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Marvel Card System

Marvel Card System

I am in the Marvel, with Card System

Reborn Marvel during World War II, Kyle looked at Captain America, the other side of the head is emerging a series of dense cards.

  [Pistol Mastery]
  [Sniper Gun Mastery]
  [Close-up Fighting Mastery]
  [Shield Hit Mastery]
  [Super Human Physique]

Do you choose to extract?

Marvel Card System
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Marvel Card System

Chapter 1: Reborn in Marvel!Chapter 2: Card Draw CapabilityChapter 3: Shooting TestChapter 4: Monster!Chapter 5: Super Soldier Program
Chapter 6: Goes to the front line!Chapter 7: Kills the enemyChapter 8 Cruel WarChapter 9 Captain America and CounterattackChapter 10 Promotion to Corporal
Chapter 11: Sacrifice CardsChapter 12: The beginning of the raidChapter 13 Sneak CardChapter 14 Girl and KillingChapter 15 Hidden basement
Chapter 16 Unlimited EnergyChapter 17 Thrilling BreakoutChapter 18 The Grand Fireworks of WarChapter 19: End of CampaignChapter 20: Jumping
Chapter 21: 2 cards drawnChapter 22: Met SteveChapter 23 Super Soldier CapabilitiesChapter 24: Poor people rely on variationChapter 25: Rescuing Hostages
Chapter 26 Exposure AbilityChapter 27 Dive into the factoryChapter 28: Red Skull, you have the courage to runChapter 29 Is triumphantChapter 30 Stark Industries
Chapter 31 Happy cooperationChapter 32: Arming and Forming TeamsChapter 33: The Shield of AdamantiumChapter 34 Sodium Carbon Steel SwordChapter 35: Fight
Chapter 36: The Shield and the SwordChapter 37: Is famous throughout the countryChapter 38: The Train that Goes AwayChapter 39: Do you believe me?Chapter 40: The eve of the final battle
Chapter 41: Preparation for Card IssuanceChapter 42 Initial VenomChapter 43: Do thingsChapter 44: Is comingChapter 45: Kyle is coming
Chapter 46: Chasing in the TunnelChapter 47 Fighting on AircraftChapter 48: Sky HuntingChapter 49: Frozen in the endChapter 50 Kyle Going