Chapter 16 The Law of Laughter

The morning sun rose and there was a harsh whistle in the corridor.

The big devil yelled outside, “Get up, gather!”

Everyone turned over and sat up, immediately put on their clothes and went out.

There were a few slow-moving players who were punished by the Demon King for a hundred push-ups before returning to the team.

Fang Ming stood by and smiled and said to everyone, “Starting from today, I will start to learn the corporate culture of the Lin Group every morning.

Everyone, go wash and eat first. At eight o’clock, our lecture hall in Building 1 will officially start!”

A group of people breathed a sigh of relief, and it was only seven o’clock.

After the disbandment, some people went back to the dormitory to continue their sleep, and some people went to eat breakfast after washing.

The culture class was not in charge of the big devil. The people in Long Fei’s dormitory didn’t get a penalty station, and wanted to go to the restaurant together.

Chu Feng didn’t go, and went back to the dormitory to clean up.

It’s more troublesome for him to wash, just like women, face first and then hair, just a dozen of cosmetics.

In the restaurant, the chef who served the meal, when they saw them coming, quickly reminded them to be careful not to let Long Fei take the pot away.

The training person is not the Lin Group.

When they finish the meal, no one else can eat it.

Breakfast is very simple, millet soup, pancakes, and a plate of pickles.

Long Fei wasn’t hungry enough to be interested in this stuff. He went over with the dinner plate and took a copy like everyone else and sat down at the table.

Fat San and the other brothers smiled, and whispered, “Boss, have you seen it? Just now, when you passed by, the chef’s hands were shaking!”

“Am I that scary!”

Long Fei gave them a blank look and finished the pancakes in two or three bites.

To be honest, my stomach doesn’t feel at all.

He got up, was about to take a copy for Chu Feng, and waited for him to come over for dinner.

A group of boys suddenly screamed.

Everyone turned their heads to look around, and saw Fang Ming greeted the two big beauties to come in, and after having breakfast for them, they sat down at a table next to Long Fei.

Those two beauties are Wang Xiaoya and Zhang Li.

The two of them came here early to send learning materials to these people, and have breakfast here by the way.

Both are in professional attire at work, black short skirts with stockings, high heels, long and straight thighs.

In the past two days, a group of boys have been suffocated here, seeing the sow’s eyes glowing green.

Suddenly, two big beauties appeared, and everyone stopped eating, looking straight at them, drooling.

As soon as Fang Ming left, all the boys were planning, ready to go and get close to the two beauties.

Long Fei is not interested in them. In his heart, he is only interested to the woman who slept with him.

He went to give Chu Feng a meal and was about to go back and sit down.

When passing by Wang Xiaoya’s table, Wang Xiaoya suddenly shouted, “Long Fei!”

Long Fei stopped and looked at her. He didn’t know what to say for a long time, and he suffocated the words, “Hello!”

Wang Xiaoya smiled, “Come and eat together!”

That day, she helped Long Fei.

Long Fei was embarrassed to refuse, and sat down with the dinner plate.

A group of boys whimpered, their expressions wishing to tear up Long Fei, the whole restaurant was sour for a while.

Chu Feng came in with a little tune at this time, and Long Fei quickly waved at him.

With this guy here, he can calm down a little bit.

Chu Feng grinned over and saw Zhang Li and Wang Xiaoya, a hint of surprise flashed across his face.

There was an empty table, so he didn’t sit anywhere, but sat beside Zhang Li.

Long Fei gave him the dinner plate and said to him, “I have eaten it, this is for you!”

Chu Feng took it and laughed and teased, “I thought you didn’t go back after eating. It turned out to be here to see beautiful women!”

Wang Xiaoya blushed, sullen her head and drank the rice soup.

Zhang Li gave him a blank look and said, “Are you finished? You can go now!”

Chu Feng exclaimed, “Why, this table is public, I like to sit here!”

Zhang Li bulged angrily, and pulled Wang Xiaoya, “I can’t eat this meal, let’s go back to the company!”

Wang Xiaoya glanced at Long Fei and was about to get up.

Chu Feng didn’t know where to get a hairpin and handed it to Zhang Li.

Zhang Li saw it and cried out in surprise, “Ah, why is my hair pin in your hands?”

She looked suspicious, as if looking at a little thief.

That day, when Long Fei went to ask her for questioning, she was sulking about the loss of her hairpin.

So she is angry to everyone.

This hairpin is customized by Chanel, and it costs thousands of yuans.

Chu Feng was eating, and said lightly, “I’ll help you find the hairpin. You don’t need to say thank you, and you don’t have to treat me as a thief?”

Zhang Li blocked her breath and asked him, “I obviously put it on my hair. If you didn’t take it, how could it fall off?”

Chu Feng calmly said, “Where did I know, I picked it up under the counter anyway. I really can’t do good things now, without thanks, I’ve been wronged, it’s really declining!”

“A ghost believes you!”

Zhang Li sighed and took Wang Xiaoya away.

Wang Xiaoya turned her head, embarrassedly Long Fei and Chu Feng grabbed her little hand and goodbye.

Everyone could have appreciated the beauties for a while, but Zhang Li ran away in anger. One can imagine the depression of a group of boys.

However, everyone here knows that Chu Feng and Long Fei are great.

Even if they are not happy, no one dares to go and find fault.

Long Fei was deeply suspicious of Chu Feng’s technique of teasing sisters, and asked him, “Are you sure that, you can tease Zhang Li?”

Chu Feng smiled faintly, “Don’t doubt your brother, the first step of the law of sultry sister: To make a girl fall in love with you, you must first attract her attention.

Whether it is good attention or bad attention, as long as you succeed in attracting her, you will be close to 50% of success!”

Long Fei grew his mouth wide, and felt that what he said was so reasonable, but he was speechless.

In school, those bad students often play tricks on the girls in the class.

Those girls not only don’t hate them, but like to play with them very much.

This is probably the law of making up sisters summarized by Chu Feng.

He waited for Chu Feng to finish eating, and went out together, and couldn’t help asking him, “How can I get the remaining 50%?”

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Simple, the second step of the law of sultry sisters: do what you like!”


Long Fei frowned, and did not understand.

Chu Feng patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, when we leave this ghost place, buddy will show you personally!”

They hooked their shoulders together and entered the lecture hall together.

There were already a lot of people sitting inside, and by eight o’clock, everyone was there.

Fang Ming entered the room, sent the information to everyone, and began to preach, “Now we are officially learning the corporate culture of the Lin Group. Everyone opens the first page. Let’s start with the establishment of the Lin Group.

The Lin Group started after the reform and opening up and was founded by Mr. Lin Lao.

When Mr. Lin started, there was only one fishing boat.

Relying on this fishing boat, Mr. Lin started marine transportation, which expanded year by year and made the Lin Group into its current scale…

Now, the chairman of our Lin Group is Lin Guoqiang, the eldest son of Mr. Lin Shirong.

The chief executive officer is Lin Yingying, the daughter of Mr. Lin Guoqiang.”

As he spoke, he opened the slide.

On the PPT, slide over a photo.

Everyone in the classroom couldn’t help but whimper, and they couldn’t help but yell.

In the photo, it is the current CEO, Lin Yingying.

She is wearing a professional black short skirt suit, with long legs and long shawl hair. She is standing on the podium of the top ten outstanding young people in Binhai City, looking forward with confidence.

Long Fei’s body shuddered and grabbed Chu Feng’s thigh.

Chu Feng gritted his teeth in pain, quickly removed his hand, and exclaimed depressed, “What’s wrong, don’t you need to be so excited?”

Long Fei’s head buzzed, and he couldn’t hear what he said.

The only thing in my mind is that night, the crazy and charming woman who pressed him under her.

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