Dragon Ball : Broly ch 14

Chapter 14 Frieza’s advent

Several aliens had tears in their eyes when they embrace each other.

Finally, Lord Frieza’s task was fulfilled. This little monster finally sent himself to the 45th planet.

Several aliens can’t wait to celebrate.

“Look, what is that?”

Just as the aliens were dancing happily, one person saw a puzzling scene through the screen and quickly asked his companions.

The rest of the people immediately looked at the screen.

Later, they discovered that there was a huge ball of light was falling towards the planet.

This was endless energy on the light ball, the yellow-green light flashes, and there was an electric arc, so they saw with there stunning eyes, and each eye was bigger than the light bulb.

“Oh no, the planet is going to destroy!”

Then, these aliens immediately reacted and fled in the direction of the spacecraft.

However, it was too late.


The huge energy ball fell on the planet, with the booming sound the planet was torn apart and became the dust of space.

Of course, the initiator of this matter was Broly.

He wouldn’t have a good impression of this planet. After he reached into space, he threw an energy ball on the 38th planet.

Broly suddenly felt that the fireworks on the planet were really pretty.

He appreciates the fireworks then Broly grinned but the heart was not calm.

Broly felt that all things, which happened on the 38th planet, were a bit weird.

There must be some conspiracy.

But, what?

Broly felt a bit wrong because he was still small, although he had a lot of energy, but he still can’t able to talk.

He doesn’t know how much time it took, after which then he will able to speak.

He also worried that he doesn’t know which things he is not able to do.

For example, if Broly can speak, you can treat others just now on the planet, and he will how to control the spacecraft, whereby he leaves the sphere of influence of Frieza.

After thinking about this for a long time in the spaceship, Broly didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.

The only thing that makes worried him was the location of the spaceship.

If the spacecraft sent him to the planet where Frieza lived, then he will be finished.

So Broly thought sensed the atmosphere around him. If he found a strong breath, he would immediately sneak out from the spaceship and escape.

As a result, Broly sensed but did not feel anything wrong.

Moreover, Broly found that the direction of the spacecraft was not the previous direction.

As a result, Broly thought that he was indeed further and further away from the sphere of Frieza’s influence.

Broly intends to see where the spacecraft will eventually travel.

He doesn’t know how long it took, but Broly finally arrived at the 45th planet of Frieza.

For Broly, this planet was about the same as the 38th planet, the difference was not too much.

Broly carefully sensed the surrounding atmosphere, he can sense that the highest combat power on this planet was only about 10,000, and there was nothing to worry about.

Just as Broly became a little bit calm, he suddenly sensed a strong and unmarginal breath, which rushed towards this planet.


Broly was shocked.

Only Frieza can have it this kind of strong atmosphere.

Broly did clearly sense the power of this guy.

Broly guessed that Frieza’s surface energy was at least 500,000. If he increased then it will reach the tens of millions of combat power easily.

Broly thinks about his own combat power, it was only a little more than 30,000. Compared with Frieza, it was simply pitiful.


Broly throws the spaceship and just prepares to leave but he didn’t.

Frieza should arrive soon, leave under his gaze will be very risky.

After all, Broly knows that Frieza can survive in space.

Space is so vast that it will be very easy to hide. But it’s not difficult for Frieza.

Broly grinned and condensed two yellow-green energy balls in his hand’s and throw them in two directions.

The next moment, Broly became a streamer, he held his breath and hides in a corner of the planet.

Just as Broly had thrown the energy ball, Frieza arrived at the planet.

Far away, Frieza saw the two energy balls.

“Zarbon, Dodoria, this must be Broly, you go immediately chase it.” Frieza looking at it, when he gave orders to Zarbon and Dodoria.

Zarbon and Dodoria didn’t dare to neglect, they nodded and chased up to the two energy balls of Broly.

After twenty minutes, the two came back with a slap in there faces.

“What? They were just two ordinary energy balls? Aren’t they?” Frieza’s face became gloomy, he didn’t expect that the Saiyan devil actually had that kind of way.

Actually, a little kid deceived Frieza.

But in the next moment, Frieza laughed and said with a smile: “This little guy is getting more and more interesting. I think he should not leave this planet. Let King Vegeta send the genes detector immediately.”

After hearing the words of Frieza, They immediately ordered King Vegeta.

After three minutes, the replay came: “Lord Frieza, the genes detector is very complicated to manufacture. It takes about five days to make a new one. The technology has broken, but it can be mass-produced.”

Frieza heard the words and looked back at Vegeta.

Vegeta looked at Frieza with a blank expression.

Because, recently, Vegeta took the genes detector and found the planet where Broly hide. As a result, after the destruction of the planet, the gene detector also was destroyed.

Without the genes detector, Frieza and others really had no way to find Broly.

“He should be on this planet, let people monitor the space. Once they find a clue, immediately report it to me.” Frieza said angrily.

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