Dragon Ball : Broly ch 4

Chapter 4: Bring him back

“King Vegeta, I heard that you want to be the king of the universe and want to replace Lord Frieza”. Dodoria said and smile evilly, then he asked the King Vegeta: “King Vegeta, can it be?”

“It… it’s a lie!” King’s look was a little shocked while he quickly shouted.

“Is it lie, then I will wait for evidence.” Dodoria smiled and then asked: “Is it possible that King want to be the Super Saiyan?”

“No!” King denied, then he looked respectfully at Frieza: “Lord Frieza, I neither had the intention to betray you and never will have in future, I hope you don’t listen to the rumors…”

At the same time when he saying this, the King’s mouth starts tremble.

Just a few minutes before unreasonably he slandered Paragus and took the opportunity to kill Broly. But King didn’t expect that something like that also happened with him.

He was thinking that is this retribution?

“Some people are saying that you are rebelling, and you say that you are innocent.” Frieza said with a smile and after saying this, he didn’t speak for about three seconds and then he Continued: “Since you said that you are innocent, then show your sincerity.”

Seeing Frieza’s expression, King Vegeta was panicked.

He knows that if his answer does not satisfy Frieza then he will destroy the entire planet, including him.

“Lord Frieza, I am willing to surrender my own son, Vegeta. If you have the slightest disagreement, you can kill him!” King said while he gnashed his teeth and pinching his fist.

“Oh? Vegeta? Your son, who is only five years old?” Frieza said and smiled: “I heard that his combat power has reached more than 10,000. It’s indeed incredible”.

King Vegeta was frightened and afraid of Frieza. Frieza didn’t saw his sincerity and continued: “And, starting today, all Saiyans will listen to my arrangements, and there is no difference!”

“Dodoria, what do you think?” Frieza ignored the King, turned his head and asked.

“Lord Frieza, since the King is so sincere, you can give him a chance.” Dodoria said and smiled lightly, he already understood the meaning of Frieza, it means that Frieza wants to temporarily leave the King alive.

Other than that why Frieza wants to do this, Dodoria certainly didn’t dare ask. What he can do was his duty that he should do.

At the same time when the two sides were talking, suddenly a circular mini spacecraft crossed the vast space and flew away.

Frieza looked over there, then said: “Oh? A small Saiyan baby?”

The King Vegeta looks there, but when he saw the spacecraft he suddenly horrified.

That little baby was Broly, who was almost killed by himself.

This kid was still alive!

The King suddenly had a bad feeling. Keeping this guy will always a scourge.

King was thinking that this kid was seriously injured by him, then how he leaves the Planet.

“Lord Frieza, I just detect the fighting power of this little baby…” Zarbon looked at the detector and his face was cold and sweaty when he said this.

“How much?” Frieza was too lazy to wear the detector, so he just asked.

“The combat power has reached 10,000…” Zarbon said softly.

“Fighting strength 10,000?” Frieza asked while he touched his nose and smiled: “It’s only 10,000. Nothing terrible… but, King Vegeta…” Frieza said, his face became extraordinarily gloomy.

The King was shocked and hurriedly replied: “Lord Frieza please rest assured I already wanted to finish him… but just at this time, you came, so I came here to meet… this kid is called Broly. He can’t run away.”

At the same time, a flame came from King’s hand. Then a bright red flame went straight to the spaceship where Broly was.

How depressed Broly was. He took a spaceship and fled from the Planet Vegeta, he never expected that he has to face Frieza so quickly.

And with Frieza, there was the more insidious King Vegeta.

Broly secretly prayed, hoping that Frieza and King would not notice him.

However, the possibility was not so great.

He was just born so he does not know how to hide the combat power.

Then, Broly suddenly felt that there was a powerful energy that was rushing to his spaceship at a very fast speed.


The next moment, the entire spacecraft was hit by the powerful energy.

Along with a loud noise, the spaceship was torn apart and turned into pieces.

And Broly’s chubby baby body was also floating in the universe.

“King Vegeta, why you want to kill your compatriots? Moreover, he is only a child.” Frieza said with a smile, but it seems that he was very satisfied with the action of King.

“His father’s intention was not good for his subordinates. This was the only way to go”.

“You are worried that if this kid grows up, he will threaten your King’s status?” Frieza said confidently.

The cold sweat slipped from King’s face and he couldn’t say anything.

“Send the little prince in next two days. I know that he is practicing on another planet.” Frieza said and smiled slightly. He liked the respectful expression of the King.

The King’s body trembled and then he quickly nodded.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Frieza made a harsh laugh, then stopped to pay attention to the King, turned and flew toward the spaceship.

Just as he was about to enter the spaceship, Frieza suddenly stopped and said to Zarbon, who was behind him: “Zarbon, that Saiyan devil should not die yet, you bring him back to me, remember I want to him live!”

“Alive…” Zarbon had a cold sweat on his face, but he nodded quickly, then turned into a light and quickly flew in the direction of Broly.

Although he doesn’t know what Frieza meant, Zarbon didn’t dare to defy the order of Frieza.

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