible.

After everyone went out, the big devil was already waiting outside.

A group of people stood in line, and the Demon King immediately screamed, “Miscellaneous fish, now we are starting a ten-kilometer cross-ground march.

Again, if you can’t hold on, you can quit now. The hero I need in my team is not a coward.

Do you want to be heroes or cowards?”



A group of people got up and shouted!

The big devil nodded in satisfaction, carried the red flag, walked at the forefront of the team, and howled at everyone, “company, follow me!”

The red flag flared, and a group of people ran out of the training center following him.

The great demon king is high-spirited, and it seems that he has recovered the feeling of a military camp.

After holding back here for two days, he suddenly came out, and Long Fei looked at the shade of the surrounding trees, feeling extremely comfortable.

This is outside the Fifth Ring Road, the road is very wide, and cars are not as crowded as the city center.

Everyone moved aside, trotting all the way against the sun.

An assistant instructor drove behind,

If anyone fainted, he immediately helped him into the car for emergency treatment.

Long Fei and Chu Feng ran very easily, and the ten-kilometer cross-country was like playing for them.

You know, when they came, they ran more than fifty miles all the way.

Long Fei could have used the luck method taught by Chu Feng, but he seemed to be torturing himself deliberately, doing nothing, only relying on the power of his body to move forward.

After a while, sweat dripped on his head.

Halfway through the march, most people couldn’t keep up with the big devil.

Chu Feng kept pulling the fat three of them from behind.

Fat San stared at Long Fei and asked in a low voice, “What happened to Long Boss today?”

Chu Feng smiled, “He miss girl!”

The fat three stared, “I think women should be happy? Why is Boss Long frowning?”

“He didn’t think of ordinary women!”

When Chu Feng looked at Long Fei, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the brother.

He ran forward and enlightened him, “Dare to compare with me?”

“What’s not to dare!”

Long Fei’s eyes finally let out a gleam of light.

Chu Feng said, “Okay, then let’s see who will go back first? Who loses, who treats to drink!”


Long Fei challenged.

Chu Feng greeted the Fat San and the others behind him, “Let’s go first, can you do it?”

“Let’s go, we can do it!”

The fat three made an OK gesture.

Chu Feng suddenly began to accelerate, really like the wind under his feet, at a speed similar to a 100-meter sprint.

Long Fei followed him closely, still using nothing, only relying on the explosive power of his flesh.

Like a wind, the two rushed up from the middle of the team, surpassed the big devil, and rushed forward.

According to the prescribed route, the road ends and then turns back exactly ten kilometers.

The two were not lazy, and after the end, they crossed the road and returned quickly.

A group of people in the team looked at them and shouted in surprise, “What’s wrong with these two? Are they stimulated?”

“Fuck, running so fast, are they not afraid of heatstroke!”

“They are deliberately challenging the devil, right?”

Fat three groups of people, On the other side, shouted excitedly at them, “Boss, come on!”

Pu Jie looked at them and wanted to compare with them.

Thinking that this is too stupid, it affects my glamorous image and didn’t follow.

It only took ten minutes for the two to finish the whole race.

After returning to the training center, they crossed the gate almost at the same time.

Long Fei went directly to the lawn at the door and laughed happily.

Chu Feng lay down beside him, and asked him, “How is it, unhappy?”

Long Fei yelled, “Not anymore!”

Chu Feng said, “Are you still depressed?”


Long Fei shook his head.

Chu Feng asked him, “Dare you chase her?”

Long Fei looked at the sky, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Dare!”

Chu Feng patted him on the shoulder, and laughed happily, “This is my brother of Chu Feng, what a female president is. In the future, after we go to heaven, we will also tease fairies!”

Long Fei smiled, very fortunate to have met Chu Feng.

This brother is worthy of his friendship.

But that is, sometimes listening to him upside down, mouthful is unreliable.

The two waited for more than half an hour under the shade of the tree at the door, and the Demon King came back with a sparse group of people.

After they returned to the team, they thought the Great Devil would praise them.

Who knows, this guy opened his mouth and shouted, “Today, I want to criticize two people.

Although they are excellent, they are unorganized, undisciplined, and full of personal heroism.

So, the others disbanded for dinner. These two people stay, and then go in half an hour later!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at each other, and a group of crows flew past their heads.

Fuck, excellence is also a sin!

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