Dragon Ball : Broly ch 21

Chapter 21: He Ran

“Ah?” Jeice smiled because he doesn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong?” Captain Ginyu asked after looked Jeice’s reaction and understand that something is not right.

“Captain… Burter, Reccome, and Guldo have been killed by Broly.” Jeice said helplessly.

“What?” Ginyu’s eyes widened and his body trembled.

“They were killed by Broly, and then Broly ran away…” Jeice explained.

“Where did he go?” Captain Ginyu knew that the situation was not good and he had no time to feel for his teammates.

“I saw him running in that direction.” Jeice pointed at the direction and said.

“You immediately report this matter to Lord Frieza… wait. Wait until I catch that Kid!” Captain Ginyu changed his mind and went to chase.

After about ten minutes, Captain Ginyu came back with a depressed face.

“Captain? What happened? What about the kid?” Jeice asked.

“Jeice, you idiot, he is not in that direction at all, he just released an energy ball over there!” Captain Ginyu said furiously.

“That… where is he going?” Jeice was stunned.

“Immediately, look carefully here, he should be here!” Captain Ginyu gnashed his teeth and said.

“Yes!” Jeice didn’t dare to neglect.

At this moment, Broly was hiding under the spaceship leisurely.

The spaceship was so big, it was difficult to find someone if he hid there.

Captain Ginyu and Jeice searched for a long time in the vicinity but didn’t found Broly.

“Damn, where will this kid go?”

Captain Ginyu was very angry.

A small Saiyan baby, which have 30,000 combat power actually escaped under his guard.

Captain Ginyu was wondering how to explain to Frieza and suddenly he heard the call from Lord Frieza.

“Lord Frieza…” Ginyu took the call.

“Ginyu, what’s going on? Why don’t I see the image here, what happened?” Frieza asked.

On the 83rd planet of Frieza, the doctor thought that there was a problem with the signal that’s why the picture was not displayed. So they wait for some time but after that, the doctor reports the matter to Frieza.

After seeing this situation, Frieza quickly connected the phone to Ginyu.

“Lord Frieza… I am sorry, that kid killed Burter, Recoome, Guldo, and ran away…” Ginyu reported. that time Ginyu’s face was very ugly but he didn’t dare to hide this kind of thing, so he reported truthfully.

“What? He ran?” Frieza was furious when he heard the news. Even his long tail made a crack in the ground.

“Lord Frieza, I will find a way to get him back!” Ginyu gnashed his teeth and said quickly.

“If you can’t find him then bring me your head!” Frieza was very angry that Broly actually ran from Ginyu’s hand.

After that Frieza gradually calmed down.

According to the meaning of Ginyu, this kid killed Burter.

Frieza knows that Burt and Recoome had 40,000 fighting power.

And they were actually killed by Broly, which proves that Broly’s combat power has increased to more than 40,000.

Just less than a month after birth, he increased his combat power from 10,000 to 40,000.

This growth rate was really terrible.

A thought came in Frieza mind that still this kid is not a threat to me, but if I let him grow up.

“Contact King Vegeta and ask him how much time he takes to make the genes detector.” Frieza’s face was ugly and cold when he ordered.

Soon, the king contacted.

“Lord Frieza, it’s hard to develop Genes Detector. It will take three more days to research. At this time, we use the latest technology”. King Vegeta explained and then he asked: “Lord Frieza, Broly already caught by Ginyu Force so why you need a genes detector?”

“You don’t have to worry about it, immediately send me the detector when it will be complete!” Frieza said and cut the connection.

King Vegeta was a bit puzzled, but he quickly made a judgment.

Frieza wants a genes detector that means he wants to find Broly.

So Broly has already run away?

Otherwise, why he needs genes detector?

In King Vegeta’s opinion, Broly was waiting for the opportunity to escape from the supervision of others.

Poor King, he still thinks that Broly’s combat power is still around 10,000.

It’s no wonder that Frieza blocked the news very tightly. Except for a few core members, no one knows that Broly’s combat power has raised to a high degree.

Even Vegeta also don’t know about it.

Broly was so quietly hiding under the spaceship, waiting for the opportunity to escape.

However, at this moment, the spacecraft temporarily stopped in the space.

Broly knew that if he stayed here for a long time, he would eventually be discovered when more people came.

Instead of doing this, it was better to try to out.

He just needs to avoid the Captain Ginyu.

However, just as Broly planned to move, he suddenly sensed two other powerful breaths and found another spaceship flying from a distance.

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