Dragon Ball : Broly ch 11

Chapter 11: Genes Detector

Ten minutes later, Broly’s hand held a piece of dinosaur meat, Broly hasn’t eaten anything since birth.

If this was an ordinary person then he will not be able to withstand. This was equal to breastfeeding.

Although the Tyrannosaurus was tall and mighty it was still easy to deal for Broly, whose fighting power had reached 20,000.

How excited was Broly? He didn’t expect the dinosaurs grow in the yellow sand.

In the past twenty minutes, the huge dinosaur, except for the bones, was eaten by Broly.

It’s hard to imagine how Broly’s body digest that much.

After eating, Broly made hug energy between his hand.


The energy ball hit the meandering sand.

With a loud noise, the yellow sand rises into the sky.

Then, along with the yellow sand, there was clear spring water, which was like a fountain.

Broly was really happy.

He didn’t expect that in the depths of the yellow sand, there would be animals and water were hidden.

He felt vast energy was rushing in his body. so he decided to stay there.

At the same time, Frieza, King Vegeta, and others launched a search for Broly.

However, what hurts both sides was that Broly’s breath had completely disappeared, no matter how hard they work, they were always unable to capture the whereabouts of Broly.

“Lord Frieza, Broly’s breath has completely disappeared, I think he dies in the space” Dodoria guessed.

“Zarbon, what do you think?” Frieza smiled and asked Zarbon while looking at him, his triangle eyes flashed.

“Lord Frieza, Broly must not die. If this little devil is so easy to die, then he is not Broly.” Zarbon said confidently: “I am 80% sure that he accidentally learned to control energy, he deliberately hides his breath, so we can’t able to find him!”

“Dodoria, what do you think?” Frieza looked at Dodoria again and asked.

“It seems a bit reasonable…” Dodoria said with a cry.

“Let the King Vegeta find Broly.!” Frieza’s eyes flashed a faint red light, but an uneasiness suddenly appeared in his heart.

However, this uneasiness soon disappeared.

Broly is just a small child with 20,000 or so combat power when he was born. But his combat power is several hundred times better than Broly.

Nothing to worry.

Frieza was looking for Broly, and King Vegeta was also.

However, the technology, which King Vegeta and Frieza were used, were universal, But they can’t find the whereabouts of Broly by scientific instruments.

“Where did this little devil go?” King Vegeta pinched his fist and yelled.

“King Vegeta, I have a way, maybe that way we will able to find that little devil.” It’s not someone else who spoke, it was Bana, who was almost killed by Broly.

Broly had no time to kill him properly.

Bana’s vitality was still very tenacious. He was rescued by his compatriots and sent to the treatment room.

Now Bana had no physical discomfort.

“What is the solution?” King asked.

“King Vegeta, is Broly’s father still alive? His body not disposed of?” Barna asked. Then said: “Since the kid is a child of Paragas, So, can we use the genes of Paragas to create an instrument that can find the whereabouts of Broly’s body.”

After hearing this, King Vegeta smiles brightly.

However, it was necessary to use genes to find the figure of Broly, they don’t need to go that far.

When Broly was born, he lived in the nutrition room, so definitely his hair fell in that room.

As long as Broly’s hair was taken for analysis, the genes extracted and the corresponding instruments can be studied.

Soon, the researchers made research and began to develop that mysterious instrument.

Broly didn’t think that King Vegeta and others would study that kind of weird instrument to find him.

At this time, he living on a large desert planet for ten days.

Over time, Broly’s body also changed a little, and now he had grown a lot.

In addition, in these ten days, Broly’s combat power had also increased a lot.

Broly’s combat power was 20,000 but now he can increase his energy to 40,000.

Broly was also surprised after seeing this result.

The blood of the legendary Super Saiyan was unusual. It was more than 20 days since he was born and his combat power increase to this extent.

Moreover, his powerful energy was always hot and bloody, as if he wants to fight.

In addition, Broly also found a problem.

His food also affects his combat power.

For example, after eating tyrannosaurus the combat power increased least 5,000.

Of course, Broly knows that it Zarbon okay to deal with Saab with his current fighting power, but he is too far to deal with Frieza.

On this day, Broly practiced on this planet.

Suddenly, he sensed several powerful breaths appeared nearby in space.

After Broly sensed these breaths, his face was full of smiles.

Among these breaths, there was a breath, he was very familiar with. It was King on Planet Vegeta

He didn’t expect King Vegeta will find him.

With the current fighting power of Broly, of course, he was not afraid to King.

However, in order to prevent the accident, Broly carefully checked a few breaths for confirming that Frieza didn’t with them, and then he revealed a deep smile.

King Vegeta, today I will clear your account.

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