Dragon Ball : Broly ch 13

Chapter 13: Frieza’s No. 38 Planet

Broli was very tense and nervous, so he decided to sense the breath. If he feels a stronger atmosphere so he will leave the spaceship.

Fortunately, Broly found that the direction of the spacecraft, there was no strong atmosphere nearby, and even the combat powers were not more than a few thousand.

Broly’s heartbeat gradually lowered, he would like to saw the destination of this spaceship.

At the same time, Vegeta suspended in space, with a cold smile on his face.

He rubbed his nose, his tail fluttering, his eyes fixed on the direction of Broly’s spaceship.

In the meantime, Vegeta glanced at his side and said coldly: “Are you still alive?”

“His Royal Highness, who steal our spaceship?” Nappa face a big explosion, but he did not die, he asked worriedly.

“Are you an idiot?” Vegeta shook her head and asked.

Nappa scratched his head and smirked.

“Of course that was Broly. If you are so stupid, then don’t ask me anymore in the future.” Vegeta said angrily.

“Broly? That bastard!” Nappa pinched his fist and said: “When I find him, I must smash him!”

“Do you have that much fighting power? Broly has 10,000 combat power, what about you?” Vegeta asked.

“What I said is… hahahaha”. Naba said and laughed at himself.

“What are you waiting? Hurry and contact the headquarters, let them send a spaceship!” Vegeta said unhappily.

After an hour or so, Vegeta took the spaceship and came to the 83rd planet of Frieza.

Frieza spent most of his time on this planet. When he saw Vegeta returning, he greeted him with affection.

“Hello, Lord Frieza, I am sorry, Broly runs from my hands, but I will grab him to you!” Vegeta pinched his fist and said to Frieza.

“Well, this kid is a traitor to your Saiyan. You have to find a way to catch him.” Frieza didn’t blame Vegeta, even looked at him with a smile and said: “Vegeta, Your ability is completely defeated him. His combat power is more than 10,000, and you have reached 15,000.”

“Yes!” Vegeta nodded excitedly.

After Vegeta left, Frieza’s triangle eyes were full of smiles.

He didn’t tell Vegeta, the true combat power of Broly.

This time, Dodoria didn’t ask why he doing this. He looks that Frieza was very happy.

“Dodoria, investigate, was Broly took the Vegeta’s spaceship?” Frieza said faintly: “And is the next target of this spaceship is my 38th planet?”

“Okay! “Dodoria nodded.

“Tell me immediately”. Frieza said with a cold face.

After saying this, Frieza got up from his seat and his cold eyes became deeper.

“Yes!” Dodoria looked tight and said then after a moment of silence he whispered: “Lord Frieza, it is. Do you want to go to the 38th planet?”

“What do you say?” Friez asked and his tail starts fluttering gently.

Dodoria was so scared that he no longer dared to talk nonsense.

“Of course I will not go to the 38th planet. I am going to the 45th planet.” Frieza smiled and said. Dodoria became puzzled by Frieza’s decision.

It was clear that Broly will reach to the 38th planet. Why does Frieza choose to go to the 45th planet?

After a day or so, Broly found the spacecraft flying towards a distant planet.

It seems that the spacecraft wants to land on this planet.

After ten seconds or so, the spacecraft settled on the planet.

Broly thought that planet should belong to a Saiyans or Frieza.

However, what makes Broly a bit strange was that no one on this planet comes to meet him.

Broley secretly thought that he had robbed Vegeta’s spaceship, so King Vegeta will have received the news.

King Vegeta certainly knows the orbit of the spacecraft and knows where the spacecraft will land.

According to Broly, someone will come to attack him on this planet.

Of course, Broly had already sensed that the most powerful breathe on this planet, but that was only 8,000 or so combat power, which simply not enough.

That’s why Broly stay on this planet for the time being.

Broly intends to change a spaceship. It will be best to find a spacecraft that go to a distant planet, far away from the battlefield, and wait until he cultivated to a certain extent before returning to Frieza or King Vegeta to take revenge.

Broly looked around and saw a small circular spaceship parked near his own ship.

Broly walked there, it was easy to find a remote control on the spacecraft and took it down.

He pressed the button on the remote control and with a “click” sound, the mini spacecraft door opened.

At the same time, in the monitoring room of this planet, several aliens are busy.

They became so excited when they saw Broly open the door of the mini spacecraft.

“Haha, as long as he is on this spaceship, he will soon arrive on the planet where Lord Frieza is!”

“Wait, this Saiyan’s little ghost fighting power is only about 30,000, why don’t we attack him?”

“Are you an idiot?” An alien said: “His combat power is only 30,000, but he seriously hurt Zarbon? Do you think we can compete with him?”

“This newly born Saiyan has 10,000 combat power. This guy is terrible!”

At the same time, on the monitor, they looked at every move of Broly.

At the same time, they are also praying that Broly will enter in the spaceship and then flew to the 45th planet.

“He… he went up, hahaha, great!”

The next moment, these aliens discovered that Broly entered in the spaceship.

Then the spaceship went straight to the 45th planet of Frieza.

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