Dragon Ball : Broly ch 24

Chapter 24: Battle with Ginyu

Broly knows that this is not enough. Because his combat power is 20,000 less then Ginyu’s power and the difference is deadly.

Just as Broly wanted to continue practicing, he suddenly sensed that Captain Ginyu is coming to this side.

“This guy coming so soon?” Broly was so disappointed.

He still wants to improve his combat power.

What should I do now?

Broly was not happy, although he can continue to hide, it will be impossible to cultivate.

Because during the time of cultivation it’s necessary to raise the energy.

And if he will increase his energy then Ginyu’s detector will find out where he is hiding.

Broly carefully thought for a moment and decided not to hide this time. He planned to meet Captain.

Moreover, Broly has learned a very useful trick recently and he believes that after the Ginyu sees it, he will be crazy.

Fortunately, the person who came was just not Ginyu there was Jeice with him also.

But Jeice was nothing for Broly.

“Lord Frieza, I found the location of Broly through the genes detector, which provided by the King Vegeta. He is on a planet near the black hole. This planet is very small and it takes only half an hour to reach there.” Captain Ginyu was talking to Frieza at this time.

In the hand of Captain Ginyu, he held a strange instrument, and there was a pointer on the instrument. The orientation of the pointer was exactly where Broly was hiding.

“Very good, this time doesn’t let Broly run away”. Frieza said faintly.

“Lord Frieza, you just wait for good news!” Captain Ginyu said and smiled confidently then threw the genes detector towards Jeice.

Jeice took the genes detector quickly and pointed to the bottom: “Captain, he is below.”

“Oh? What reaction he have?” Ginyu asked with a smile.

“Through the detector, he isn’t moved yet. It seems that he does not know about us.” Jeice smiled and said.

“Haha, if we suddenly appear maybe he will because of fear.” Ginyu said with a smile.

“Well, it will be!” Jeice said and nodded, but his heart shrinking.

After all, the little monster has more than 50,000 combat power, and he is not an opponent of him at all.

Jeice only hopes that the Captain will quickly seize this little thing.

“Go, let’s go to meet him!” Ginyu said, his face had a confident smile.

The two figures crossed the sky and soon came on the side of Broly.

Broly opened his eyes without hesitation and looked at Ginyu and Jeice silently.

“Kid, do you think that I am not able to find you? You killed my men, this time I decided to give you a bitter taste.” Captain Ginyu looked Broly and said with a smile.

“Captain means that he will teach you a good lesson”. Jeice explained.

“Jeice, you shut up, he doesn’t need you to explain!” Ginyu said and grinned.

Broly got up and smiled and didn’t speak.

In fact, Broly can’t speak now, which makes him a little depressed.

“I forgot, you can’t talk, it’s really disappointing.” Ginyu continued: “However, it seems you are very confident, are you thinking about escaping again? ”

Broly grinned, touched his nose and looked up at the sky.

At this time, the sun hangs high in the sky, emitting a hot glow.

The next moment, Broly smiled at the Captain Ginyu, and then his energy broke out from his body.

“80,000… 80,000 combat power!” Jeice was shocked.

“What? What do you say?” After heard the words of Jeice, Ginyu was shocked. Then he smiled and said: “Jeice, your detector much malfunctioning? How could he have 80,000 combat power? Isn’t his combat power only 50,000?”

At the same time, Ginyu quickly see the values on his detector.

From this point of view, Ginyu was also stunned.

Because Broly’s combat power was not only 80,000, it was already 100,000.

“What a joke? 100,000?” Ginyu’s eyes were filled with doubts.


How can the combat power of this kid improve so fast?

After seeing that Broly’s combat power was stopped at 100,000, Ginyu’s heart finally calms down.

“Kid, it’s hard to believe… although I don’t know why your combat power is improved so fast, if you know my fighting power, I believe you will be very scared!” Ginyu said and smiled slightly because 100,000 fighting power was not enough to threaten him, his combat power was still 20,000 more than Broly.

At the same time, Ginyu slowly extended his two fingers then smiled and said: “Kid today I will let you die, my combat power is 120,000! Yes, you have not heard wrong, it’s 120,000!”


Broly didn’t bother to talk nonsense with Ginyu, after raising his combat power, he condensed energy ball without hesitation and throw at Ginyu.

With a loud bang, the dust raised in front of Ginyu.


Broly swiftly went to the back of Jeice, and his hand held energy.

Jeice was stunned.


Poor Jeice, who didn’t fully understand how he killed by Broly.

Even the newly researched genes detector was unfortunately destroyed.

After killing Jeice, Broly looked towards Ginyu.

Broly was ready for the battle and there was also a way of escape. In case if he can’t compete with Ginyu so he will flee from here on time.

However, Broly was annoyed by escaping.

“I will make you unhappy!” Ginyu said and greeted Broly with his huge fist.

Broly was still very calm.

“Well, your speed is very fast!” Ginyu gnashed his teeth and said: “It seems that you don’t afraid of me. You don’t know how good I am!”

At the same time, the speed of Ginyu was also upgraded.

However, what shocked Ginyu was that no matter how much he improved his speed can’t beet Broly’s speed.


At this moment, the number on Ginyu’s detector jumped a bit, and a warning signal was also displayed.

“What? This is impossible, it’s impossible!” Ginyu was shocked.

Because, Ginyu found that the detector showed that the value of Broly’s combat power was as high as him, 120,000.

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