Dragon Ball : Broly ch 27

Chapter 27: First battle with Frieza

Broly took a deep breath.

The improvement of the combat power of 160,000 makes him feel that the body was almost at the limit, and the physical pain cannot be described by words.

Fortunately, Ginyu had been killed, so Broly didn’t care about anything. He quickly restored his body to the earliest state and gasped.

Ginyu was still there, and he didn’t want to understand that Broly really has the power to kill him.

“Broly, Lord Frieza will take revenge for me!” Ginyu looked at Broly with a look of hatred and said while vomiting blood.

Broly was too lazy to care about him now. A person who was about to die so what was the use of so much nonsense?

Besides, Broly was now rushing to fix his physical injuries.

For killing Ginyu, Broley used 160,000 combat power, which made his body feel like an earthquake, and he couldn’t tell the hardship.

However, Broly discovered that the energy in the body was healing the injuries with extremely fast speed.

About three minutes later, Broly’s pain had been reduced a lot. However, the normal physical state will take at least half an hour to recover.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Broly looked at Ginyu.

At this moment, Ginyu had closed his eyes. Although there was still vitality it estimated that death was not too far away.

In another minute Ginyu slowly opened his eyes and stared at Broly with a look of unwillingness.

“Lord Frieza, Lord Frieza …” Ginyu gathered all his strength and shouted, then pointed his finger at Broly’s position.

Of course, Broly will not have the slightest pity for Ginyu’s death.

If you are a weaker party then you will be killed by the other party without mercy.

Broly thought to leave this ghost place, Frieza will be coming soon?

However, the pain was hard to imagine.

With Broly’s current physical condition, not the flying, even the slightest move make him feels of hepatobiliary cracking.

Broly thought that before he escapes from this place, he must have to raise his body.

Broly didn’t dare to relax his vigilance. What he needs most now was time.

Even, Broly was praying in secret that Frieza will not come over here. It will be best that Frieza will send a few of his soldiers.

But, does Frieza have a good soldier?

Broly grinned because the famous soldiers of Frieza had been killed by him.

After another twenty minutes, Broly finally felt that his body had improved a lot.

Now he was able to fly normally.

Broly took a deep breath.


Broly threw an energy ball and suddenly smashed Ginyu’s body.

He thought not bad, the body has no slight discomfort.

Moreover, Broly also found that his combat power had improved a lot.

Perhaps that’s why the Saiyans are born again when they are dying, and their fighting power has also increased.

However, just after Broly had flown, he suddenly felt a strong breath rose up in the vicinity.

The next moment, Broly horrified because in front of him Frieza showed his figure with a black face.


Broly’s face had a cold sweat.

When did this guy appear?

Why doesn’t he feel at all?

“Boy, where did you get the button?” Frieza’s triangular eyes silently looked at Broly, and his voice was extremely cold.

Broly smiled lightly.

“Don’t say that Ginyu killed by you?” Frieza said while his brows frowned and thought that if this is the case, then he can’t leave this Saiyan, because it can only be a scourge.

For Frieza’s question, Broly really wants to say “idiot.”

Doesn’t Frieza know that he can’t talk? So why he is asking so much?

“Although I don’t know how you did it, your fate is in my hands now.” Frieza smiled and shook his tail: “Originally, I want to send you to that black hole for seeing that what is in the black hole, but I don’t know what to do now because the injected drugs are useless on you. You really are not simple.”

Broly grinned, but in heart he was depressed.

It seems that Frieza will not let him go this time.

Broly thought that I am going to be killed by Frieza today?

Broly gnashed his teeth and thought that he must not be slaughtered.


Yes, you must fight!

No matter what the price!

Broly made up his mind.

“I pinch you like an ant”. Frieza said and smiled softly then the flame came from in his finger.

This ray of light carries endless energy and goes straight to the heart of Broly.

Broly looked a glimpse, judging from the energy of this light flame that the combat power is already close to 200,000. If he hit by this energy then he must be finished.

Broly was shocked and hurriedly adjusted his breath, struggling to escape this fatal blow.

“Oh? You escape?” Frieza looked at Broly with interest, as if he was admiring the last struggle of a lamb.

Although Broly, fortunately, escaped a fatal blow, Broly found that the powerful energy made him feel the edge of death.

With a little carelessness, he can turn into the dust of space.

“You avoid my fire-jet bomb, it’s very good, but the ants always ants, I said, it’s easier to pinch you than to kill an ant!” Frieza smiled and said. After that, the finger began to condense the flame spray.

Broly’s eyes were bright.

At the same time, Broly glanced at a star, which was not far away and grinned.

The next moment, Broly’s hands were placed on the cheeks.

In the end, with Broly’s head as the center, the glaring flames came out and emit extremely bright light toward the outside.

“Ah… my eyes!” Frieza shouted, his pupils suddenly became white.

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