Chapter 15 Eats Better Than Pigs

The other people finished their 400-meter obstacle training, and the sky was already dark.

The confrontation in Pu Jie, he did not appear.

After a group of people gathered, Zhou Zhenglong yelled, “You really disappointed me. It’s okay. Let’s play slowly.

Let me remind those present, some people reported that you are fighting in the dormitory.

This kind of behavior that corrupts discipline is absolutely forbidden by our team.

Whoever let me catch it will be fired immediately.”

The crowd talked, and Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at them in a daze.

Zhou Zhenglong quickly added, “Private fights are not allowed here, but open and honest contests are allowed. If you have grudges and grievances, you will bear with me, and I will give you a chance!”

He looked specifically at Pu Jie, then at Long Fei and Chu Feng.

The three of them sighed individually. They wanted to fight today, but now they see no chance.

After disbanding, Long Fei and Chu Feng were left again.

The two of them didn’t care either. They went early and didn’t have enough to eat. It’s better to go and settle the leftovers later.

Pu Jie passed by them and snorted coldly, “You are lucky, let you be arrogant for a few more days!”

Long Fei covered his ears, and said speechlessly, “Pu Jie, you know what, as soon as you speak, I want to kill you!”

Chu Feng laughed loudly when he was amused, and shouted at Pu Jie, “Hurry up, I’m afraid I can’t help but kill you!”

“You wait!”

Pu Jie’s face turned green with anger, clenched his fists, pointed at the two of them, and left with a group of people.

Fat San and the others stood with them, none of them left.

Zhou Zhenglong yelled, “The six of you are going to eat!”

Fatty Three said, “Instructors, we share the blessings and the difficulties, we are willing to stay!”

“Yes, we will eat together if there is suffering!”

“Instructor, please fulfill us!”

Zhou Zhenglong was moved, and he promised, “Okay, if you want to eat leftovers, then leave it!”

He turned and left, leaving eight people behind, all laughing brightly.

Half an hour later, Long Fei entered the restaurant together.

The chef didn’t know how it suddenly became normal. Put hot dishes in a pot and cold dishes in a pot, without being mixed with rice.

After Long Fei and the others passed, the chef knocked on the basin and ordered them, “Scoop out the food and eat it, don’t just put it in the basin!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng smiled and nodded, and put them on the table.

One person took a large bowl, and immediately activated his chopsticks after serving the meal.

Fat three people know that Long Fei and Chu Feng can eat.

When they were really sitting together for dinner, all six of them were frightened.

These two people are simply big stomach kings, they have not eaten a bowl of rice, Long Fei and Chu Feng have eaten three bowls.

Chicken stewed with potatoes, the two stuffed the meat into their mouths, without vomiting the bones, they just bite into them.

The two chefs bet each other, one said that they could not finish the rice in the pot.

As a result, the rice in the basin bottomed out in less than ten minutes.

Long Fei asked specifically, “Uncle, do you still have rice?”

“No more!”

The chef vomited blood and yelled, “Bring me my basin!”

Long Fei took the basin over and muttered, “If you don’t have it, there won’t be any, why are you so loud!”

He went back, and Chu Feng cleaned up the dishes.

Finally, a person in the dormitory wiped his mouth and left.

Two chefs stood behind, each cursing in a low voice, “Animals!”

Since the two came over, the pigs behind were obviously not getting enough to eat.

At night, rules are loose. Everyone can move around freely outside, but they cannot leave the gate of the training center.

Long Fei and Chu Feng did not return to the dormitory, but sat down in the small garden outside and smoked a cigarette.

Chu Feng looked around and said,

“Is this training center opened by a monk? Why can’t you even see the mother?”

Long Fei smiled and said, “It’s probably a coincidence that we came. I saw that there is a female dormitory over there, but unfortunately no one lives!”

Chu Feng asked him, “Dragon brother, are you still virgin?”

“Why are you asking this?”

Long Fei blushed, a little embarrassed.

Chu Feng said, “I have a set of skills, which can only be practiced by people who are virgin. I am not using it anymore, so I want to pass it on to you!”

Long Fei shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s embarrassing, actually not a virgin!”

Chu Feng laughed, “Good boy, I didn’t see it! Tell me honestly, which girl is she from? Does she look good?”

Long Fei looked up at the sky forty-five degrees, and the pretty figure of that woman floated in front of him.

He described to Chu Feng, “The girl has a very good temperament, a slender figure and a good appearance. Unfortunately, I don’t know her name or what she does. Sometimes, I always feel that night is like a dream!”

“One Night Stand!”

Chu Feng yelled, making Long Fei feel guilty, and quickly reached out to cover his mouth, for fear that others would hear it.

Chu Feng’s eyes widened and shouted at him, “I thought you are an honest person, but you actually play One Night Stand?”

Long Fei shook his head and said anxiously, “It’s not what you think. The situation that night was special, I didn’t want it!”

“Do you like her?”

Chu Feng asked him.


Long Fei nodded honestly and said seriously, “She is the first woman I slept. I am responsible for her, and I must marry her!”

Chu Feng reminded, “What if she has a husband?”


Long Fei shook his head and affirmed, “It’s also the first time for her, how can she have a husband?”

“No way?”

Chu Feng glared, beat his chest and yelled, “I have played with so many women, but there is no one a virgin! Your luck is too good, right?”

Long Fei threw away his cigarette butt and didn’t want to discuss this issue anymore.

When he thinks of that woman, his head hurts.

He got up and went back to the dormitory, and Chu Feng yelled from behind, “Let’s talk again, what kind of posture did you use that night? People are not satisfied? Would I teach you some tricks?”

In a villa complex in the city, Lin Yingying was looking at the financial report while holding a notebook, and suddenly sneezed again.

Lin Shanshan sat aside and nibbled an apple, stared at her up and down.

She raised her little foot, kicked her sister, the ghost smiled and asked her, “Sister, something is wrong with you these past few days?”

“what happened?”

Lin Yingying stared at the computer and ignored her.

Lin Shanshan said, “You don’t have a cold, but you sneeze suddenly. This proves that someone is thinking of you!”

Lin Yingying took a breath, closed her notebook, and taught Lin Shanshan a lesson, “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb!”

She took a sip of the milk and was about to go to the bedroom to sleep.

Lin Shanshan pestered her, followed her into the bedroom, jumped onto her bed, and asked her, “Sister, didn’t Grandpa say that before, I arranged a marriage for you.”

“He said that when the man found you, I will let you marry him.

I said if ah, if he did show up, would you marry him?”

“I will not marry, I will marry you to him!”

Lin Yingying knocked her head, raised her leg and got under the quilt, turning her back to her.

“This is what you said! If that guy looks handsome, you can’t grab it with me!”

Lin Shanshan giggled and hugged her from behind.

The little hand slid and touched her chest, and she cried out, “Wow, it’s so big!”

Lin Yingying opened her hand, ignored her, reached out and touched a jade pendant under her neck.

Grandpa said, this jade pendant has one male and one female.

The male is called dragon blood stone, and the female is called Phoenix blood stone.

With this jade pendant, you will have good luck and will not invade all evil.

He also said to let her marry the man with the dragon blood stone.

She was angry that day and threw the jade pendant at home, but was put to drug when she went out.

Thinking about it now, I really regret not listening to Grandpa.

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