Chapter 10 Penalized for Being Late

Late at night, a two-story villa was still lit.

A beautiful woman with a very good figure, wearing a silk pajamas, just came out of the shower, and suddenly sneezed heavily.

Her name is Lin Yingying, the female president of the Lin Group.

On the sofa lay a beautiful woman who looked like her, who seemed to be younger. Her face was pink, and she was also tender.

The girl’s name is Lin Shanshan, her younger sister, three years younger than her, just admitted to Binhai University this year.

After Lin Yingying came over, she sat down on the sofa, folded her long snow-white legs, and took a sip of the milk on the table.

Lin Shanshan’s eyes lit up, and she smirked, “Sister, who is thinking of you?”

“Blame you, go to sleep.”

Lin Yingying gave her a white look, her mood was not very good.

Lin Shanshan sat up, hugged her and said coquettishly, “Sister, what’s wrong with you these past few days? How do I think you are always disturbed?”

“I’m fine, you should care about yourself! School is about to start, not serious yet.”

Lin Yingying finished her milk, pinched her little nose, and went back to the bedroom to lie down on the bed.

She played with her mobile phone for a while, and turned over and over again, not at all sleepy.

Thinking of the madness that night, she felt uncomfortable all over.

That day, because of the pressure of work, she went to relax in the small bar alone.

Who knew that he was drugged and almost ruined by a group of beasts.

Fortunately, a tattered picker rescued her. At that time, the drug had a seizure, and she couldn’t control herself, and had done a bad thing with that guy.

I miss her as a female president of a big group, but I don’t want to capsize in a small ditch.

For the first time in my life, I was in a broken hotel.

Moreover, it was with a tattered picker.

Today she went to the hospital for an examination and took some pregnancy pills, but fortunately nothing was found.

If she was infected with AIDS, she would have the heart to die.

Now, her only wish is to miss the old man who picks up the tatters.

It is impossible for them to see each other in such a big city.

Thinking of this, Lin Yingying finally closed her eyes.

She didn’t know what was going on, she suddenly moved agitated.

Although it was unbearable that night, to be honest, the man’s body was really strong.

After the event, it makes people very comfortable.

If he is not picking up rags, he can try to get along.

Lin Yingying was taken aback by this thought, patted her cheek, and quickly covered her head with a quilt.

It was bright, and when the door rang outside, Long Fei turned over and got up immediately.

He Yan took her daughter and was about to go out.

Long Fei wore big pants, went out, and shouted at her, “Sister Yan!”

He Yan turned her head, staring at him and frowned, “What’s the matter?”

His muscles are solid, and he shines bronze in the sun.

He Yan narrowed her eyes as she watched, and her heart throbbed, thinking that Long Fei was going to confess to her or something.

Long Fei said, “I’m going to the company for training today, and I’m probably away from home for a week!”

He Yan was stunned, blushing and replied, “Got it!”

She took her daughter and left immediately on the electric bike.

I scolded myself in my heart, he is still a young man, what is she saying!

Watching her leave, Long Fei took a basin of cold water under the pipe and rinsed it.

Chu Feng had already woke up at this time, sitting on the bed and smoking a cigarette.

Long Fei brought him a basin of water, put on his clothes, and yelled, “Hurry up and wash, you’re going to be late!”

Chu Feng twisted out the cigarette butt, and said lightly, “Ah, it’s just a job for a security guard, not to be the president. No one will care about being late for a while!”

He got up, began to wash slowly, and asked Long Fei, “Where are your cosmetics?”

Long Fei handed him the soap.

Chu Feng shook his head and instructed, “Long brother, men also have to learn how to take care of them! From ancient times to the present, women like little white faces. You said you have the same habbit as Gu Tianle, how can you hook up a girl?

Long Fei smiled bitterly, “There are many female fans of Gu Tianle, right?”

“They are all middle-aged aunts, okay?”

After Chu Feng washed his face, he patted in the mirror.

It looks like a woman.

Originally, Chu Feng had passed away early, and it was Chu Feng’s harp.

The two went by on the bus, and a group of people had been waiting for them at the door for half an hour.

Two buses parked at the door of the Lin Group.

A group of boys stood neatly, in front of which stood a five-and-three-thin guy with a serious expression in camouflage clothes.

Fang Ming stood with him, and when he saw Long Fei and Chu Feng, he immediately shouted at them, “You two, do you have time to watch? How come this is here?”

Long Fei found an excuse and quickly apologized, “There is a traffic jam on the road, sorry!”

Fang Ming waved his hand to let them rush into the team.

The brawny man in camouflage stopped the two of them. The 1.9-meter tall man was taller than Long Fei.

He lowered his head and yelled at the two of them, “You two, give your name!”

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at each other. They didn’t know what this guy came from, so they reported their names one after another.

Fang Ming persuaded him, “Instructor Zhou, it’s too early, let them return to the team?”

The brawny man shouted, “No, in my team, people who are not punctual are absolutely not allowed to appear.”

Long Fei and Chu Feng stood in front of them, their ears buzzing as they roared.

He asked Fang Ming to take the other students into the car and stay by himself, staring at Long Fei and Chu Feng, “Because of you, everyone here wasted half an hour, how many things can you do together?

Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance, if you still want to get the job, then keep up with my car.”

Chu Feng frowned and said, “You won’t let us ride in the car?”

The instructor yelled, “Yes, you two miscellaneous fish. I still want to drive you away! Don’t let me down!”

He turned into his jeep, waited for the two buses in front of him to start, and drove forward.

Long Fei and Chu Feng looked at each other, and ran behind his car without saying a word.

Chu Feng touched his hair and yelled depressedly, “It’s over, my hairstyle is messed up!”

Long Fei smiled bitterly, at this time he could still think of his hair.

The roads in the city are very blocked.

The bus stopped in front, and Long Fei and Chu Feng could barely follow behind.

The training center is in the suburbs, and the cars rushed out of the city center.

Chu Feng breathed out as he ran, stopped and waved his hand, “No way, let’s call it over!”

Long Fei pointed to the front and said, “That instructor seems to be waiting for us?”

The jeep ahead, keeping a distance of one kilometer from them, deliberately slowed down.

Chu Feng cursed, “This guy with a simple mind and well-developed limbs. Isn’t he just a security guard? Is he so serious?”

Long Fei did not complain, and dragged him to continue running.

The two and the jeep went one after the other and ran through the city for more than fifty miles.

Long Fei thought that Chu Feng would be unable to hold on, but who knew that this guy had nothing to do.

After seeing the gate of the training center, he took a small mirror from his pocket and took a picture of himself.

Fifty miles is equivalent to the distance of half a marathon.

Long Fei verified that his body now has not only increased strength, but also increased resilience.

When I ran here, my face was not red, my heart was not beating, and I didn’t breathe.

The whole body was pulled down like a tight spring, and his whole body was uncomfortable.

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