Dragon Ball : Broly ch 16

Chapter 16: Monster appears again.

Just as Broly had turned around, he became shocked. The four powerful breathes were coming towards his side.

Was discovered!

Broly gnashed his teeth and speeds up the pace of travel.


Suddenly, Broly found a flame, which flew straight to his front.

Then, the other three lights flashed behind him and suddenly surrounded him.

Fast speed!

Broly was shocked. These four guys were far faster than him in speed!

“Ginyu force… Recoome, Jeice, Burter, Ginyu.”

The next moment, these four people put a very crappy shape, and after posing, Jeice couldn’t help but said: “The speed of that idiot Guldo’s is too slow, and our pose is not perfect!”

“Yah, Captain Ginyu, you should kick the idiot out of the team, he always drags our legs back!” Recoome also said.

“Well, let’s talk about this later, first let’s meet this little guy who became the headache of Zarbon.” Ginyu said and nodded, then looked at Broly with a smile.

Broly thinks that these four guys are not others, it was the number one team of Frieza… Ginyu force.

No wonder these four guys are so powerful, they are really a headache.

This is a bit troublesome!

Broly called in his heart.

They all surpassed his combat power, even one of them had 120,000 combat powers, they will not leave him alive.

Broly looked around if there was any way to escape.

However, it seems that Ginyu had discovered Broly’s mind, so they stand in four different directions, making it difficult for Broly to escape.

“Little guy, I heard that you performed very well and almost made Zarbon die.” Captain Ginyu said with a smile to Broly: “But it’s a pity that you meet us. Don’t even think about running away.”

“Captain, Why are you taking so much? This kid is a newly born baby, how can he understand what we are talking about?” Jeice said.

“Jeice, shut up.” Ginyu said, then continued to face Broly: “Little guy, if you can understand me then nod.”

Broly nodded lightly.

“He…he understands?” Jeice was shocked.

“It’s not a big deal, his combat power was 10,000 when he born, and he seriously injured Zarbon. So, of course, he can understand what we are talking about.” Ginyu explained, then he looked at Broly and asked: “Kid, it seem that still, you are not able to talk?”

Broly nodded again, and then he again starts looking around.

“Little guy, don’t look around, Lord Frieza will come here soon, this time you can’t run away.” Ginyu said with a smile.

When he heard this, Broly sank in his heart.

Was Ginyu less that now Frieza is coming too.

Broly wants to cry now without tears, he doesn’t know what to do.

If his current combat power will be upgraded, it will reach last to 50,000 or 60,000. But that will far from being the opponent of Ginyu, so there was no need to even think about Frieza.

“Since you can understand me, so….” Ginyu smiled and said, but didn’t do anything to Broly, politely pointed to the planet and said: “I tell you in advance. If you want to escape or destroy our planet so I don’t mind to turning you into a disable.”

Broly smiled, now, he can’t even take one step.

Then, under the leadership of Ginyu and others, Broly moved towards the direction of their planet.

In this process, Ginyu got in touch with Frieza.

“Lord Frieza, as you expect, Broly has arrived at our planet and we have caught him.” Ginyu smiled and said to Frieza.

“Not bad.” Frieza’s voice finally became softer.

“Lord Frieza, do you want me to bring this kid to you personally?” Ginyu asked.

“No, this little guy is very cunning so I will come”. Frieza said with a smile and he was very satisfied with the Ginyu and his force.

Broly obviously heard the conversation between Ginyu and Frieza, and he was puzzled.

What is this loophole?

After making a phone call Ginyu looked at Broly again. It seemed he had discovered the confusion of Broly’s heart. He smiled and explained: “You must be wondering why we will appear in this place. Let me tell you, after you left the 45th planet, you entered the surveillance of Lord Frieza, and Lord Frieza knows that you will likely to appear near our planet, so I am here waiting for you to hook up.”

Broly frowns his brows, who knows that Frieza can monitor the space.

However, Broly’s luck was not so bad so that these people were very kind to him.

He doesn’t know what Frieza was trying to do.

Broly knew that Frieza was not a good man, so he had to find a way to get out from here before Frieza arrive.

However, run from under the encirclement of Ginyu force was indeed a very big headache.

“Captain, what is this?”

Just as Broly thought about how to escape, he heard Jeice was pointing to the hole and asked Ginyu.

Broly looked in the direction of Jeice’s finger. The position was the black hole, which he just saw?

The black hole was a bit close to the planet.

“Not good, this monster appears again!” After seeing the black hole, Ginyu said and his face had already changed.

“Captain, what is that?” Jeice asked again: “Isn’t it just a black hole? How can it be a monster?”

“Don’t ask, quickly evacuate the planet!” Ginyu’s cold face commanded.

“Captain, you don’t have to make such a fuss?” Burter said, while speaking this, Burter’s hand had already condensed a huge energy ball and threw it in the direction of the black hole.

“Idiot, your attack it, you don’t know what this monster is!” Ginyu shouted: “No one is able to deal with this monster, not even Frieza!”

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