Dragon Ball : Broly ch 7

Chapter 7 Infinite

Broly turned and ran.

Although his combat power was improved his body was extremely uncomfortable.

He feels that his body will explode at any time, the energy was so high that it will make the body unable to bear.

This reminds Goku from the history of Dragon Ball.

In Broly’s current situation, Broly feel that I have learned the king of the world by natural means. I can raise the energy several times on the original basis, but the pain caused by the body is unimaginable.

Broly had 25,000 combat power and was several times faster in speed than before.

Then just a glimpse of the effort and Broly disappeared into space.

Broly runs from there, he wanted to quickly recover from his physical pain.

This pain only lasted for a little while, and Broly quickly discovered that there was a strange energy in the body, which nourish his injured body.

In ten seconds, the physical discomfort had disappeared completely.

At the same time, Broly found that his combat power had dropped to 12,000.

Zarbon’s detector finally finds the location of Broly.

“He… his combat power dropped from 25,000 to 12,000. Can he control the combat power at will?” Zarbon stared at Broly’s direction and mutter.

After a short silence, Zarbon said: “Boy, do you think you can beat me by raising your combat power to 25,000? Today, I will show you my power!”

While saying this, Zarbon’s body suddenly expanded several times.

Zarbon turned into a fierce appearance, his lizard-like big mouth was also highlighted.

Broly also sensed that after the transformation, Zarbon’s combat power has reached at least 30,000.

“Although I don’t like my present appearance, I rather choose this, compares to humiliated by a newborn child!” Zarbon smiled softly and turned into a streamer, chasing again to Broly.

This time, Zarbon took ten minutes to catch up with Broly.

“Kid, see how I can repair you!” Zarbon glared at Broly with anger, and he suddenly felt that he had no face, he had to transform because of a newborn child.

Broly gnashed his teeth, but on the surface, his heart was speechless.

Because Broly also sensed that Zarbon’s combat power was not very low.

Broly intends to upgrade his combat power.

Although it brought a lot of pain to his body, it quickly recovered.

Broly guessed that his 80% blood was of the legendary Super Saiyan, and the blood was indeed extraordinary.

No matter, how much it will painful? Because he has to choose rather than die.

Broly smiled, and then he raised his combat power.

And this time, Broly wants to saw how much he can improve his combat power.

Is his power only 25,000?


Just as Zarbon sneered at Broly, the value on his detector began to jump again.

“Kid I know that your combat power is about 25,000, and if still improve it will reach at last 28,000.” Zarbon said with a smile: “I will tell you my fighting power so that you can die. My combat power is reached 32000 after transformation!”

Broly didn’t pay too much attention to Zarbon, he treats him like an idiot. Broly continued to improve his combat power.

However, at the same time as Broly felt a lot of pain in his whole body, and this was very uncomfortable.

Even after Broly had increased his combat power to around 25,000, he feels that he will increase again but the pain will multiply.

However, without improving combat power, it was impossible to deal with Zarbon.

He can’t admit defeat!

Because if he admits defeat then Zarbon will take him to Frieza.

Broly gnashed his teeth and continued to increase his energy.

“What? His… his combat power has reached 30,000. How can this be?” Zarbon was so surprised that his pupils were magnified and as if he was seeing a monster: “He… he is just a Saiyan, why his power so high? ”

Then Zarbon thinks that 30,000 combat power is very strong, but it is still a lot worse to deal with him.

Ever since, Broly had to continue to improve his combat power, to the extent of 30,000, Broly found that every time he increases his combat power of 100, he will have a feeling of being killed.

Even, Broly wanted to die, the pain caused him to suffer too much.

Broly was about cry but his combat power was still low to Zarbon’s power.

Plus with his own physical condition, it was a little dangerous to deal with Zarbon.

“30,000 Combat power, kid, I really look down on you, but I also know that you must be very painful right now?” Zarbon said and smiled.

“You just born and have 30,000 combat power. It is indeed very abnormal.”

Zarbon was happy because his power was still high compared to Broly.

“Kid, let me teach you half-heartedly, wait until you return to Lord Frieza, he will deal with you!” Zarbon said this while flying towards Broly.

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