Chapter 1: Trash bag at the beginning


East China Province, Binhai City.

Late at night, the center street is still feasting and bustling.

Fashionable men and women come and go.

A young man mingled in it, and he didn’t fit in with this place.

With half a cigarette in his mouth, he was wearing torn jeans and a T-shirt, and he carried a large woven bag on his back.

Every time he walk through a trash can, he have to search for it for a long time.

His name is Long Fei. His parents left early and he was raised by his grandfather.

After the college entrance examination, he tore off his admission notice and lied to his grandfather that he did not enter the university and came to this city alone to work.

When he first came here, he turned around like a headless fly.

He didn’t know what he could do or where he could find a job, so he made a living by picking up rubbish.

This job was taught by an old man collecting waste products.

A dime per bottle, he runs diligently and can pick up more than one thousand a day, which is more than one hundred yuan.

This money is hard to imagine in his village.

However, picking up bottles is not serious work.

When walking on the road, I didn’t miss people’s eyes.

Central Street is the bar street in Binhai City.

This street is close to the river, and the whole street is full of antique buildings. There are either bars or cafes and KTVs. It is very popular at night.

Where there are many young people, there are more waste bottles.

Long Fei walked half a street, and the plastic bag at the back was full.

He found a secluded place, took off his pants and let out a pee.

There are also charges for toilets in the city.

Long Fei was reluctant to pay for just going to toilet!

He just pulled up his pants after urinating.

An iron door next to it suddenly opened, and five or six young people came out from inside, still dragging a woman in their arms.

Long Fei quickly found a pole and hid behind.

Fortunately, the light is not bright, and these people can’t see him.

He was very careful every time he peeed, lest the people in the city scold him for not paying attention to hygiene.

There is a broken table in this small alley.

The young man put the woman on top, and the woman lay on it, her long black hair scattered.

Wearing a professional short skirt suit, she is tall, with rounded thighs, and silk stockings. She looks straight at Long Fei.

Several young people smoked a cigarette and laughed loudly, “Wu Shao, I didn’t expect to come out tonight, I can still run into such a superb!”

“Is your medicine strong enough?”

“Don’t worry, this medicine is worthy of an expert. If a woman drinks it, she can’t help herself, and won’t even refuse to a dog!”

“Brothers will be so good in a while!”

“Hurry up, my sword is already starving!”

One also forcibly showed off his literary talent and said, “Ten years to sharpen a sword, but the frost blade has never tried. Today the sword was out of its sheath and blood was splashed three feet high.”

A group of people laughed and praised, “Good poem, good poem!”

Long Fei behind the telephone pole frowned.

He fucking encountered a few perverts.

Listening to this, they should have drugged the girl.

Long Fei condensed his eyebrows, hesitating whether he should care.

Two days ago, on the street.

A woman yelled when she was beaten by a man. He went to help the woman kick the man.

As a result, the woman not only didn’t thank him, but also scolded him for being nosy and beat her man.

Finally, they called the police and took him to the police station for a day.

Long Fei’s heart was cold, and he scolded the people in the city for having no conscience, and vowed not to be nosy afterwards.

He thought that the women who entered and exited such bars should not be good women.

So grab the plastic bag and prepare to leave quietly.

Who knows, the woman on the table suddenly struggled and rolled to the ground, yelling uncomfortably, “Help, help!”

“Ouch, Woke up! Don’t worry, brothers will come to rescue you right away!”

A young man smiled, went up and pulled the woman up and pushed her on the table.

He pulled down with his big hand and tore off the woman’s skirt.

Inside were black stockings, bent over and rounded his hips.

“Tsk, it’s so sexy!”

Long Fei swallowed, where could he sit idly by at this time.

There are many glass bottles in his plastic bag.

Swipe it up, you can use it as a hammer.

“Assholes, you rascals, let me go!”

The woman struggled in pain, her words were a little unclear, and she was breathing intermittently.

Not only does it not work, it makes them more excited.

The young man taking the lead took off his pants, ready to force it.

Long Fei rushed forward and shouted, “Stop!”

Four or five young people shuddered and looked back at Long Fei.

They got so close, they also saw clearly.

A group of people saw that Long Fei’s clothes were tattered, and they suddenly cursed, “Bastard, are you looking for death?”

“Fuck, where did this grandson come from? It scared me down!”

“Fuck, you rubbish, get out of father quickly, don’t make father angry!”

One person picked up the wine bottle from behind and cursed at Long Fei.

Long Fei arched his body, ready to fight, and pointed at them and shouted, “You are really shameless, let go of this girl, or I will call the police!”

Although he has a wide waist and a strong body, he is 1.8 meters tall.

But dealing with the five young people is not very sure.

“Fuck, you are really looking for smoke!”

A young man came up with a wine bottle, rounded his head at Long Fei and smashed it.

Long flying back, he also rounded the woven bag in his hand and smashed it towards him.

There were more than a dozen wine bottles in it, like a stone, and they smashed the young man’s head.

The man screamed and was smashed to the ground.

The young man behind did not expect Long Fei to fight so fiercely. The young man taking the lead touched his pocket and took out a folding knife to open it.

He took three young people with sticks in his hands, wine bottle and came out, pointing at Long Fei and cursing, “Grandson, you are really idle, dare to take care of my Wu Shao’s affairs. Believe it or not, no one will care if I kill you?”

Long Fei sneered, “Stop scaring father, fight if you can, or get out if you don’t!”

Wu Shao’s face went dark, and he waved at the three young men and shouted, “Kill him!”

A group of people immediately besieged Long Fei.

Long Fei waved the woven bag and smashed it at them again and again.

He only heard a sound of glass shattering, and three young men were slammed to the ground by him.

He also received a stick on the head, bleeding from his forehead.

After turning around, because the response was not timely.

The knife in Wu Shao’s hand slammed and stabbed him in the chest.

The tip of the knife paused, just piercing a piece of jade pendant on his neck.

Wu Shao was very strong, and the blade pierced the jade pendant and penetrated half an inch into his body.

Long Fei took a deep breath, waved his hand and slapped Wu Shao’s face, slapped him to the ground with a snap.

Shao Wu is about the same size as him, but his body has long been hollowed out by alcohol.

A few of his teeth were removed. After falling to the ground, Long Fei lifted his foot to make it up again, and directly stepped on him to faint.

He touched the blood on his chest, ignoring the pain, holding a plastic bag in his left hand, ran over to lift the woman on the ground with his right hand, and ran out of the alley.

In the second fight in the city, he was worried about getting into the game again.

After leaving the alley, he tried his best to pick up places where there were no street lights, and finally found a small hotel on the side of the street.

He gritted his teeth and spent a hundred yuan to open a standard room inside, ready to put the woman down and leave.

Carrying such a beautiful woman, people who don’t know think he is doing something bad!

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