Dragon Ball : Broly ch 26

Chapter 26: 160,000 combat power

When Broly was about to give Ginyu a fatal blow again, Broly suddenly found out that Ginyu, who was flying in front of him, suddenly turned around.

“Little devil, you want to kill me!” Ginyu said and in his hands, it was already great energy, which instantly went towards Broly.

Broly’s eyes widened and he screamed badly.

However, his distance from Ginyu was too close, and it was too late to escape.


A powerful shock wave immediately hit Broly.

“Hey, little devil, do you really think that you can bully me? I am on the second no in the universe!” Ginyu said while wiping the blood from his lips, and coldly looking at the direction of Broly.

At this moment, the powerful energy had not completely dispersed.

Broly’s figure was disappeared because of the energy.

“Is he alive or not?” Ginyu smiled and said, he didn’t mean to worry.

After all, Frieza also discovered that it will be a curse to keep this kid.

“Hey, have you died?” Ginyu looked coldly at Broly’s direction and asked with a smile. He thought that Broly must be killed by him.

The smoke gradually dissipated, and a short figure gradually appeared.

Suddenly, Ginyu’s eyes widened because he was not able to believe.

In Ginyu’s view, this powerful energy actually turns this kid into dust, but there was still a figure.

Even the body of this kid looks completely fine!

“Impossible, this is impossible!” Ginny shouted.


Broly’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Ginyu, his face had a sneering smile.

“You…you are not hurt?” Ginyu asked. After seeing the state of Broly, Ginyu was even more shocked and stunned.

The energy was so powerful but not even the was damage of this kid.

Ginyu felt like he had a nightmare.

Broly grinned and an evil arc was evoked at the corner of his mouth.

Broly was also shocked. The energy was extremely vast. If his combat power was only raised to 120,000, then he can’t able to bear the energy, he would definitely be seriously injured.

Fortunately, Broly has raised the combat power to 140,000.

Although the body cannot withstand the intensity of 140,000 the body’s defense against the outside world was quite good.

It was this natural defense that makes Broly’s hard-won by the big move of Ginyu.

Broly smiled coldly, gave a heavy punch at the back of Ginyu.


Captain Ginyu vomit blood again and his face became paler.


Then Broly’s hands condensed with a ball of energy with a diameter of ten meters.

The energy ball went straight to the Captain by a very fast speed.

Ginyu’s eyes widened, and although he wanted to avoid it he had been hurt too much, and it was difficult for his body to move.

Then, the powerful energy released by Broly hit him.

Broly frowned his brows. He could sense through the breath of Ginyu that this guy was injured but he still didn’t die.

A tenacious guy!

Broly gnashed his teeth and waits until the smoke dissipates then he rushed towards Ginyu and gave a burst of kicks.

After about three minutes, Broly looked at Ginyu and complained in his heart.

This guy’s vitality is really stubborn, and he had been playing for so long, but he still alive.

Moreover, just now Broly also used a powerful energy ball, still can’t kill him.

Broly knows that Ginyu’s injuries can heal as long as he placed in the treatment room.

If Broly went from here without killing Ginyu then he always felt regret about this.

However, in his current state, it was not easy to kill Ginyu.

“Kid, do you think that if you improve your combat power so you can kill me?” Ginyu said and smiled: “I tell you, my current combat power is not as good as you, but I have 120,000 combat power so my physical strength is also extremely high. Even if your combat power is 140,000, you will not be able to kill me.”

Broly didn’t speak, the facts were in front of him.

“Unless your combat power can be raised to 160,000, means 40,000 more than me, there is no possibility of killing me.” Ginyu smiled coldly and explained: “However, this is not possible. Your maximum room for improvement is, 140,000 only but if you continue to improve, I am afraid that you will die before me!”

Ginyu’s eyes were very sharp, he had already seen it that Broly was forcibly improving his combat power.

And this method of forced promotion was very tuff.

Ginyu found that Broly can raise the combat power to 140,000, which was already his limit.

So Ginyu was also relieved in his heart because his physical strength was high, so Broly can’t kill him unless he increased his combat power higher than 40,000.


Broly secretly thought for a moment and decided to try.


Broly’s powerful atmosphere again increased.

The mighty energy had increased a thousand layers of storms.

Ginyu saw that the momentum of Broly rose again, so he shouted and turned for ran.

However, Broly was faster.

At the next moment, Broly reached the side of Ginyu. At the same time, his hand’s condensed flames and pointed at the heart of Ginyu.


Then, the flame was almost unimpeded, directly penetrating the heart of Ginyu.

Ginyu’s eyes were wide open, while he looked at the hole in his chest and was shocked for a while.

“Why? Why is this?” Ginyu muttered to himself, feeling that his vitality was dissipating, and he believes that he will die completely soon.

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