Chapter 13

An hour later, the Great Demon King Zhou Zhenglong blew his whistle outside.

A line shouted into the corridor, “Gather, gather all!”

A group of people groaned and turned over.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the sun outside was hot.

In summer, everyone wears camouflage uniforms.

After standing for a while after I went out, my back got wet.

Long Fei took a special look at Chu Feng, but this guy had nothing to do, not even sweating on his head.

A group of people stood neatly, and under the leadership of the big devil, they rushed to the training ground together.

This training ground was built according to the training ground of the military camp.

It is surrounded by a runway and a 400-meter obstacle course in the middle.

A group of people shook their legs involuntarily looking at five-step piles, deep pits, low boards, high benches, high and low platforms and other equipment.

The job of expatriate security is really not easy.

I thought I was here to do it casually, but who knows to be true.

Zhou Zhenglong asked his assistant to move a table over and carry a bag of watermelon.

He took a knife and cut one, took a big bite, and the watermelon dripped.

The people who had been exposed to the sun couldn’t help cursing their mothers in their hearts, swallowing their saliva.

Zhou Zhenglong wiped his mouth and yelled at a group of people in the past, “Miscellaneous fish, today we will officially start physical training.

Whoever finishes it early, whoever comes to eat watermelon.

Those who are behind, come and eat ears.

Have you understood?”


A group of people screamed.

Zhou Zhenglong yelled, “Okay, everyone warm up first. Physical fitness is 3000 meters race, and those who complete within 15 minutes are qualified!”

Chu Feng cursed in a low voice, “This madman is really trained as a soldier!”

“It’s okay, or rest, I’ll come back to grab you a watermelon!”

Long Fei smirked at him.

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Blessed, enjoyable and difficult, how can I bear the heart of you running alone!”

His squinted eyes made Long Fei tremble deeply.

After Zhou Zhenglong called the start, a group of people rushed around the playground one after another.

The inner circle of the playground is about 400 meters long.

Run down three kilometers, which is seven and a half laps.

In normal times, three kilometers can be completed by an individual.

But now, the sun is on top.

Not to mention running, even standing there can peel off.

If you keep running like this, you may become dehydrated and faint.

Long Fei and Chu Feng ran unhurriedly, mixing in the middle of the crowd.

There were a few funny sprints ahead, and after two laps, they rolled on the ground.

When they reached the third lap, half of the people’s speed dropped significantly, and they were like pickled radishes.

Chu Feng pushed Long Fei with his arm, and gestured at him, “Look at the person in front, isn’t it Pu Jie?”

Long Fei looked over, it was really him.

He ran in the first few places with a steady breath, a relaxed expression on his face, and he still seemed to have two brushes.

Chu Feng rarely praised him, “I thought this kid was an embroidered pillow. Looking at it now, he knows some internal techniques!”

Long Fei asked, “Does the world really have the kind of kung fu on TV?”

Chu Feng frowned when he heard it, and chuckled, “Long brother, you still pretend to be stupid with me now! Don’t you dare to say that you don’t understand inner martial arts?”

Long Fei said wrongly, “I’m taking you as a brother, what do I lie to you!”

Chu Feng exclaimed, “When you apply for the job, you smash the bricks with one palm. Don’t tell me, any qigong is useless?”

Long Fei said anxiously, “I really don’t know what qigong is, but it suddenly became like this because of some changes in the last two days.”

“Then follow me and I will teach you how to adjust your breath!”

Chu Feng saw his sincere expression,

No longer doubted him.

As for what happened, Chu Feng didn’t ask.

What should be asked and what should not be asked, Chu Feng knew very well.

Since he recognized the brother Long Fei, he believed him unconditionally.

As the two of them ran, Chu Feng gave instructions to Long Fei.

For the first time, Long Fei heard, what essence, the two channels of Ren Du, and the eight channels of odd channels.

This feeling is the same as following the martial arts world.

After running down three kilometers, he listened in a daze.

However, according to what Chu Feng taught.

The gas in his body is indeed much calmer and can be used for himself.

For example, the Qi sinks in the dantian and swims from the Qi meridian to the legs.

When running, breathe in your legs.

It seemed to be a balloon, and it felt like floating, and it was not tired at all to run.

This time, Zhou Zhenglong didn’t embarrass them again.

After the two of them passed, they squeezed into the crowd and, like a wolf, picked up the watermelon and gnawed wildly.

It takes about a minute or two for others to eat a piece of watermelon.

They did take one bite at a time and wiped out everything on the table.

A group of people yelled depressed, “You two slow down, save a little for everyone!”

This will be thirsty, how can the two of them take care of them.

After eating the food on the table, they shouted to the instructor assistant, “Instructor, cut a few more!”

There are only ten watermelons in a bag.

There are thirty people around here, where is enough to eat.

The assistant instructor shouted at them depressed, “You two are not allowed to eat, go over and rest immediately!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng shouted depressed, “Why? Let’s protest!”

The instructor’s assistant ignored them, sliced ​​the watermelon to share with others, and pushed them out of the crowd.

The two of them went outside to take a bottle of mineral water silently, and sat under the tree to enjoy the cool.

Fuck, eating is also a sin!

On the playground, sparsely, there were more than 20 people walking forward.

Zhou Zhenglong yelled at them, “Trash, if you can’t hold on, give up! As long as you give up, there will be watermelons to eat, air conditioning, and cars to pick you up!”

Some boys burst into tears, clenched their teeth and persisted, not wanting to give up this opportunity.

Where can the current college students who have just graduated find work with a salary of 3,000 a month?

Especially when their profession is not right, Most of them are people who are in the sports department.

Pu Jie took the mineral water, brought a group of younger brothers over, and mocked Long Fei and Chu Feng, “Not bad, you are indeed qualified to challenge me!”

Chu Feng squinted and cursed, “You can die if you don’t pretend to be!”

“Fuck, who is it!”

“You two are looking for something, right?”


The younger brother behind Pu Jie pointed at the two of them and cursed.

Long Fei glanced at them, stood up and shouted, “Which one of you is not convinced, stand up and fight?”

A group of people shrank their heads when they saw that he was five big and three thick, and backed one by one.

Pu Jie sneered, “Don’t worry, you will fight later. I will fight your shit. You’d better buy a diaper!”

Long Fei disdainfully said, “Seriously, I advise you to change your name! You can simply call it Pu Zhuang. Why don’t you go to heaven if you are such a cow?”

With his hands behind, Pu Jie smiled faintly, “Miscellaneous fish, whatever you say! Later, you will know if I am pretending to be forced!”

He waved and left with a group of people.


Long Fei and Chu Feng shrugged their shoulders, amused by Pu Jie.

Chu Feng told him, “Dragon brother, I will come later!”


Long Fei frowned.

Chu Feng said, “I can see that this kid knows some punches and kung fu, and I am afraid you are not an opponent!”

Long Fei knew that he was caring about himself, not underestimating it.

He chuckled lightly, “Although I don’t know what to do, I know a word!”

“What is it?”

Chu Feng looked at him.

Long Fei gestured to the muscles of his lower body and smiled lightly, “Ten will be reduced in one effort!”

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