Dragon Ball : Broly ch 28

Chapter 28: Angry Frieza

At this moment, Broly turned and ran, then smog disappeared in front of Frieza.

When Frieza opened his eyes, he became so angry that an ant slips away from under his own eyelids, it’s a shame.

He will never allow this to happen!

Frieza’s triangle eyes, looking around in space, want to find Broly.

At this moment, Broly was hiding on a floating rock and resting there.

Broly knows that Frieza only uses his eyes to search, and doesn’t sense the existence of others, and this guy rarely using detectors.

In this way, Broly didn’t have to worry about that he will discover him.

“Kid, I know you are near here, you can’t run!” Frieza coldly shouted.

Broly didn’t bother and let this guy shout.

Broly can see Frieza’s every move from his location.

The next moment, Broly found that in the hands of Frieza, there was a strange instrument.

“Not good, it’s a genes detector!” Broly’s face changed color immediately. Can this stuff be mass-produced now?

Broly felt the situation is not good.

This kind of thing will expose his hiding place.

And Broly found that when Frieza saw the pointer on the genes detector, he grinned and flew toward him.


Broly smiled coldly then turned and ran.

Just as Broly fled, suddenly powerful energy coming quickly with very fast speed.

Broly was shocked, and in a hurry, he didn’t have time to look carefully, he quickly sneaked aside.

This energy rubbed Broly’s body and flew to the distance, and even left a blood mark on Broly’s arm.

Broly can’t take care of this pain. In fact, this pain was much worse than the pain of boosting energy.

Broly looked far away and found that the energy, which just struck him was Frieza’s flame-jet.

His power was not too big, so Broly can’t attend this, he didn’t stop, and once again rushed to the distance.

Then, Broly sensed Frieza’s breath, which was chasing him at a very fast speed.

“It’s now!”

Broly turned back to Frieza and grinned, his hands on his cheeks, made the sun fist.

Frieza, who was coming saw that Broly had such a movement, and his expression suddenly became solidified.

Almost subconscious, Frieza hurriedly closed his eyes.

Broly smiled lightly and instantly run.

When Frieza opened his eyes, he found that there was nothing unusual in his eyes. It seemed that there was no glaring light. When he breathed a sigh of relief, the hatred of Broly had reached its limit.

“Little monster if I will not crush you today then I am not Frieza!” Frieza shouted angrily.

Broly managed to run, he couldn’t listen to Frieza’s nonsense.

At this moment, Broly suddenly felt that there was an extremely vast amount of energy on his own oblique slope, which was rising.

“Who is it?” Broly was shocked because he found that the energy was not far behind Frieza.

Broly quickly looked up.

However, after seeing the scene over there he finally took a breath of relief because that vast energy was not a human being, but a black hole in the space.

Broly remembers that when he saw this black hole, he didn’t sense how much energy it had. Now, how does the energy of this guy come out?

If he can absorb the energy of this black hole, then that’s fine.

In this way, it will be completely possible to deal with Frieza.

Broly was only glanced at the black hole, and thought in the heart then stopped paying attention.

When Frieza was about to catch up, Broly smiled and put his hands on his cheek again.

“Kid, do you think I will be fooled?” Frieza said but this time he didn’t dodge.

However, immediately afterward, Frieza discovered that a strong flame was centered on Broly’s head and was rushing toward his eyes.

Frieza wants to dodge but it was too late.

Then, Frieza’s eyes were white and nothing he could be seen.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Broly condensed the flame from his hands.

A bright red ray went straight to the genes detector in Frieza’s hand.

The genes detector, accompanied by a crisp sound, was easily destroyed by Broly.

When Frieza’s eyes returned to sight, he was angry, and he could not wait to turn the entire space in the dust.

The genes detector was destroyed, and Broly disappeared without a trace.

Frieza trying to calm himself down, then he shouted loudly in the depths of the space: “Have you heard me talking? Send me the detector and genes detectors right away!”

Almost in no time, these words were passed to the surveillance room of the planet near Frieza.

After receiving the order from Frieza, many of the men sighed, and quickly took these two things and went straight to Frieza.

In less than ten minutes, Frieza’s hands already had these two different types of detectors.

Broly saw it from far away and couldn’t help but smile.

After thinking for a long time, instead of being caught and killed by Frieza, it would be better to look inside the black hole.

Broly took a deep look at the black hole and estimating that if he flew over there, it would take up to thirty seconds.

A black hole in space, although the energy was very large, Broly also remembered Frieza’s words that this thing seems to lead to another space.

As for whether or not he can reach other space, Broly was not sure. Even Frieza does not know what was in the depth of the black hole.

However, Broly thought about it and felt that with his physical constitution, it might be possible to resist the energy.

Anyway, being caught by Frieza will a death, it would be better to try it out in the black hole.

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