Dragon Ball : Broly ch 29

Chapter 29: Entering the Black Hole

After the decision was made, Broly didn’t hesitate, he turned into a streamer, and went straight to the black hole.

“Want to run? Not so easy!” Frieza was clear about Broly’s intentions and quickly chased him in his direction.

Broly turned back and grinned while putting his hands on his cheeks.

Seeing the action of Broly, Frieza’s look was tight and he hurriedly closed his eyes.

Broly laughed and once again run.

After the next second, Broly was getting closer and closer to the huge black hole.

Just blink of an eye, Broly clearly found the true face of the black hole.

Originally, from far away, the black hole was like a huge cave, but after a closer look, Broly found that this black hole was almost the same as a huge black planet.

On the surface of this sphere, there was a flash of electric arc, and the huge energy was filled, which makes people feel awkward.

Broly didn’t dare to care about this running energy, he protecting his body, and gritted his teeth while he went toward the black sphere.

At this moment, when Frieza, who try to catch up Broly, saw that Broly entered in the black hole, he suddenly stopped.

After a moment of silence, Frieza’s hand suddenly condensed a huge ball of light.

The electric light flashes and the color was bright red.

It was the destruction of the planet!

“Go!” Frieza shouted, his mouth twitched in a curve, and he saw the planet destroying energy went in the direction of the black hole.

Broly naturally sensed the planet’s destruction energy of Frieza, and his heart suddenly became tight.

Then, Broly gnashed his teeth and speeded up the flight to the black hole.

The destruction of energy suddenly increased speed.

“Not good! If I hit by this destruction energy, then I can’t keep my life!” Broly’s face oozing cold sweat, but he was getting closer and closer to0 the black hole, and he can also sense the vast energy of destruction energy.

The planet’s destruction bomb carries an endless amount of energy and rushing in the direction of the black hole.

Broly didn’t dare to take it lightly, he hurriedly protected his body with all his energy.

Just as Broly was a little scared, he suddenly discovered that there was an arc on the surface of the black hole, and the arcs flying all the way to the planet.

Just blink of an eye, the planet destruction bomb suspended in midair, motionlessly.

Broly raised his eyes.

The energy of the black hole was too strong, and even Frieza’s planet destruction bomb can’t resist it, it was not easy.

Then, something happened, which made Broly more surprised.

Broly heard a whistling sound from the destruction bomb, and suddenly became the smoke and disappeared.

In Broly’s view, the planet’s destruction bomb was swallowed by the lightning released from the black hole, and even the bones were not left behind.

How shocked Broly was, he never imagined that the black hole would have such tremendous energy.

It was no wonder that Frieza has never dared to come over here. The energy of the black hole was far more than Frieza.

Frieza didn’t dare to come in.

In addition, What makes Broly a little surprised that he was so close to the black hole and there was not a bit of discomfort in his body.

Maybe the energy of the black hole had not affected him?

Just as Broly was thinking about it, suddenly, Broly discovered that a layer of arc had emerged on the surface of the black hole, and the arcs rushed toward where he was.

“Not good!”

Broly quickly wants to dodge.

However, the speed of the arc was too fast.

Just blink of an eye, Broly was completely surrounded by these blue arcs.

Then Broly felt that his body had a violent tearing effect as if the whole body was to be torn apart.


Broly yelled loudly, and the voice was passed away.

Frieza, who was watching from a distance, naturally heard the roar of Broly, and his gloomy face finally stretched out.

“Idiot, you are looking for a dead end. Since you have chosen this kind of death, I have no objection.” Frieza said with a smile, although he didn’t kill Broly, which made him feel uncomfortable, he watching this kid disappear it’s also not bad.

Broly had a lot of pain in his body, and he felt as if he had been torn by something.

He doesn’t know how long it took, Broly’s side was dark, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see anything.

However, fortunately, Broly found that the feeling of pain has been reduced a lot.

Just as Broly was wondering, he suddenly found his body falling uncontrollably towards the bottom.

Broly tried to use the energy to fly, but he found that his body seemed to be exhausted because of resisting the arc of the black hole.

Broly’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The dark space flashed bright colors.

There was a blue sky, below the sky was a white cloud.

The black hole disappeared without a trace.

However, this was just the first feeling of Broly, his body was still falling, and the speed was getting faster and faster.

In this regard, Broly didn’t worry, although the energy was temporarily gone, the strength of the body still exists.


Broly fell into the sea, the waves also picked up a few feet high, and the nearby fish and shrimps were shocked and escaped.

After picking up the waves, it fell into a dead silence.

After ten seconds, Broly’s head came out of the water, revealing a pair of powerful big eyes.

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