Chapter 12: Provocation

Half an hour later, a group of people came out after eating.

Looking at the time, Long Fei and Chu Feng consciously entered the dining room, picked up the dinner plate in the basket, and went over to prepare food for themselves.

The staff has already begun to pack things, mixing the leftovers in a big iron basin.

Cold, hot, meat, and vegetarian, stir in the rest of the rice and look like pig food.

Chu Feng went over and asked, “Is there any more food?”

The chef knocked on the big iron basin and said to him, “It’s not all here, just eat it!”

Chu Feng said disgustingly, “Is this for people to eat?”

The chef changed his face and stared at them and shouted, “Just this meal, do you like it or not!”

“You fucking…”

Chu Feng was about to get angry, Long Fei stopped him and asked the chef, “Can we all eat this pot of food?”


The chef dropped a sentence and was busy cleaning the plate.

Long Fei simply put one end of the big iron basin and called to Chu Feng to sit down at the table.

Chu Feng widened his eyes and said, “What are you doing?”

Long Fei rubbed his stomach and smiled, “I don’t know what’s going on these past two days, my appetite is getting bigger and bigger.”

He filled his dinner plate with a spoon, and when he picked up the chopsticks, he stuffed it into his mouth.

“You are awesome!”

Chu Feng swallowed, and he was hungry without any taste, and followed him to eat.

Until now, his stomach is empty.

The two of them ate one plate and then another plate, frightening the boys who hadn’t left.

A group of people watched. If they hadn’t collected their phones before the training camp, they had to take pictures of the two eating food.

After a while, everyone spread.

This group of them has two foodies.

People eat plates, they eat large pots.

In half an hour, a large bowl of food was taken care of by them.

Long Fei touched his stomach and burped, “Oh my God, I finally had a full meal!”

Chu Feng also sat, burped a few times, and stretched out his hand at Long Fei, “Is there any smoke?”

Long Fei smiled and said, “You forgot, you just handed it in!”

Chu Feng patted his head, threw the dinner plate into the iron basin, got up and left with Long Fei.

The chef felt cold sweat and came to pack his things.

Looking at the empty pot, he screamed in surprise, “Oh, these two guys can eat better than pigs!”

In the dormitory, a group of boys did not sleep.

Long Fei and Chu Feng entered, and a lanky young man was sitting on Long Fei’s bed.

There are six fat guys, hiding behind him.

As soon as Long Fei and Chu Feng showed up, all six people subconsciously hid back.

“You two are the ones who bullied my brother?”

The lanky young man raised his eyelids and showed a joke at Long Fei and Chu Feng.

The two looked at each other and sneered at him, “Where did this bug come from?”

“Very good, good-tempered!”

The lanky young man twitched his mouth, stood up, and stared at the two of them, “My name is Pu Jie, the previous president of the Taekwondo Club of Binhai University!”

Chu Feng laughed and said, “Disrespect disrespect, it turns out to be the boss of the Taekwondo Club! Such a big name is really scary.”

Pu Jie thought he was afraid, and raised his head proudly.

Chu Feng’s expression suddenly changed, and he asked, “Then, what do you stupid like do?”

Pu Jie frowned and said coldly, “You bullied my brother, I naturally came to teach you!”

“Then fight it and stop talking!”

Long Fei was eager to try, feeling the cells in his body beating instantly.

Before, he was not so violent.

Pu Jie thought he was named as a name,

These two can be softened by comparison.

He was in school, he was a man of the moment.

In four years of university, he has not yet encountered an opponent that can defeat him.

Who knows, these two people who have never met in school dare to look at him so much.

He gritted his teeth and said contemptuously, “This is not a place to fight. In the afternoon, we have a rivalry. At that time, I will have fun with you!”

Chu Feng smiled and said, “Then see you this afternoon, now you can roll!”


Pu Jie clenched his fist and wanted to teach them a lesson now.

However, he is the president of the Taekwondo Club and a gold medal in the Binhai Taekwondo Competition.

I beat them here, but he can’t show how powerful he is.

If you want to fight, then you must fight in front of everyone.

Pu Jie left the house coldly, leaving six fat people with scared faces.

The eyes of Long Fei and Chu Feng swept over them, and they were as cold as the frost of the first month.

The two sat down on the bed. Chu Feng hooked the fat man and cried coldly, “You got that Pu Jie?”

The six fat guys shook their heads and disassociated themselves from Pu Jie, “No, he just heard that we were beaten, so he wanted to come over and pretend!”

“We have a normal relationship with him, we didn’t call him!”

“Boss, you have to trust us. We all recognize you as the bosses, so why dare you to mess around!”

Their flustered faces made sure what they were saying was true.

Long Fei and Chu Feng didn’t bully them again.

“Is there any smoke?”

Chu Feng raised his hand, took off his shoes and sat on the bed.

The six of the fat guys immediately closed the door to take cigarettes, one put a whistle at the door, one took out a cigarette for Chu Feng and Long Fei, and the other lighted a cigarette, and they all cooperated quite tacitly.

Long Fei took a breath and asked the fat man curiously, “How can a arrogant person like Pu Jie be willing to be a security guard?”

The fat man shouted, “Boss, you don’t understand that. Our security guards are going to be dispatched.

If you are selected, your monthly salary will be 30,000, and there will be a bonus at the end of the year.

For people like us who rely on energy to eat, why can we make so much money?”

Long Fei glanced at Chu Feng, and as expected this kid was right.

One person flattered, “Boss, you can definitely be selected with such a strength. By that time, you will earn two years and easily buy a house and a car.”

Long Fei was very excited. To be honest, what he lacks most now is money.

He asked the fat man, “How many years will I want to send abroad?”

The fat man said, “I heard that I have to sign a five-year contract. After five years, you can decide to stay. In these five years, there are only a few days each year to go home and visit relatives. The rest of the time will be given to the land of Africa!

In five years, that would be 1.8 million.

Long Fei weighed it down, and now he still has a grandpa to take care of.

If he goes abroad, he won’t be able to come back if something happens to grandpa.

Chu Feng frowned when he looked at him, “Long brother, aren’t you going to abandon me and go abroad, right? If you agree to work together, how about making sisters up together?”

Long Fei looked at him and smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave.”

“I’ll just say it!”

Chu Feng laughed happily, barefoot, came over to lie down on Long Fei’s bed, and instructed him, “Come on, let’s take a closer look!”


Long Fei smiled and pushed him away, lying on the bed to rest for a while.

After eating so much rice just now, his stomach didn’t feel any support, as if it were a bottomless pit.

The only thing that didn’t change was that his stomach was filled with gas again, and he kept floating upwards, causing him to burp several times.

He pressed down according to the method last night.

Strange to say, the gas was overwhelmed by him in the lower abdomen, as if it was condensed there.

He pressed his lower abdomen with his hand, which seemed to contain a football.

This feeling seemed to be pregnant.

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