Chapter 14 Brothers’ loyalty

For an hour, almost everyone insisted on running down.

There were five or six students with poor physique, and finally reluctantly quit, crying and being taken away by the instructor assistant.

Everyone has a sense of competition for the first time, and the feeling of failure is very hopeless.

Later, a dozen people did not have watermelon to eat, but there were enough mineral water pipes.

Zhou Zhenglong looked harsh, but knew the severity of training.

In this kind of weather, if they were to be punished again, they would have to kill them.

Everyone rested for half an hour and was taken to the starting point of the 400-meter obstacle.

Zhou Zhenglong glanced over everyone and shouted, “Very well, the miscellaneous fish that couldn’t hold on just now has already left. I hope that in the next week, more people will leave.

What the Lin Group wants is talents, not you.”

A group of people didn’t know why, they looked back at Long Fei and Chu Feng when they heard the word rice bucket.

The two were depressed for a while, whether they can eat something, when will they become synonymous with a meal.

Zhou Zhenglong said, “There is a 400-meter obstacle in front of you. Anyone who has served as a soldier knows that I would rather run 10 kilometers than 400 meters.

Let me do the correct demonstration for everyone first. After that, a team of people start training.”

He took off his clothes outside, revealing the camouflage vest inside.

A body with dark muscles, showing explosive beauty.

This is by no means a muscle exercised in the gym, but a strong one.

Every inch is full of power.

Long Fei and Chu Feng glanced, and wondered if they could bring him down if they faced the enemy.

Chu Feng estimated his combat effectiveness, and finally came to an impossible result, at least he couldn’t beat him yet.

He knelt down, and after the assistant’s scoop, he dashed forward like a leopard.

Every muscle in the body moves in a rhythm.

Five-step piles, leaping deep pits, flying low boards, high and low platforms, climbing ladders, climbing single wooden bridges, and drilling wire mesh

He is passing by in a flash, without the slightest sloppyness.

After completing the 400-meter race, the assistant was so excited that he was stuck in time, and shouted at the crowd, “One minute and twenty seconds, easily break the record!”

The crowd screamed, and now they dare not have any dissatisfaction with the big devil.

People speak with their strength, and they have this qualification.

Long Fei and Chu Feng were eager to try, and wanted to compare with the Great Demon King.

Pu Jie in front looked the same, and turned around and smiled at them.

The big devil came over, took the registration form, and shouted at everyone, “Okay, now it’s your group of miscellaneous fish.

Complete the course within 2 minutes and 30 seconds and pass.

Complete the course within 2 minutes and 10 seconds, good.

Complete the course within 2 minutes, excellent.

I will relax a little bit for you this time, as long as the pass fish, you can eat watermelon. Those who fail will drink water from water pipes!”

Everyone laughed, and soon calmed down. Everyone was very nervous.

Each team is divided according to the dormitory.

At the beginning of the first team, the instructor assistant was stuck in time, following them to continuously correct their movements.

This thing looks simple.

It is quite laborious to actually run.

If you don’t pay attention, it will fall off. Either it’s just over the wall and it won’t be over.

A group of people finished running sparsely.

Not to mention two points, it took a full ten minutes.

Zhou Zhenglong was not surprised by this result. It is good for people without training to run the entire distance.

He yelled at the second team, “Second team, come on! I hope you can get some big fish out of your group of miscellaneous fish!”

The second team is the team where Pu Jie is.

As soon as the whistle sounded, he stepped forward and rushed to the front.

When passing the five-step pile, make a point with your right foot and fly directly forward.

Zhou Zhenglong frowned, somewhat surprised.

Long Fei and Chu Feng shrugged their shoulders, knowing he would be like this.

Not only did they want to destroy Zhou Zhenglong’s power, but also Pu Jie.

However, the 400-meter field jumped and jumped.

When Pu Jie ran halfway, his breath began to become disordered.

His speed has dropped significantly.

When drilling steel wire mesh, because of his unskilledness, he was hooked several times on his clothes.

Finally, he ran down, and it took him two minutes and five seconds, which was quite powerful among the crowd.

After he returned, Zhou Zhenglong waved his head and said, “Go and eat watermelon!”

Pu Jie passed proudly, staring at Long Fei and Chu Feng and curled his mouth.

The third team went up, it was still sparse, and no one passed.

The fourth pair, barely past one.

The team of Long Fei and Chu Feng went up last.

The two nodded, and when the whistle sounded, they dashed forward with a group of people in the dormitory.

As the pit got deeper, the two of them stepped on the ground and jumped directly from the pit.

The fat guys shouted, “Boss, don’t leave us, we want to eat watermelon too!”

The two took a look, then pulled them up together.

The people in a dormitory, from now on, helped each other and rushed forward together.

Long Fei and Chu Feng wanted to challenge Zhenglong next week, but the two felt that eating watermelon together seemed more enjoyable than this.

A group of people in the dormitory, with the help of the two of them, speeded up a lot.

At the end of the run, after counting the time, it was all within two minutes and twenty-five seconds, almost failing.

As soon as the six fat people reached their heads, they rolled on the ground, panting heavily, looking like they were dying.

Zhou Zhenglong came over and pointed his head at them, “Go and eat watermelon!”

His voice softened unexpectedly, and the watching Long Fei and Chu Feng murmured, wondering what the big devil was thinking.

The two held up six fat guys, grabbed the watermelon and ate them.

No one robbed them. A table of watermelons was basically eaten by them.

The six fat guys vomited out after eating two pieces because they were too active.

The two of them had nothing to do. After eating, the assistant cut two more, and the assistant rolled his eyes in surprise.

Those who pass the test do not need to practice again.

Long Fei and the others went to rest in the shade, Fatty Six pinched his shoulders to him and Chu Feng, thanking him again and again.

Had it not been for the two of them, Fatty Six would still be training now!

The relationship between the people has become close for a while.

Everyone introduced each other and discussed the order for the convenience of calling.

Chu Feng and Long Fei are both the bosses, the second child is not in the position, and the fat third child is in line until the eighth.

In fact, Chu Feng was older than Long Fei.

Long Fei wanted to be the second child, Chu Feng didn’t want to be the eldest brother with him.

He was full of interest and made a slogan, “Don’t give up, don’t give up!”

A group of people put their hands together and yelled a slogan loudly together, which caused the people nearby to look.

Sitting alone in the shade of the tree, Pu Jie whispered disdainfully, “Miscellaneous fish, holding together is also a miscellaneous fish!”

After everyone sat down, they happily touched one with mineral water with wine.

Chu Feng said, “Fatty San, Brother Long and I have already discussed that we will not go to Africa after the training camp.

So, you have to work harder and we will try our best to help you.

Again, we must not give up when we are exhausted, and we will not abandon one!”

The fatty six all blushed for a while, nodded one after another, and solemnly said, “Boss, don’t worry! Brothers will definitely never give up until the end!”

Chu Feng and Long Fei smiled and nodded, especially Long Fei, the first time he became the boss, it was so cool.

Brothers’ loyalty is nothing more than this.

In this city, he has many more friends.

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