Dragon Ball : Broly ch 8

Chapter 8: Kills you a bit.

Broly resists the pain of the body and tried to escape.

“It’s useless, you can’t be able to escape three times!” Zarbon smiled coldly, and his obese body quickly struck toward Broly.

But Zarbon suddenly stopped in midair.

Subsequently, Zarbon quickly grabbed his waist.

Then Zarbon’s face starts changing.

Broly looked him strangely. His face not just change, his green face was changed in purple color, and his breathing became rushed.

“You bastard!” Zarbon shouted loudly while looking at Broly’s eyes more fierce.

Broly suddenly remembered that Zarbon can’t live in space and he was finally unable to withstand the oxygen-free environment in the space. And he just looked for his oxygen mask.

But unfortunately, the oxygen mask had long been destroyed by Broly.

Zarbon’s face was instantly changed. At the same time, his body also changed back to the original form, and the anger on his face was so dignified.

Then, Zarbon looked back, his face changed again.

“This…what is this? I am …distant from the spacecraft…” Zarbon cried when he found that he was far from the spacecraft.

As Broly speculated, Zarbon could only survive in space for a while.

Once a certain amount of time had passed, he needs to breathe through the instrument.

And Zarbon can’t use his too much energy.

Zarbon completely ignored the instrument while he was busy to deal with Broly. And with his current state, he can only return to the spaceship.

However, what surprised Zarbon was that he was unaware of the way of Broly.

Broly’s direction of travel was exactly opposite of the Frieza’s spacecraft, so Zarbon was getting farther and farther away from the spacecraft.

Still, Zarbon feels that if he will return to the spaceship in a normal state. I will be very thankful.

“Kid, you wait for me!” Zarbon angered, but he tried to calm down. He admitted that it was impossible to catch Broly in this state.

Now, he needs to save his life.

Zarbon turned and left.

Broly sighed softly, and when Zarbon left, Zarbon quickly walked away and didn’t look back.

Broly’s energy quickly repairs pain and injuries.

About five minutes or so, Broly’s injury was completely healed.

He thinks that the legendary Super Saiyan blood was really good, it can be repaired so quickly.

Then, Broly didn’t hesitate and quickly chased Zarbon.

This Zarbon, who challenge him, let him stay in this space.

In addition, Broly also found that his energy had increased to about 20,000, and the physical pain is acceptable.

And about 20,000 or so of combat power was enough to compete with the current Zarbon.

At this time, Zarbon was trying to control the body, for consuming the energy to a minimum.

“Bunny, next time I will deal with you!” Zarbon was very mad, he actually lost to a newborn Saiyan child.

He doesn’t know, how he will explain this when he reached Frieza.

As the same time, Zarbon suddenly found through the detector that Broly actually caught up.

Zarbon paused for a while, and his eyes looked at Broly.

Broly was grinning, and he didn’t waste the time and an energy wave throw in the direction of Zarbon.

Zarbon smiled, and the slapped on the face energy ball.

In the next moment, the energy wave suddenly turned into a cloud of smoke and dissipated in this vast universe.

Broly grinned again, and once again he condensed an energy wave.

“This is useless!” Zarbon looked disdainful and again shattered the energy wave.

Then Zarbon was surprised to discover that this Saiyan devil suddenly condensed more than a dozen energy waves and threw them at him again.

“Little devil, can you understand me? I said these things are useless to me!” Zarbon gave a few slaps on energy balls and said.

However, the next moment, Zarbon was shocked that Broly didn’t give up. Once again, he gathered a dozen energy waves and threw them one by one.

Moreover, Zarbon also saw that Broly’s mouth was holding an evil smile.

In the meantime, Zarbon suddenly understood.

“He…he wants to spend time with me, so I can’t go back to the spaceship!” Zarbon said to himself and took the energy balls that came over, and then gnashed his teeth, ignored Broly and speeding up the pace of travel.

Although he wants to teach Broly lesson, Zarbon knows that it was impossible, Broly’s combat power was not much different, so it was to dangers.

However, what makes Zarbon depressed was that Broly didn’t give up.

Broly’s hand had condensed an energy ball with a diameter of 30 meters. After a grin, he throws them towards Zarbon.

“Little devil, don’t think that I am scared!” Zarbon was angry. However, when he saw the 30-meter-high energy ball, he didn’t dare to neglect and quickly fled to the side.

However, what annoyed Zarbon was that the energy ball that passed by was turned towards him.

“What?” Zarbon yelled

“Boom!” The energy ball was torn apart when he hit Zarbon.

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