Dragon Ball : Broly ch 18

Chapter 18: Injects detection energy

“Swallowed!” Jeice’s face became ugly, he gnashed his teeth and said: “There are my favorite biscuits and chocolate on the planet, I will never forgive him!”

Jeice said and his hands already condensed the two huge energy. Ginyu saw that Jeice wants to do the same stupidity of Burter’s.

“Jeice, are you stupid!” Captain Ginyu shouted coldly.

“Captain…” Jeice didn’t dare to say anything, he hurriedly collected the energy.

“Stupid, didn’t you see Lord Frieza here?” Captain Ginyu said angrily.

“Yes… please forgive me”. Jeice said in a respectful manner hurry.

“No problem.” Frieza smiled slightly but didn’t blame Jeice.

The next moment, Frieza’s eyes silently looked at the black hole in the distance, after a few seconds, suddenly a thought flashed in his mind

Frieza stared at Broly by the pair of triangle eyes.

When Broly watched Frieza’s eyes, he felt bad.

“How long has the black hole appeared?” Frieza asked silently.

“Lord Frieza, the black hole should have just appeared, it is no more than an hour.” Captain Ginyu said respectfully.

“So, there will be at least seven days for the black hole, great”. Frieza said with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Captain Ginyu asked.

“You will know later.” Frieza smiled and said: “Let’s go back.”


The people, who were present there, were no longer hesitant, and they all boarded the spaceship.

Broly wants to escape, but he was helpless, he was now controlled by Ginyu and others, and it was very difficult to escape from this place.

Unless, Broly, don’t want to die.

On the spaceship, Broly thought about the enemy’s policy.

He thinks about every possibility but felt that with his strength he has no way to be safe.

It was like an ant using various methods at the human feet but still, it will be trampled by the feet.

After boarding the spaceship, Frieza told Ginyu to bring Broly to him.

“Kid, you are not easy.” Frieza said with a smile and looked at Broly: “You have destroyed my two planets. Do you know how muck men put there year’s of hard work on those planets.”

Broly wanted to talk, but the sound that came out was a “squeaky” sound, he forgot that just less than a month before he was born.

“Oh, I forgot, you can’t talk.” Frieza smiled softly and sighed in a low voice: “These people take so long to speak after birth. Then we are like demons for you, we can reach 200,000 combat power in the first battle, and we can talk when we are born!”

Broly nodded.

“Okay, let’s to the business!” Frieza grinned and looked at Broly: “I know you can understand what I say, so if you agree, it’s best to give me a nod.”

Broly responded with a nod.

Broly doesn’t know when he will become a Super Saiyan. But after that, he doesn’t need to be afraid of Frieza.

“You just saw the black hole,” Frieza said and looked at Broly: “According to our people’s research this hole is a way of another universe. But unfortunately, Any instrument that enters were swallowed up.”

Hearing it, Broly felt bad. Because he understood that Frieza wants to experiment with him.

“There are few people, besides me and you, who can live in the universe without an oxygen hood. But these peoples combat power is too low..” Frieza continued: “So I want to send you to take a look at the black hole for me. What do you say?”

Broly smiled and nodded, no rejection.

Because, Broly knows that even if he refuses, it will be useless. What Frieza decided was not something he can resist.

But thing made him self-satisfied.

“I am very satisfied with your performance.” Frieza smiled and said: “Of course, before entering the black hole, I might get something on your body, I hope you don’t have any objection. You can rest assured, these things are just for monitoring. If you will really reach another universe, then we can understand the situation of the universe through everything you see.”

Broly held his chin and thought about it then nodded gently.

“Okay, let’s do it.” Frieza was very satisfied with Broly’s attitude. This kid looks very obedient.

However, in order to prevent accidents, Frieza told the Ginyu force about Broly, so he will not run out of the lab.

After all, on this spaceship, Broly’s combat power was one of the best.

Broly was sinking in his heart. He really wanted to run away while doing the experiment. Unfortunately, the old fox Frieza was far-sighted and he could not escape.

Broly was taken to the 83rd planet of Frieza.

On the planet of the 83rd, there was a special laboratory with various studies.

Under the surveillance of the team, he entered the study room and lay in the chair of the laboratory.

Later, Broly’s body was also plugged with various instruments, apparently wanting to enter something strange thing in his body.

Broly was very upset, but when he saw the captain of Ginyu standing near him, he thought.

Ginyu is here, so Frieza is also near this lab. If he attacks then he will be really finished.

Well, first try to resist the things uploaded by these instruments.

“Start injecting!” The lab’s researcher said.

The next moment, some strange potions on the instrument entered the body of Broly.

A strange liquid entered into his body and spread into the skin.

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