Dragon Ball : Broly ch 15

Chapter 15: Strange Black Holes

After doing all this, Frieza went to the palace to come down himself.

Broly was hiding in a dark corner, silently thinking about how to escape from here.

Broly knew that if he flies away from the planet now, he would soon be noticed by Frieza.

Because Broly discovered that these aliens have a high level of technology and monitors everywhere. If he flies, they will discover him soon.

Others were not a problem, but Broly knows that if he fights with Frieza, then he will definitely die.

If he catches up by this guy, then this life will really finish like a mouse.

After three hours or so, Broly looked up, it was completely black.

Like a night of death.

Fortunately, there was a night on this planet.

Broly felt that at least he had to rest, he doesn’t know that Frieza could sleep or not?

No matter what, give it a try!

Broly thought for a long time that there was no way to escape. He felt that if he stayed here, sooner or later he will be found by Frieza, it would be better to try it.

After making this decision, Broly suddenly raised energy.

The next moment, Broly’s hand condensed a huge yellow-green flame, without any hesitation, he directly aimed at the ground.


With a loud band sound, the entire planet was shaken by the powerful energy of Broly.

Looking at the situation, the planet will take a long time to explode.

Taking advantage of this time, Broly went to a small spacecraft, opened the hatch, and entered into then immediately came out.


The spaceship went straight into space.

Instead of taking a spaceship, Broly chose to fly by himself and headed into space from another direction.

When Broly released the energy ball, Frieza and others were indeed resting.

Frieza slept soundly, and he awakened by the strong vibration on the planet. At that time, he wanted to see what happened.

Soon, Frieza judged that 80% of this incident was done by Broly, and he was really mad at him.

After Frieza was awakened, Zarbon and Dodoria also flew up quickly.

Vegeta is no exception. He stood silently behind Frieza and didn’t know what Frieza was thinking.

“Check everything that flies off the planet!” Frieza said and looked around with his sharp eyes.

In just a minute, Frieza’s sharp triangular eyes found that a small spaceship was flying into space.

Just in a second, the spaceship disappeared.

“Where is the spaceship going?” Frieza didn’t chase but asked.

Zarbon quickly investigated through the instrument and quickly replied: “Lord Frieza, the spaceship is going to the Planet Vegeta.”

Zarbon looked at Vegeta with a doubt.

Vegeta was cold and didn’t speak.

“Follow him!” Frieza said with a smile then added: “Zarbon, Dodoria, you two stay here, without my order, don’t leave!”


In the next moment, Frieza flew to the other spaceship with a lot of men and went straight to his home base. Planet No. 83.

Frieza and others just left and the whole planet made a roar.


The planet exploded, bursting with beautiful fireworks.

When Broly saw that Frieza and others were going to track the spaceship, he became very excited than he quickly flew into space, looking an exploding planet for a while.

It seems that it will be not a good idea to take a spaceship to another planet.

No matter what kind of spacecraft he rides, it was very difficult to escape from the monitoring range of Frieza.

Now, Broly wants a planet to live, and cultivation.

With this in mind, Broly looked at a certain planet and found that Frieza had already gone, then he quickly flew over there.

He doesn’t know how long it took. When Broly arrived on the planet, he suddenly found out that there was a huge black hole on that planet.

Above the black hole, there is a burning flame, and the arc was surging.

What is this?

Broly looked at it. He heard about it in the old world. If he entered the black hole, he might arrive in another space.

After saw the flames and arcs emerging from the black hole, however, Broly had 30,000 fighting power, but he didn’t dare to try.

After all, if this black hole has a very powerful lethality, then he maybe dies.

Moreover, Broly can sense that the black hole had very huge energy, not as simple as one thinks.

Broly no longer cares about the black hole and plunging towards the planet.

In fact, the black hole was not too far away, but there is still a long way for Broly. If it will be just like flying, it will take at least an hour.

The universe was so vast, an hour of flight time was already very close.

Just as Broly was about to approach the planet he was optimistic about, he suddenly felt that there were several extremely strong breaths on this planet.

Among them, the three breaths had already reached a height of 40,000.

This was nothing because another breathes combat power was at least 120,000.

This… whose planet is this?

How can there be such a strong combat power?

Broly frowned, without hesitation, he flew in the opposite direction.

The combat power of 120,000 was really scary.

With a combat power of around 40,000, Broly can try to fight hard, but when he encounters the combat power of 120,000, he decides to hurry and run from there.

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