Dragon Ball : Broly ch 25

Chapter 25: Ginyu is angry.

Ginyu was indeed frightened.

Broly’s combat power was also 120,000.

No wonder that he can’t catch up the speed of this kid.

What shocked Ginyu most was every time he sees Broly there is a huge change in his combat power.

The combat power of 120,000 was absolutely not to be underestimated.

Even when Ginyu was fighting, his back was covered in the cold sweats.

Broly was surprised too that his body could manage 120,000 combat power.

Originally, when Broly trained on this planet, he could withstand up to 100,000 combat power. Broly didn’t think that his combat power can improve in fighting time also.

Moreover, Broly found that after upgrading to 120,000 combat power, there was still room for improvement.

Now Broly was able to compete with Ginyu.

Ginyu was not scared. It wasn’t that he was afraid of Broly’s 120,000 combat power, but he was afraid of his growth rate.


Just in around One month, his combat power had actually increased from 10,000 to 120,000.

In a month, the combat power had increased by a dozen times!

Is this kid really a Saiyan?

In the process of fighting with Broly, Ginyu quickly got in touch with Frieza.

“Ginyu, you contact me, it means that you already caught the Broly, right?” Frieza asked.

“Lord, things are not good… Ahhh…”

Ginyu was just about to say something about Broly, but he just said a few words and then was beaten by Broly.

A yellow-green flame came from Broly’s finger and flashed out.

The flame directly hit the detector on Captain’s eyes.

Suddenly, the detector was torn apart.

The conversation between Ginyu and Frieza was also been interrupted.

“Ginyu, Ginyu?” Frieza was waiting for Ginyu’s reply and became shocked when he saw that the connection was interrupted.

Frieza’s triangular eyes flashed, his long tail shook up and down and leave a long mark on the planet.

“Investigate the situation of Ginyu immediately!” Frieza ordered.

After saying that Frieza thought something and waved his hand while facing the men and said: “Stop, ready the ship, I want to go and visit Ginyu personally there”.

The men didn’t dare to neglect, and immediately arranged the spaceship for Frieza.

The spacecraft started and went straight to the direction of Broly and Ginyu.

At this time, the battle between Broly and Ginyu was still continuing, and Broly became braver.

These days of cultivation was really not tuff, but now he can already be comparable to Ginyu.

Broly thought according to the current growth rate if I have been around for a month or so, can I challenge Frieza?

Thinking of this, Broly became full of excitement.

This is the goal of Broly to challenge the king of the universe, Frieza. Broly knows that Frieza has a lot of room for improvement.

When Broly knows that in ” Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ “, Frieza became extremely powerful after the resurrection.

After around ten minutes fight Broly suddenly sinks into his heart.

Because he found that Ginyu delaying time intentionally.

Frieza definitely will come personally because the connection broke with Ginyu.

Broly screamed in his heart, if Frieza came here then it will be not fun.

Now it’s time to run from here before Frieza come.

However, Broly’s current combat power was equal to Ginyu but if he wants to defeat Ginyu then he must continue to improve his combat power.

Although Broly doesn’t know if his body can withstand higher combat power, he would rather try it! Broly smiled.

Broly intends to increase the combat power to 130,000, or even 140,000.

Broly estimates that raising the combat power to 140,000 may be enough to kill Ginyu.

Thinking of this, Broly’s look was getting heavier.


Then, Broly adjusted his breath, the powerful energy was suddenly spread out from his body.

During this, Broly’s long black hair seemed to alternate between yellow and green flames. However, the yellow-green hair lasted for less than a second, and it restored its original appearance.

Broly’s combat power was soaring like a rocket at this time.

Ginyu’s detector had been destroyed and he can’t sense the breath of others but he can judge from a little change in Broly’s eyes. It seems that the combat power of this little guy has increased.

“Not good!” Ginyu screamed and couldn’t help but be alert.

Broly’s combat power had risen to 140,000, then he immediately looked at Ginyu.

With a muffled sound, Ginyu’s face became white, and his body walked also involuntarily backward.

However, Broly’s body cannot afford the combat power of 140,000, he needs to hold up to five minutes.

Moreover, in these five minutes, he has to suffer a certain amount of pain.

In order to kill Ginyu, Broly had to work hard.

Broly’s combat power had improved, and he was naturally very fast in speed. It was almost no blink of an eye he was already behind Keen.

Broly condensed the energy in his hands and gave a heavy punch on Ginyu’s heart.


The blood came from the mouth of Ginyu and after that, his face instantly became pale.

“Unforgivable, unforgivable!” Ginyu’s eyes became bright red, and he quickly rushed to the bottom.

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