Dragon Ball : Broly ch 22

Chapter 22: Destroy Zarbon and Dodoria

“It’s Zarbon and Dodoria.” Broly quickly recognized that in another spaceship, there were Zarbon, Dodoria, and thousands of soldiers.

When Broly saw that Ginyu and Jeice look somewhere else so he quickly flew to Zarbon’s spaceship.

When he was about to arrive at the spaceship, Broly grinned.

Then, his hand condensed a huge energy ball.

Broly didn’t hesitate. He threw the energy ball at the huge spaceship.

Before that Zarbon and Dodoria were chatting in the spaceship.

The spacecraft also in the direction of Planet Vegeta.

“This time I can’t let this kid run away! After I meet him, compared to my handsome appearance, I like the feeling of strength more and more.” Zarbon held his fist and said.

“I really want to see this little Saiyan devil, how strong he can be.” Dodoria smiled lightly and said.

“You better not see otherwise you will regret that!” Zarbon looked at Dodoria and gave advise.

“The more you say this, the more I want to see how good this little devil is.” Dodoria said confidently: “Isn’t he a Saiyan? The most powerful Saiyan, King Vegeta is nothing in front of me.”

When Dodoria said this, he didn’t avoid Vegeta, who was not too far away and looked at him with a provocative look.

Vegeta leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, he didn’t care about it, and even his expression was not changed.

At this moment, Zarbon suddenly received a call of Frieza.

“What? Broly has already run?” Zarbon said in amazement.

“Was he not monitored by the Ginyu Force?”

“How could he run away?”

“What? Broly killed Burter and Recoome?”

Zarbon heard the latest news from Frieza and he was shocked by the news.

Broly killed Burter and Recoome?

The fighting power of these two people was far more than himself.

Zarbon feels like he is falling into the abyss of hell.

When did this Broly become so powerful?

As of Frieza’s arrangement, Zarbon only nod.

After the call was cut, Dodoria quickly asked: “Zarbon, what happened? Is everything okay?.”

“Okay? Do I look normal? Broly killed Burter and Recoome.” Zarbon shouted.


Vegeta, who was closing his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and were many times larger.

An endless doubt came in his mind.

The cold sweat slipped down from his face.

Who can kill Burter and Recoome is definitely not simple.

Is he…

A terrible word came in Vegeta’s mind.

The legendary Super Saiyan!

A super soldier who only appears once in a thousand years?

Although the age of Vegeta was small his mind was very mature. Instead of paying attention to Zarbon and Dodoria he turns and leaves.

He decided to report this matter to his father so that his father will prepare in advance.

Zarbon and Dodoria were still busy at this time in thinking about Broly.

“Zarbon, Dodoria… that…” One of the men suddenly pointed to the outside of the spacecraft and said, his face was discolored.

“What? Tell clearly!” Zarbon shouted.

However, he had no time to wait for his words to make it clear, so Zarbon and Dodoria looked at themselves and discovered that there was powerful energy, which came straight to themselves.


By a violent explosion, he spacecraft shooked.

At the moment when the spacecraft was shooked, Broly smiled and sensed Zarbon’s breath and then swiftly went towards his position.

Almost not in a blink of an eye, Broly had appeared in front of Zarbon.

Zarbon was furious, and he doesn’t know who wants to destroy his spaceship.

Later, Zarbon found that Broly is in front of him.

“Broly?” Zarbon’s body trembled fiercely. He saw Broly’s mouth had an endless smile, which made him scared.

Zarbon didn’t hesitate and immediately transformed.

The ugly face appeared in front of Broly.

Broly didn’t fear by Zarbon’s transformation, because now he is more powerful than Zarbon.

Just at the moment when the two men were confronted, Dodoria also came out.

Broly didn’t say anything and went to the side of Zarbon.

“What? Fast speed!” Zarbon was stunned.


Broly was not been merciful to his enemy, the energy had long been condensed in his hand and directly penetrated Zarbon’s body.

Poor Zarbon, Frieza’s number one soldier was so easily killed by Broly.

Dodoria was stunned and even he could not believe this fact.

Zarbon is dead?

That means seriously the combat power of this little monster is indeed much more than him.


Dodoria shouted crazily.

Can Broly let Dodoria run away? Although Broly didn’t have much conflict with him suddenly Broly felt that it was a great idea to kill these guys.

Otherwise, he will become the object of being chased.

Taking advantage of explosion Broly easily caught up with Dodoria.

“You…you can’t kill me… can’t…” Dodoria’s yelled endless panickily.

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