Chapter 11 Who Is Rubbish

The two entered the training center, and a group of young people watched them, gloating secretly.

The instructor and Fang Ming stood in front of them, shouting suddenly, “What’s funny, do you want to be like them?”

A group of boys shut up immediately.

After Long Fei and Chu Feng came over, the instructor glanced at them and saw that their aura was calm, obviously a little surprised.

He still pulled his face and shouted, “Miscellaneous fish, let you go this time and return to the team!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at him, really wanting to choke him to death.

The two entered the team.

The instructor stared at a group of people and shouted, “Miscellaneous fish, in the next week, you will start formal training here.

My name is Zhou Zhenglong, and I am your trainer this time. What I said, here is the military order.

If anyone dares to defy, I have a thousand ways to kill you. So, it’s best not to let me catch you!”

He deliberately glanced at Long Fei and Chu Feng, and finally yelled, “Disband!”

A group of people breathed a sigh of relief, Fang Ming waved his hand, greeted everyone, and allocated a dormitory to everyone.

This training center is dedicated to employee training. Not only Lin Group, but also people from other companies also train here.

The place is huge, like a school.

The dormitories of these people are on the first floor, and one room can accommodate eight people, with bunk beds and separate toilets.

This condition is better than where Long Fei lives.

Chu Feng and Long Fei hugged a set of bedding and a set of camouflage uniforms and put them on the bed on the first floor.

Chu Feng was born on it and said nothing to love, “My leg is about to be broken, Long Brother, come and rub me!”


Long Fei smiled and got up on the quilt, not believing him a word.

When he was running just now, he obviously felt that Chu Feng was not working hard, as if walking as easily as usual.

As for being tired, it is all pretend.

Everyone has his own secret, and Long Fei does not reveal him.

At this time, six boys came in outside.

Their physiques are not small. After entering the door, they didn’t even look at Long Fei and Chu Feng, and shouted at them, “You two rubbish, go to the second floor. First floor is the place we live!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at each other, and stared at each of them.

A sturdy, muscular boy cursed, “Look at you paralyzed, I’m talking, can’t you hear me?”

He went over and stepped on Chu Feng’s bed.

For the other boys, the two pressed Chu Feng’s shoulders, and the three surrounded Long Fei.

“Dude, we belong to the Department of Physical Education of Binhai University. If you are smart, go up there. If you start, you won’t take advantage!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng laughed suddenly, and punched the boy closest to them in the face.

With a snap, the boy’s face shuddered and rolled to the side.

He vomited blood, and three of his teeth were knocked out.

Chu Feng also made a sudden move, his right leg suddenly bounced, and he kicked the fat man’s crotch that was stepping on his quilt.

The fat man let out a scream like a pig, and squatted on the ground holding his crotch, feeling like death is better than life.

He screamed at the others, “Don’t do it yet!”

With the remaining four boys, they attacked Long Fei and Chu Feng with their fists.

A fist was smashed out, Long Fei grabbed his wrist, turned around and threw his back, throwing the man out heavily.

The other waved his foot in the back and just kicked it. He waved his hand extremely fast and slammed upward.

The big eight lost his center of gravity and suddenly rolled back to the ground.

The six big and tall men from the physical education department all rolled to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Chu Feng went over, squatted beside the fat man, patted his face and said, “Who is rubbish?”

The fat man cried out in mourning,

“I am, we are rubbish!”

“Who will be the boss from here?”

“You are, you are the boss!”

The fat man swallowed and wanted to pinch a soft persimmon, but who knew he had pinched the iron plate.

No one else dared to say nothing.

After they got up from the ground, they stood there obediently.

Chu Feng glanced at them and sneered, “Very well, you guys shout the boss to listen!”



A group of boys yelled obediently, and bowed decently, amused Chu Feng and Long Fei.

The two didn’t have any reason or forgiveness, anyway, they only had a relationship for one week, so they couldn’t make trouble with them.

At this time, there was a whistle in the corridor.

Zhou Zhenglong’s roar came, “Miscellaneous fishes, immediately put on your clothes and gather outside!”

A group of people were speechless. On a hot day, they put on camouflage uniforms and ran out and returned to the team one by one.

Chu Feng whispered in Long Fei’s ear, “I can’t tell, you are good at it!”

Long Fei smiled, “Aren’t you the same?”

“Fortunately we are brothers!”

Chu Feng waved his hand and grabbed Ha Long Fei’s ass.

He smiled, “Yeah, buttock is up!”

“You are dead!”

Long Fei’s body tightened, and immediately took his hand away.

Fuck, he doesn’t have the habit of engaging in basic education.

After the crowd assembled, Zhou Zhenglong looked at the time and cursed, “Trash, it takes ten minutes for you to assemble. If you were on the battlefield, your team would have been wiped out!”

A group of people were silent, half wanted to beat him.

He felt good about himself and continued, “Now, I announce your training time. From 8 to 9 in the morning, learn about corporate culture.

From nine o’clock to twelve o’clock, go outside for a 10-km cross-area training.

Eat for an hour at noon and rest for an hour.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, go to the playground for 400-meter obstacles and combat training.

Do you understand everything?”


The crowd was sparse and shouted weakly.

From the morning till now, there is no meal, everyone is already hungry.

Zhou Zhenglong glanced at them and shouted, “I’ll ask again, do you understand?”


This time the voice was louder.

Reluctantly satisfied, Zhou Zhenglong yelled at Long Fei and Chu Feng, “Long Fei, Chu Feng will stay, and the others will go to dinner immediately and formally train in the afternoon.


A group of people stared at the two of them gloating and smiled, especially the six fat people, which was a joy.

After the crowd dispersed, they ran to the restaurant.

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at each other, wondering where they had offended the barbarian.

Zhou Zhenglong went over and stared at them coldly, “Do you know why I let you stay?”

The two shook their heads.

Zhou Zhenglong said, “There is no reason, because I see you are not pleasing to my eyes. In the future, when others eat, you will stand. Wait until others have finished eating, you can go in again!”

Chu Feng clenched his fist, and Long Fei hurriedly grabbed him.

“have you understood?”

Zhou Zhenglong shouted.


Long Fei and Chu Feng gritted their teeth and shouted.

“Miscellaneous fish!”

Zhou Zhenglong sneered, turned around and went to the restaurant.

Chu Feng took a breath, gritted his teeth and cursed, “I really want to beat him!”

Long Fei said, “Me too!”

Chu Feng said, “Then why are you stopping me?”

Long Fei smiled, “Because I want this job!”

Chu Feng looked at him, raised his head and giggled, “That’s right, those little beauties are still waiting for me to go in and rescue them, why should I get angry with a big idiot!”

Two people stood under the sun, smiling brightly one by one.

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