Super Demon ch 13

Chapter 13: Beautiful Lolli!

Sam picks Robin, and come into the room of Captain. He saw a girl tied to the bed. Looking at her clothes, she is safe.

She looked towards Sam in fear.

Sam know what she is thinking, so Sam put Robin on her side, and said: “I killed all the pirates outside, if you know how to clean the deck, I will open your rope.”

After hearing this, that girl vigilence didn’t go down. Her eyes are filled with disdain.

Sam didn’t say anthing, and directly opened her ropes.

She moves her wrist, but didn’t try to attack.

Sam is also shocked, because, from her behavior and personality, she didn’t feel like a villager. Yes, she wore villager’s clothing, but the temprament difference is too much.

Sam didn’t dwell on these things, and said: “Go and release your friends as well, but after that, you all have to clean the deck as new, Ok?”

She didn’t answer and stood up from bed, while walking out. She wants to see, what type of trick this pirate is playing. But just as soon as she saw the scene of the deck, she vomited.

Sam didn’t care much.

Sam pick Robin once again, and walk towards the bathroom. He know that this little girl has fainted, so he has to wash her myself.

There is some happiness in his heart for this, but always say, I am not a Lollicon.


Sam also found a problem with his body. He looks like 4-5 years old when he arrives in this world and met Robin. After someday, he met Dragon and his look turned like 5-6 years old. And now his looks are just like a 10-11-year-old boy.

If everything goes like this, then will I die in just a few months because of over-age?

Sam thought for a while, then he saw Robin in his arms.

Sam took her into Captain’s personal bathroom.

When he saw the bathroom, he really got shocked.

There is a bathtub, shower, special soap…… Almost everything. Sam didn’t know that Captain Wolf kind of guy who likes to take bath regularly.

Sam took out all the clothes of Robin.

Sam feels the trembling of Robin in his hands, but she didn’t open her eyes. Sam knows that she woke up, but he didn’t ruin her mood after reminding her.

Sam also remove his clothes, so they by mistaken got wet. He picks Robin and starts the shower. Water starts to drip from their bodies, drop by drop. Robin can feel the touch of the skin by skin, and this makes her face red.

Sam took the soap, and apply on every part of Robin’s body.




After taking a shower, Sam took a towel to dry the body of Robin, and after that, he put Robin on the bed naked, and let her sleep.

[First, they didn’t have sex now…. so don’t fuss about it…. And he let her sleep naked, because previous clothes are all covered in Robin’s vomit.]

After doing that Sam wore his pants, and come out without a shirt. [Because shirt have lots of blood marks]

Sam found that, the girl he release to clean the deck, she fainted at the gate.

Sam comes near the girl and kicked her butt lightly.

Sam feels that his kick almost bounces back, because of the softness of girls butt.

Mostly girls wake up, whenever you touch her sexually. It is like a sixth sense in them.

Girl woke up, and once again found numerous headless body.

[When someone cut the head by sword, it have different meaning and looks, but when head is blasted, you can feel a different scene.]

Girl’s face turned white.

Sam patted on her shoulder and said: “What is your name girl?”

Girl looked back and found a 10-11-year-old boy who just released her before.

“My name is Sasa. Can you tell me, who killed these guys?”

Sasa gather so much courage to ask.

Sam pointed towards himself, and said: “I killed them.”

Sasa really didn’t believe the words of Sam, but she didn’t say anything.

Sam also doesn’t want to explain, so he said: “Clean the deck, before my little friend wakes up. She doesn’t like bloody scene too much. If you need help, there are some people in the slave room of these pirates. When you cleaned us properly, you are free to go anywhere.”

Deck is the best place to exercise, Sam just don’t want to clean this bloody place.

“What? I have to clean this place. Do you know who I…”

Suddenly, she remembers something and didn’t further say it.

“Ok, I will clean it.”

After saying that, she directly run into the slave chamber.

Slave chamber is just below the Deck, so, too much blood seeped below.

There are around 9 women in the slave room. Sasa enters into the slave room, and looked around.

Whole slave room is filled with the smell of blood. Sasa found her target, and directly starts to open her handcuffs.

Little Lolli also woke up from this disturbance, and look in front of her. She finds Sasa, and start crying.

“Princess…. Princess… don’t worry, we are safe now. All the pirates are killed, we are safe.”

Little Lolli suddenly trembles, and before she can be happy, she suddenly remembers something and hurriedly asked: “Does the Navy come?”

Sasa shook her head and said: “No, someone else save us. He also let us go, after I clean the deck for him.”

After Little Lolli handcuffs are opened, she stood up to help others.


Sam already come out, so he thought that Sasa may not be able to pick these many bodies, so he just throw them out of the boat.

When throwing, Sam counted that he killed 47 common pirates and 1 Captain.

Just when he is about to throw the Captain, Robin voice comes.

Sam looked towards her, and found that she is wearing the shirt of Captain Wolf, which almost looks like a nighty to her.

When Sam looked towards her, Robin’s face turned red and she lowered her head.

After a minute, she gather her courage and said: “This Captain may have bounty on his head like mine, so we can also sell his to the Navy.”

Sam shook his head and directly throw the body in the sea. He said: “Are you so foolish? First, if we take his bounty money, Navy will easily locate our position. Second, if you are alone, Navy will not persue you seriously, but now you are with a boy, who is handsome and powerful. We can’t do that.”

“So, we have to find some other way for the money. You don’t worry too much, the money problem I will handle.”

After saying that Sam patted his hands, and start moving towards Captain room.

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