Dragon Ball : Broly ch 6

Chapter 6: Zarbon

Frieza doesn’t talk and looks at Dodoria with interest.

Dodoria saw Frieza’s eyes, and then was so scared that he quickly asked for mercy: “Forgive me, Lord.”

“I don’t have any other meaning.” Frieza smiled softly and then explained with a cold face: “Still I am satisfied with today’s performance of King Vegeta. Killing them is just a matter of mood, but not now, the Saiyan people are still useful to me. ”

Dodoria nodded hardly because his body shivered.

Broly frowned his brows and looked at Zarbon. The next moment, his eyes fixed at Zarbon’s waist.

What is this?

The instrument was resembling an oxygen mask.

Then he understood that Zarbon can’t survive in space?

Thinking of this, Broly smiled, the smile was very insidious.

Zarbon took the instrument from his waist and hung it on his face.

“Oh, I feel much better.” Zarbon took a few deep breaths and then hung the instrument again at the waist.

Broly turned and ran when Zarbon had inhaled the instrument.

Just a blink of an eye, he was already going out for about a kilometer.

“You bad boy”. Zarbon yelled, his body flickered, and he chased him up.

However, when Zarbon thought that he would catch Broly, he suddenly saw that Broly seemed to have the help of God because he suddenly flew very fast.

“What… what just happened?” Zarbon was so shocked that he was in a daze, then he chased him again.

While Broly also felt that strange energy in his body suddenly growing rapidly.

Broly sensed that this energy had continued to rise to the extreme.

Therefore, his speed had also improved a lot at the time, at least in the view of Zarbon, he had been a bit abnormal.


While Zarbon was chasing Broly, the detector on his eyes suddenly gave a warning signal.

“It’s a combat force warning…. his…his fighting power…is..12000!” Zarbon was amazed. He thought that can this little guy hide his fighting power?

No, no matter what, today, I have to bring this kid back.

Thinking of this, Zarbon suddenly raised the energy, his body seemed to be illusory, because, between the several ups and downs, it flashed to the front of Broly.

“Kid, I told you can’t run, hurry up and let’s go!” Zarbon said with a sullen face.

Broly grinned his teeth, without any hesitation, and turned his head.

“Oh, it seems that you understand everything, then come back with me.” Zarbon said and smiled then grabbed Broly’s hand and tried to take him back.

Just as Zarbon was about to caught Broly, to take him to Frieza, he heard a muffled sound.

He looked down and became horrified because he found that the instrument for breathing was actually destroyed by this kid.

“You want to die!” Zarbon yelled furiously at Broly.

However, Zarbon words didn’t have a substantial feeling, they were just empty.

Again, Broly had turned into a streamer and runs faster than a rabbit.

“Kid, you completely irritated me, Lord Frieza said to me to take you alive.” Zarbon yelled at Broly’s back: “However, I am not good in enduring”.

Speaking of this, Zarbon’s eyes were slightly picked up, and the energy in the body was raised to the extreme.

Zarbon was astonishingly fast when he raised his energy. It was almost less than a breath, and he was already behind Broly.

The next moment, Zarbon’s big hand grabbed forward and took advantage of Broly’s calf.

“Kid, see how I repair you!” Zarbon smiled coldly and punched at the belly of Broly.


Blood came from Broly’s mouth.

“Kid, you want to play with me, But I am a bit impatient!” Zarbon had not stopped, he grabbed Broly’s neck and the strength of his hand was getting more and more.

And Broly’s eyes became red and red.

“Ha ha ha ha, how can this be 10,000 combat power?” Zarbon’s mad laughter resounded in the space.

Broly was punched by Zarbon, and because of his small body, his hands and feet could not able to touch Zarbon’s body.

In desperation, the energy in Broly’s body starts rising again.

Even, Broly was also shocked.


Broly made a groan, and his whole body was filled with yellow-green flames.

That strong atmosphere was spreading to the periphery.

At the same time, his body had expanded outwards at this time, with solid muscles, black hair, and a yellow-green flame.


Seeing that Broly changed so much, Zarbon was a little surprised, and then he had a horrific discovery that the value of his combat power rapidly growing on the detector.

“Combat power 15000 … 16000 … 18000 … 20000 … 25000 …” Zarbon’s eyes were about jumping out, he looks at the little baby with horror: “He … his combat power … combat power has exceeded. This is impossible! This is impossible! The detector must be malfunctioning!”

Just as Zarbon talked to himself, he suddenly found the bright red eyes of Broly.

“Not good! This is…” Zarbon was shocked and his body began to shivering.

During this time, two blood-red flames came to shot at Zarbon’s chest.

Zarbon was horrified by the attack.

At this critical juncture, Zarbon didn’t hesitate to run.

Two flames flashed from Broly’s eyes but Zarbon avoid the attach and the flames flew deep into the universe.


The bright red flame hit a khaki-colored planet.

At that time, the planet shimmered with a fierce flame, as if the fireworks were rising, but the blink of an eye was shattered apart.

For a time, in the space, sand, stone and the pieces of the planet are floating one by one.

“This…the combat power of this kid…is true!” Zarbon was so cold and sweaty that he couldn’t able to believe this fact.

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