Dragon Ball : Broly ch 30

Chapter 30: Iron Man

Broly thought what place is this?

Broly looked around the environment and took a deep breath, feeling that there was no discomfort in breathing.

He tasted the taste of the sea with his tongue. It was salty, not like the sea on a certain planet of Frieza. It taste was bitter.

“Where I am?” Broly looked forward, he wanted to fly but the energy in his body had already been swallowed up at the moment when he entered the black hole.

At this time, there was not much energy in Broly’s body.

However, Broly was not worried about this, the energy was lost but it will recover after a while.

With his legendary Super Saiyan body, energy still recovering quickly.

He thought that let’s take a look at the situation first!

Broly leaped gently to a height and looked into the distance. He found a huge building in the direction of the shore, and several figures were also flashing.

Broly quickly floats in that direction.

About five minutes later, Broly finally arrived on the shore.

When Broly looked at the direction of the beach, it suddenly felt hot.

He saw seven or eight beautiful women lying on the beach, wearing bikinis, that was more eye-catching.

Since the rebirth, Broly was in battle and has not seen any beautiful women yet.

At this point, he became very excited.

It’s a pity that Broly’s body was too small. He’s just a little baby now, and there’s no full moon yet.

Suddenly Broly’s appearance caught the attention of one of the beautiful women, but the beauty didn’t wear a bikini, she wearing a jumpsuit.

But after Broly saw it, he couldn’t help but look at it.

In addition, behind the uniform beauty, there was a more beautiful little girl who caught the attention of Broly.

This little girl looks old, and she was just fifteen or sixteen years old, but the development was perfect.

“Who is this child? Why he is in the sea?”

The uniformed beauty quickly walked over to Broly, and regardless of whether Broly agreed or not, she hugged him.

Broly thought about it, but didn’t refuse, let a beautiful woman hug him and also taste the women himself.

“Tail? Why does this child have a tail?” The uniform girl looked at Broly with a surprised look and then whispered: “I understand, your family must think that you are a monster and throw you here. Poor child.

The words of the uniformed beauty caused the attention of many bikini girls, and they came together, as if they were looking at a little monster, and admiring Broly.

Even a few beautiful women deliberately took off Broly’s pants to see if he was a boy or a girl.

Even one of the beautiful women also touched somewhere Broly with a small hand.

Broly reacted at this time.

After fighting from rebirth, Broly has not been in contact with women for a long time.

“Wow…wow…he reacted…” The beautiful woman looked at Broly with surprise and then said to her companions. “Can a small man respond?”

Many beautiful women shook their heads with a smile, obviously, this problem was more profound.

In the next few minutes, Broly spent the most memorable moment of his life by the harassment of several beautiful women.

Broly also discovered that this place has almost no fighting power. If it was really divided according to combat power, it can have a little bit of combat power.

Later, Broly senses the other people on the planet.

Fortunately, on the entire planet, there was hardly any guy with strong combat power.

This planet was a bit like the Earth.

Broly intends to observe and at this time, the energy in his body was basically restored.

However, Broly likes to be held by these beautiful women, and even he can unscrupulously touch some of the beauties chests.

Suddenly Broly heard a voice coming from nearby.

“Beauty, what are you doing?”

Broly looked towards the sound and saw a handsome man, in a suit, can be described as graceful.


Broly thought do I really come to Earth?

Only on the earth humans wearing a suit?

Broly looked at the man carefully and always felt that he has seen this man somewhere.

“Oh, oh, who is this child? Why he is here?” The man apparently saw Broly with widened eyes, looked at him carefully and asked.

“This child may have been abandoned by his family because of the long tail.” The uniformed beauty walked over and explained: “Tony, we have to help him to find his parents, and then surgery to cut his tail. So he can live normally. Isn’t it good?”


This name was a bit familiar.

Broly looked again and suddenly realized.

Iron Man Tony Stark!

I cross the world of Iron Man?

Broly’s heart was so excited.

“Hey, I think your idea is very good, just do it.” Tony looked at Broly a little, and then he said.

Next, Tony smiled and watched the many beautiful women who were present there.

“Natasha, you take this child to a doctor, help him with his tail treatment, and then find his parents”. Tony said to a little girl, who was around to the uniform beauty.

“Okay.” The little girl smiled and nodded, and touched Broly’s face with a small hand.

Broly closed his eyes and slept.

Since birth, Broly has been fighting and practicing all the time.

Moreover, Broly has not slept completely. Now, in the world of Iron Man, he was safe and sleep well.

As for the Iron Man, Broly believes that with his own strength, he can easily finish his competitors and throw them into space.

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