Dragon Ball : Broly ch 17

Chapter 17: Devouring

Just as Captain Ginyu spoke, Burter’s energy ball went straight to the black hole.

But Burter’s energy ball didn’t play any role and directly disappeared.

Broly looked at it and understood that the energy ball swallowed up by the black hole.

It was only a little bit of flame for the black hole, which can’t able to hurt him.

“Well, don’t waste your energy, hurry to prepare the spaceship, we will leave this ghost place immediately.” Ginyu said, and after that, he quickly got in touch with Frieza and told him about the black hole.

“What? That thing has appeared again? It’s so interesting!”

Frieza was not worried by Ginyu information but was a little excited.

“You don’t want to evacuate, wait for me there, I will be there soon!” Frieza ordered.

“We going form here, Lord Frieza will come over here soon”. Ginyu said.

“What does Lord Frieza want to do?” Jeice asked doubtfully.

“How I know? Don’t ask me stupid questions.” Ginyu scolded.

Broly was also somewhat puzzled. He thought that it seems that Frieza found that the black hole appeared, and he was very excited.

At this time, Broly found a short, swollen-eyed guy flying up from below.

The person who came was the fifth member of Ginyu force, Guldo.

Broly knows that Guldo’s combat power is not very high, it was around 8,000. But this guy has some kind of superpower so he can’t be underestimated.

“Guldo, you idiot, you flying really slow.” Jeice scolded Guldo.

Guldo was not angry, he just smiled.

“It’s strange, is this black hole just emerging? Why haven’t we seen it before?” Burter ignored Guldo and looked at the direction of the black hole and whispered.

“Since you are so interested, then I tell you.” Ginyu smiled and explained: “This monster appears in every ten years. Every time it appears, it devours a lot of planets and stops when he swallows to a certain extent. The size of this monster also increases by dozens of times. These are not the key points. The main point is that according to Lord Frieza, there may be another space of the other side of this black hole. And he wants to use this monster to see if we can get to another space and dig something valuable.”

“Another space? What will it be?” Jeice asked.

“I don’t know about this question”. Ginyu said with a smile.

When Broly heard this, he wanted to try the black hole but when he thought that Burter’s energy ball was easily swallowed up by the black hole, he immediately stopped that idea.

He swallowed up a powerful energy ball so easily so implementing this idea will a stupidity.

Besides that, Ginyu calling the black hole a “monster”, which shows that this black hole was obviously extraordinary.

But if he not left from here, so he will be caught by Frieza.

“Kid, do you want to escape again? Useless, your combat power is unable to escape from our hands.” Jeice said and smiled while looking at Broly, obviously, he guessed right.

Broly grinned and ignored.

At this moment, Broly suddenly felt that there was an extremely strong breath that was flying towards him.

Judging from this powerful atmosphere, it was definitely Frieza, no doubt.

Broly knows that Frieza would come over here, but he didn’t expect that Friza will come so fast.

This is really bad.

Ginyu and others looked around.

It seems that it was not easy to escape from these people. Even if he fights to them, then it will be like slap himself. In the end, he can’t escape.

Broly bites his tongue and waits for Frieza, hopes that Frieza will not take him to research.

Ten seconds later, Frieza’s huge spacecraft stopped near Ginyu and others.

The spacecraft door opened, Frieza smiled and flew out.

Soon, Frieza discovered Broly, who was besieged by Ginyu and others. His tail shook slightly and his smile became more bright.

“You are Broly?” Frieza flew slowly at Broly and asked.

Broly didn’t speak now but nodded silently while looking at Frieza with a vigilant.

“It is not easy to turn the group of us with your strength”. Frieza said with a smile, but while doing this, his triangle eyes looked sharply.

In the meantime, two bright red flames were coming out from Frieza’s eyes in the direction of Broly.

Broly was shocked, but then he sensed that the two energies were not very high. According to his fighting power, these two bright red flames were nothing.

After a little hesitation, Broly didn’t dodge, but let the flames hit him.


The two flames directly hit Broly’s body.

With a muffled sound, Broly’s body flew up to a height, and then blood came out from his mouth and his face became pale.

“This is a lesson for you. I have an urgent matter, when I will finish that then I will deal with you!” Frieza looked at Broly with satisfaction and said. Then he turned his eyes to the black hole.

Broly really couldn’t understand what Frieza wanted to do. He just pretended.

At this time Broly suddenly discovered that the black hole was moving towards the planet now.

The next moment, the planet suddenly changed the channel and was swallowed up by the black hole.

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